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2021 Specialized Diverge Gravel Bike: First Look & Future Shock 2.0

Introduction: Specialized Diverge 2.0 – A Bike for All Terrains

When Specialized released the original Diverge in 2014, and updated it in 2017, they aimed to create a bike that could handle a variety of terrains. As someone who prefers specialized bikes for specific purposes, I was skeptical. However, after riding the Diverge 1.0 a few times, I can confidently say that Specialized did an excellent job of creating a versatile “do-it-all” bike. Now, with the all-new Diverge frame, fork, and upgraded Future Shock, the bike has become even better. Here’s everything you need to know about the 2021 Specialized Diverge.

From the Past to the Present: Specialized’s Journey with Gravel Bikes

Specialized has been involved in gravel riding since 1989 when they released the Rock Combo, a bike that combined elements of a mountain bike and a road bike. Fast forward to 2020, Specialized decided it was time to innovate and went back to the drawing board for the Diverge Version 2.0. Many significant changes have been made to improve the bike’s performance and capabilities.

Enhanced Suspension: Future Shock 2.0

Specialized has always been committed to incorporating suspension into their bikes for better control, traction, and comfort. The new Diverge features the latest version of their suspension system, the Future Shock 2.0. This axial compliance suspension design is placed at the top of the headtube, providing efficient performance that is unaffected by pedaling. Specialized has made adjustments to improve tuning, adjustability, and spring rate, as well as adding hydraulic damping for enhanced control.

Improved Geometry for a Better Ride

The 2021 Diverge has undergone significant changes in its geometry to enhance ride quality. The bike now features a slightly slacker headtube, different fork offset, longer reach, and a shorter cockpit. These changes, along with a longer wheelbase and increased bottom bracket clearance, result in improved stability and handling at high speeds. The bike can accommodate 700c x 47mm tires with plenty of clearance.

Storage and Mounting Options

The Diverge offers improved mounting options for accessories and bottle cages. The frame and fork now have more mounting points, including discreet rack and fender mounts. The S.W.A.T. (Storage, Water, Air, and Tools) system has been relocated inside the frame, with a hatch hidden under the downtube’s bottle cage. This allows for better storage without compromising the bike’s integrity.

Specialized Diverge EVO E5: Flat Bar Option

For those who prefer flat bars, Specialized has introduced the Diverge EVO E5. Designed specifically for flat bar riding, this bike features a longer top tube, increased reach, and a lowered bottom bracket. It is available only in Aluminium E5 and comes in three sizes.

Specifications and Options

The 2021 Specialized Diverge is available in various models, with differences in carbon fiber type and pricing. The higher-end models feature lighter frames made from higher-grade carbon fiber. All drop bar models share the same geometry, and there is a wide range of sizing options available.

Final Thoughts on the 2021 Specialized Diverge

The 2021 Specialized Diverge is a remarkable bike that excels in handling different terrains. With its enhanced suspension, improved geometry, and versatile storage options, it offers a fantastic riding experience. Whether you prefer drop bars or flat bars, there is a Diverge model to suit your needs. Overall, Specialized has once again proven their commitment to innovation and creating high-performance bikes. Share your thoughts on the new Diverge in the comments below!



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