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7 Best Products at Eurobike by Startups

Eurobike Startups Showcase: Innovative Cycling Products

This Eurobike summary highlights the latest creations from the startup room, where newcomers showcase their innovative products. In this overview, we have the new foam-filled XC rims from German rim manufacturer Lilienthal, custom silicone grips from Personomic, a non-stick automatic pedal, and much more…

1. Lilienthal Carbon MTB XS Rim: Lightweight and Durable

Lilienthal, under the umbrella of Copro Technology, steps up its game in the carbon fiber rim sector by unveiling the new XS model. Tailored specifically for marathon riders, this model stands out in a range that spans from XC to AM, including an e-bike variant. A common thread among them is their dimensions – a 30mm inner width, 36mm outer width, and a depth of 22mm.

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  1. Unique Construction: The Lilienthal’s patent “lamination” method, involving layered carbon fiber sheets molded directly into the rim’s form through automation, ensures a seamless rim construction with a solitary overlap.
  2. Structural Foam: A distinguishing feature is the internal foam that acts as a vibration damper, enhancing rider comfort.
  3. Customization: Every rim is custom-drilled, providing options for a 28 or 32-hole hub. This not only ensures precision but also mitigates jams or bends in the nipple, leading to a longer-lasting wheel.
  4. Aesthetic Flexibility: The printed decals offer customization, from color choices to unique designs.
  5. Weight & Strength: With the XS rims weighing just 330g (for 27.5) and 355g (for 29er), and a combined weight limit of 120kg for rider, team, and bike, these rims are both light and strong.


  1. Price: The retail price, which ranges between 449 to 499 euros per rim, might be a tad steep for some users.
  2. Design Uniformity: The same inner and outer widths across all models may not cater to every rider’s specific needs.

Conclusion: The Lilienthal Carbon MTB XS Rim is a testament to innovation, offering a harmonious blend of lightweight design and robustness. Its unique construction methods and customization options make it a worthy contender in the carbon rim market. However, while its price point may be a hurdle for some, the quality and unique features presented might just make it a worthwhile investment for avid marathon riders.

2. Personomic Custom Molded Bike Grips

For cyclists who often grapple with hand discomfort or find it hard to secure the perfect grip, the Personomic Custom Molded Bike Grips offer a tailored solution. These grips promise individualized comfort, fashioned uniquely for each of your hands.

Personomic — Custom-made bike grips
Personomic — Custom-made bike grips


  1. Customization: Each grip is designed to fit your hand perfectly. This is achieved by using a photograph of your hand, ensuring an impeccable fit.
  2. Variety: Available in 7 vibrant colors with the added advantage of selecting the hue of the end plug and locking ring separately.
  3. Quality Material: Crafted with silicone over a preformed inner casing, these grips ensure a seamless installation and durability.
  4. Advanced Manufacturing: The use of 3D printing for the molds demonstrates cutting-edge technology in grip production.


  1. Pricing: Although there’s an early bird offer, the eventual retail price might be a bit steep for some consumers.
  2. Preorder Limitation: Currently, they are only available for preorder on Kickstarter, which might not appeal to those wanting immediate purchase.

Conclusion: Personomic’s Custom Molded Bike Grips are a game-changer for those seeking a personalized biking experience. The emphasis on individual hand fit, combined with advanced manufacturing techniques, set these grips apart. While the pricing and preorder structure may not cater to everyone, those who prioritize comfort and customization might find these grips to be a worthy investment.

3. Manufaktur83 Vagabund Gravel Bike with Beast Components

The Manufaktur83 Vagabund gravel bike brings a no-nonsense approach by showcasing its open mold frame. With a spectrum of builds on offer, its pricing can fit different budgets, starting with the SRAM Apex and Fulcrum wheels build at 2,699€ and reaching up to the premium 13-speed Campagnolo Ekar with Shamal carbon wheels version at 5,699€.

M83 Vagabund Iron Campagnolo Ekar
M83 Vagabund Iron Campagnolo Ekar


  • Reasonable Pricing: Offers a varied range for different budgets.
  • Beast Components: Features handmade carbon Beast components that are crafted meticulously in Germany.
  • Ergonomic Handlebar Design: The gravel handlebar is especially notable with an ergonomic shape at the top. Its width caters to different hand sizes, making it inclusive.
  • Adaptable Drops: The handlebar’s drops boast a substantial flare of 27 degrees, giving riders various widths to choose from.
  • Weight and Dimensions: The components are light in weight, ranging from the handlebars (228g to 241g) to the stem (132g to 149g) and seatpost (148g to 196g). Additionally, the handlebars offer a generous 100mm clamping area in the center, an excellent provision for those wanting to mount a computer or other devices.


  • Open Mold Frame: Some might see the open mold frame as a downside for those seeking a unique frame design.

