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2022 Basso Palta II: Revamped Italian Gravel Bike for an Enhanced Ride Experience

Introducing the 2022 Basso Palta II: The Ultimate Carbon Gravel Bike

Basso, the renowned Italian bicycle manufacturer, has recently unveiled their latest offering in the gravel bike category – the 2022 Basso Palta II. This new iteration of the Palta has undergone a complete refresh, resulting in a faster, more capable, and more versatile ride. With its improved tire clearance, refined geometry, increased comfort, enhanced aerodynamics, and seamless integration, the Palta II is set to take the gravel biking world by storm. In this article, we will delve into the details of this impressive gravel bike and explore its features and performance.

Lighter, More Aerodynamic, and More Integrated

One of the standout features of the Basso Palta II is its reduced weight. Through refined carbon layup and the use of larger diameter tube shapes, Basso has managed to shave off grams from the overall weight of the bike. Although not an ultralight frameset, the Palta II hovers just below the 1000g mark, ensuring a lightweight and agile ride.

Aerodynamics have also been significantly improved in the Palta II. The bike boasts more dramatic tube shaping, with squared and aero Kamm tail profiles that reduce drag. This not only enhances the bike’s speed but also provides a more stable setup when using bikepacking frame and saddle packs.

Furthermore, Basso has focused on seamless integration with the Palta II. The bike features full internal cable routing, accommodating both 1x and 2x drivetrains, whether electronic or mechanical. The straight 1.5″ headset and split 5mm spacers further contribute to the clean and clutter-free cockpit. The new Basso -8° alloy stem guides cables out of the bar through an open channel tucked under the stem body, allowing for easy access and simple height adjustment. The integrated routing and stem also come with a new Basso handlebar, which is fully internally routed and features smaller diameter grip areas for added comfort.

Enhanced Comfort and Versatility

Basso has taken comfort to the next level with the Palta II. The bike features a more sloping toptube, allowing for increased exposure of the uniquely scalloped-shape seatpost, resulting in extra flex and improved comfort. The road-proven 3-bolt seat clamp ensures a secure and easy-to-use clamping mechanism, while also lowering the clamping point for more effective seatpost extension.

The rear end of the frame has also been designed for added comfort. A deep rear wheel cutout allows for more seattube flex, while thinner and more widely set seatstays above the dropouts provide a slight curve to absorb gravel bumps and vibrations without compromising lateral stiffness. The newly shaped chainstays feature a ribbed fin profile, adding power transfer stiffness without sacrificing tire clearance.

The Palta II is also adventure-ready, with clearance for up to 45mm tires. This allows riders to tackle any terrain, whether it be gravel roads or off-road trails. Additionally, the bike comes with three standard cage mounts in and below the main triangle, along with recessed hidden bosses behind the stem for a direct mount toptube bag. The flattened tube shapes further facilitate secure bikepacking bag mounting.

Pricing, Options, and Availability

The 2022 Basso Palta II is available starting today in two frameset options or as a complete bike build. The frameset includes the frame, fork, headset, stem, carbon handlebar, and carbon seatpost and is priced at 2900€. For just a slightly higher price of 2938€, the build kit includes all of the aforementioned components, along with a saddle, bar tape, and a pair of alloy Basso MX25 tubeless-ready wheels. Complete bike builds start at 4000€ and can be customized with different wheelset options.


The 2022 Basso Palta II is a testament to Basso’s commitment to delivering high-performance gravel bikes. With its lightweight construction, improved aerodynamics, seamless integration, and enhanced comfort, the Palta II is set to become a favorite among gravel bike enthusiasts. Whether you’re an avid gravel racer or an adventure-seeking cyclist, the Palta II offers the versatility and performance you need to conquer any terrain. Experience the ultimate carbon gravel bike with the 2022 Basso Palta II.


Q: Is the Basso Palta II suitable for off-road riding?
A: Yes, the Basso Palta II has been specifically designed to handle off-road trails, making it a versatile choice for gravel and adventure riding.

Q: Can I customize the components of the Basso Palta II?
A: Yes, the Palta II is available as a frameset or as a complete bike build, allowing you to choose different wheelset options and customize the bike to your preferences.

Q: What is the weight of the Basso Palta II frameset?
A: Although Basso has not yet released an official weight figure, the Palta II is expected to weigh just under 1000g, thanks to its refined carbon layup and larger diameter tube shapes.

Q: What is the tire clearance of the Basso Palta II?
A: The Palta II can accommodate up to 45mm tires, providing ample clearance for tackling various terrains and conditions.

Q: Does the Basso Palta II come with integrated cable routing?
A: Yes, the Palta II features full internal cable routing, ensuring a clean and clutter-free cockpit.

Q: Is the Basso Palta II available worldwide?
A: Yes, the Palta II is available globally, allowing cyclists from all around the world to experience its exceptional performance and versatility.



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    • Just another overpriced bike for show-offs? Please, spare us your jealousy. The Basso Palta II is a true Italian masterpiece, combining style, performance, and craftsmanship. Its not about showing off, its about appreciating excellence. Ride one and then talk.


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