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7 curiosities about Il Lombardia, the classic of dead leaves.

7 interesting facts about Il Lombardia

Below we will go over some interesting facts about The Lombardy that you probably don’t know:

1. It is one of the so-called Cycling monumentsthe 5th that is contested during the year (separate mention deserves the Street Bianche which does not have this consideration, among other reasons, because it still has few editions compared to the rest) and marks the closing of the calendar for most professional cyclists. The length of the route has always been greater than 240 km, although in this edition it remains at 238, adding up more than 4,400 m of accumulated positive difference.

2. It was the third Monument to be added to the calendar in 1905 after Liège-Bastogne-Liège and Paris-Roubaix (1896). Since then it has been present in the calendar except for the years 1943 and 1944 which were not contested due to World War II.

3. It is known colloquially as “The classic of the dead leaves” (classica delle foglie morte) in reference to the fallen leaves that populate the roads along which the race runs and which indicate that we are in autumn. It is also considered as the unofficial world cup for climberssince it has a profile with more unevenness than any other classic and even than the world championship (which is usually contested a few weeks earlier).

7 curiosities about Il Lombardia, the classic of dead leaves.

4. It is the only Monument, and almost the only one-day race, that it changes its route from one year to the next, currently alternating the start and finish between Lake Como and the city of Bergamo (both locations around Milan), but having left or arrived at other locations such as your own Milan, Monza, Cantù, Mendrisio, Varese, Lecco… By the way, in addition to being a very touristic city due to its historic core, in the upper city, which offers a very interesting final climb when the race ends in Bergamo, in this city Straciatella ice cream was invented in 1961 in an ice cream parlor which is still open.

5. The most famous climbs, with a view to the 2023 edition, are the elevation of Madonna del Ghisallo (where there is an altar and a museum with cycling and religious memorabilia), the Roncola (which has points with an inclination of 17%) or the Passo di Ganda (just 30 km from the end, and with gradients of up to 15%). When the goal is located in Howthe rise of Wall of Sormano also takes on special relevance: 2.4 km with an average slope of 12% and peaks of 24%.

7 curiosities about Il Lombardia, the classic of dead leaves.

6. The cyclist with the most victories has been Faust Coppi, with 5 (in the years 1946, 47, 48, 49 and 1954); other illustrious names with several wins are Alfredo Binda (4), Damiano Cunego and Sean Kelly (3), cyclists com Eddy MerckxTony Rominger, Michele Bartoli, Philippe Gilbert, Vincenzo Nibali or Tadej Pogacar they have 2. Of Spanish cyclists, only Joaquim “Purito” Rodríguez has achieved victoryin addition, he has done it on two occasions: 2012 and 2013. The podium has been stepped on by: Miguel Poblet in 1958 and 1959, Marino Lejarreta in 1988, Samuel Sánchez in 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2012. Pablo Lastras in 2010, Alexandre Valverde in 2013, 2014 and 2019, Dani Moreno in 2015, Enric Mas and Mikel Landasecond and third respectively, in 2022, behind pogacar.

7 curiosities about Il Lombardia, the classic of dead leaves.

7. As a negative aspect, it is the only Monument that has not had the female versionsince the Milan-San Remo women’s was contested between 1999 and 2005, and we have already experienced two editions of the Women’s Paris-Roubaix.

Where to see Il Lombardia 2023?

Lombardy 2023 is disputed Saturday, October 7, starting the race at 10:00 am and can be fully a Eurosport (initially on Eurosport 1) and through its app.



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    • Seriously? Who cares about a dumb trophy design? Im more interested in watching the thrilling race and seeing the riders battle it out on the challenging Lombardia course. This event is about the cycling, not some leaf-shaped trophy.


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