Conclusion: The Manufaktur83 Vagabund gravel bike sets itself apart with its thoughtful design and varied price range. Its highlight is undoubtedly the Beast Components, which not only promises quality but also practical ergonomics. While the open mold frame might not appeal to everyone, the bike offers a lot in terms of value, making it a worthy contender in the gravel bike market.

4. R-Pur Nano Light Cyclist Mask

The R-Pur Nano Light is a cyclist-specific face mask, tailored with unique features to cater to the needs of biking enthusiasts. With the increasing need for air protection, especially for outdoor activities, this mask offers both safety and comfort.

R-PUR - Nano Light Hexagone Motorcycle Half Face Mask - Anti-Pollution
R-PUR – Nano Light Hexagone Motorcycle Half Face Mask – Anti-Pollution


  1. Exhalation Port: Ensures your glasses won’t fog up while cycling.
  2. Light Outer Material: Keeps the mask cooler, especially beneficial during hot weather.
  3. Reflective Material: Increases cyclist visibility, enhancing safety during low light conditions.
  4. Pollution Protection: Not only shields users from pollution but also comes with an application that tracks air quality and suggests when the filter requires changing.
  5. COVID-19 Protection: Claims to offer protection against the virus.
  6. Memory Foam Wrap: Seals over 99.8% of outside air, ensuring you breathe only the filtered air. This percentage is even higher for certain face shapes.
  7. Exhalation Filtration: For environments needing exhalation filtration (like airplanes), there’s an available closing valve to filter both inhaled and exhaled air.


  1. No specific cons mentioned about the mask, but potential buyers might be concerned about the mask’s durability, comfort over extended usage, or the longevity of the filters.

Conclusion: The R-Pur Nano Light Cyclist Mask is a compelling product for cyclists seeking comprehensive protection from both pollution and potential health threats like COVID-19. Its innovative features, such as the exhalation port and memory foam wrap, ensure both functionality and comfort. While it’s essential to consider long-term use factors, this mask appears to be a promising solution for cycling enthusiasts.

5. Velo Lift Motorized Bike Storage Rack

The Velo Lift Motorized Bike Storage Rack is an innovative solution for those who find it challenging to manually lift and mount their e-bikes on the wall. Designed with convenience in mind, this product simplifies the process with a motorized system.

Motorized bicycle storage rack
Motorized bicycle storage rack


  1. Effortless Operation: No need to struggle with lifting. Simply lower the hook using the remote control and place your bike.
  2. Remote Control Feature: Allows for lowering and raising the bike with ease.
  3. Multi-Unit Operation: One remote can operate multiple storage racks.
  4. High Weight Capacity: Can hold e-bikes weighing up to 40kg.
  5. Padded Hook: Ensures the bike’s front wheel is protected from scratches or damage.


  1. Price Point: Priced at 480 euros, some might find it on the higher end for a bike storage solution.
  2. Limited Availability: Currently, it is only available for European 230V outlets.

Conclusion: The Velo Lift Motorized Bike Storage Rack is undeniably a game-changer for e-bike enthusiasts seeking an easy storage solution. While it boasts several impressive features, its price and limited electrical compatibility might be a deterrent for some. However, for those who prioritize convenience and are in the compatible region, this product is well worth considering.

6. Pedal Plate Transforms Road Bikes into Cruisers.

Pedal Plates are a lightweight, affordable, and simple accessory that transforms SPD-SL or Look Keo 3-bolt cleat pedals to be usable with regular shoes or even bare feet.

pedal plates 4

Why would you want them?
Riding a bike with Shimano or Look ‘road’ pedals without specialized shoes can be challenging and potentially dangerous due to lack of traction. Pedal Plates offer a flat, grippy surface that makes short rides with normal shoes safe and comfortable.


  • Allows any shoe type, including bare feet, on road bikes.
  • Affordable, lightweight, and compact.
  • Easy to install: they snap right into where the cleat goes.
  • Provides a grippy surface for safer pedaling.
  • Multiple use cases, from commuting to leisure rides.


  • Removing them might require a tool or a bit of effort.

While there have been other systems in the market, like Pedal Dabs or Fly Pedals, they are either bulkier or more expensive. Pedal Plates were introduced in 2017 by Dutch cyclist Marc van der Heide through a successful Kickstarter campaign, aiming to provide more utility at a lesser cost.

Practical Uses:

  • Short commutes or shopping trips.
  • Rides during vacations.
  • Training camps or race events.
  • Casual rides with family.
  • Lending your bike to someone not used to cleat pedals.
  • A beginner’s introduction to road bikes without the complication of special shoes.

Value Proposition:
For £11 (plus £2.50 p&p), you get Pedal Plates that have a lifetime warranty against breakage and a three-year warranty against wear and tear. They’re a valuable accessory if you frequently switch between cleat shoes and regular ones or if you just want the flexibility of choice without changing pedals.

Final Verdict:
Pedal Plates are an effective solution for those wanting to ride a bike equipped with three-bolt cleat pedals without the associated specialized shoes.



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