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45NRTH Sturmfist winter gloves get new LTR Leather shell, plus Draugenklaw Pogies for drop bars!

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Way back in 2014, 45NRTH charged into the winter glove world with the Sturmfist. Over the years, the construction has been updated, but the goal remains the same – build a winter cycling glove that can stand up to winter in the North Woods of Minnesota. 45NRTH isn’t getting rid of the current Sturmfist 4 & 5 just yet, but they are introducing new versions—the LTR.

Sturmfist 5

That LTR moniker is in reference to the new DWR (durable water-resistant) leather shell. The hard-wearing outer layer should block out the cold, wind, and remain water-resistant, while the inner materials will keep your hands warm.

unnamed file 2934

How warm depends on the glove. The Sturmfist 5 with its traditional five-finger layout is meant for “late-fall and early-spring rides.” Note that those are Minnesota late-fall and early-spring numbers meaning a suggested 15°F (-9°C) to 35°F (2°C). To get there, the interior features a 100g Polartec Alpha insulation and a merino wool-blend lining to help regulate moisture.

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45NRTH claims the finger length is tailored to cycling to prevent the insulation from being compressed and not working, and there is a hook and loop closure around the wrist to help keep out the cold.

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Available in XS-XXL sizes, the gloves will sell for $115.

Sturmfist 4

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For those colder rides, 45NRTH suggests dropping down to the 4-finger Sturmfist 4. Rated to 0°F (-18°C) to 15°F (-9°C), the glove uses a combination of a combined pinky and ring finger plus 400g of Primaloft insulation along with additional aerogel insulation between your hand and the bar.

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Combined with the new DWR distressed goat leather shell, the glove offers similar protection against the elements as the Sturmfist 5 but with the addition of a drawstring wrist gauntlet to fit over a jacket cuff. There’s still a merino wool-blend liner and suede nose wipe on the thumb to keep those frozen snot-cicles at bay.

Also offered in XS-XXL, the Sturmfirst 4 will sell for $140.

Draugenklaw Drop Bar Pogies

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Finally, 45NRTH also has a new way to keep your hands warm and dry on your drop bar bike. The new Draugenklaw pogies are uniquely shaped to allow for full use of brake and integrated shift levers on the inside while keeping the weather on the outside.

unnamed file 2940

Features include a fleece-lined interior with a “far-infrared yard that collects body head and holds warmth”, a water-resistant outer shell, and easy installation to make them quick to install or remove.

Compatible with most drop bars including flared bars, the price is set at $85 for the pair.

All of these products should be available in mid-November of 2021.




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    • Seriously? Riding with frozen fingers is not something to be proud of. Its just foolish and potentially dangerous. Proper gear exists for a reason. Dont be a winter warrior, be a smart and safe rider. #commonsense

    • I hate to burst your bubble, but no amount of fancy gloves and pogies can conquer the bone-chilling misery of winter. Save your money and stay indoors where its warm. Trust me, its not worth it.

    • Are you serious? Heated socks and hand warmers are no match for the protection and dexterity that gloves and pogies provide. Dont underestimate the importance of keeping your hands and fingers warm while out in the cold. Layer up for ultimate warmth and comfort, my friend.

    • Are you seriously suggesting that frostbite is a badge of honor? Its called common sense, buddy. Gloves and pogies are essential to protect your hands from freezing. Dont be foolish, be smart. #winterwisdom


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