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Adventure Hydration CrankTank4: Extend Bikepacking & Racing Adventures

The CrankTank4: A Frame-Mounted Hydration Reservoir for Adventure Cyclists

The CrankTank4 from Adventure Hydration, designed by Australian cyclists, offers a practical solution for riders seeking to carry more water on longer adventures. This innovative hydration system can hold up to 4L of water, equivalent to the space occupied by two regular water bottles. By utilizing the empty space within the front triangle of the bike frame, the CrankTank4 saves space, weight, and money.

Discovering the CrankTank4

During the Atlas Mountain Race, The Chimp, an experienced Euro adventure racer, noticed fellow rider Chris Herbert’s alloy Cannondale Topstone bike equipped with the CrankTank4. Intrigued, Adventure Hydration investigated further and became convinced of the benefits of this frame-mounted hydration reservoir.

The Concept Behind the CrankTank4

The concept behind the Adventure Hydration CrankTank4 is simple – how can cyclists pack more water into limited space? Traditional water bottles are not efficient in bikepacking setups where frame bags already compete for room. While other solutions like sideload cages or cageless designs improve space utilization, Adventure Hydration wanted to offer a more effective solution. The CrankTank4 is a rigid 4L polyethylene tank that sits above the cranks, utilizing the space between the seat and down tubes. It is securely mounted with velcro straps and features a long insulated hose that carries water to a bite valve mounted on the handlebar.

Compatibility and Dimensions

The CrankTank4 is designed to fit most traditional double triangle or diamond-shaped frames, including dropbar road or gravel bikes and flat bar front suspension mountain bikes. Its dimensions range from a maximum width of 112mm at the top to 74mm where it meets the downtube. The tank’s height along the seat tube is approximately 230mm, and its length along the downtube is around 275mm. Adventure Hydration also offers an extra Wedgie mount for bikes with larger frame tubes or unconventional shapes.

Improved Water Flow and Comfort

Adventure Hydration has taken into consideration the potential challenges of accessing water from a frame-mounted reservoir. To ensure optimal water flow, the CrankTank4 features a larger diameter tube compared to traditional hydration packs. This design allows for easier drinking and reduces the effort required to suck water through the hose. The CrankTank4 includes a 120cm long drinking tube and a strap-on tube keeper clip for easy access while riding.

Options and Pricing

The CrankTank4 is available in three colors: translucent white, opaque grey, and translucent grey. Additionally, Adventure Hydration offers 3D-printed caps, tube keeper clips, and an optional Wedgie mount in different colors. The CrankTank4 is priced at A$110, which may seem steep compared to water bottles. However, when considering the cost of multiple bottles, cages, and the increased water capacity, it becomes a cost-effective solution. Adventure Hydration also provides additional accessories, such as a fitted neoprene cover for insulation and protection.

Final Thoughts on the CrankTank4

The CrankTank4 offers a practical and efficient solution for adventure cyclists seeking increased water storage capacity. Its innovative design allows for the packing of 4L of water in the space of two regular bottles, saving weight, space, and money. Adventure Hydration’s attention to detail, such as improved water flow and customizable options, makes the CrankTank4 a compelling choice for cyclists exploring remote areas or embarking on long tours. With its availability and potential for future developments, the CrankTank4 is a valuable investment for any cyclist. Share your thoughts and experiences with the CrankTank4 in the comments below!



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