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All-new Canyon Grizl: The Ultimate Gravel Bike for Bikepacking

All-New Canyon Grizl: The Ultimate Carbon Gravel & Bikepacking Bike

Canyon has introduced their all-new Grizl, a carbon gravel bike designed for adventure. What sets the Grizl apart is its versatility and room for bigger tires, making it the perfect bike for off-road exploration. With its conventional frameset and increased capability, the Grizl fills the gap between road and mountain bikes, allowing riders to push the limits of where they can go.

The Evolution from the Grail

Canyon initially caught our attention with their unique Grail gravel bike, featuring a double-decker handlebar for added comfort. However, this design limited adjustability and adaptability, especially for bikepackers seeking new adventures. With the Grizl, Canyon has returned to a more conventional look while maintaining its exceptional performance on both road and trail.

Tire Size Matters

One key factor in determining the versatility of an adventure bike is tire size. Canyon’s Ultimate and Endurace road bikes can handle 30-32mm tires for light gravel riding. The Grail, with its 42mm clearance, satisfies most fast gravel riders and serves as a great gravel racing bike. However, the Grizl takes it a step further by accommodating up to 50mm tires, allowing riders to tackle occasional trail rides and carry heavier loads for off-road touring.

The Ideal Tire Size

While the Grizl can handle a range of tire sizes, Canyon recommends sticking with 45mm tires for optimal handling and performance. This tire size strikes the perfect balance for rough gravel and off-road adventures, allowing riders to conquer a variety of mixed terrains. For smaller riders, the two smallest Grizl models come with 650b wheels and the same 45mm tires, ensuring the same level of performance.

Ready for Bikepacking

A true bikepacking bike needs to be able to carry more gear. That’s why the Grizl is equipped with additional mounting points, including 3-pack anything cages mounts on the fork legs, toptube bosses for a direct-mount bag, and a third set of bottle mounts under the downtube. Canyon has also collaborated with Apidura to create a set of lightweight bikepacking bags specifically designed for the Grizl. These bags include a toptube bag, saddle pack, and frame packs, providing ample storage options for longer adventures.

Modularity for Customization

Canyon understands that riders want options when it comes to their bike setup. That’s why the Grizl features a conventional bar and stem setup, allowing bikepackers to customize their cockpit as needed. The frame geometry and handling remain the same as the Grail, ensuring quick and agile performance on any terrain.

Carbon Gravel Bike – Tech Details

In addition to its adventure-ready features, the Grizl incorporates the high-quality carbon construction that Canyon is known for. The bike is available in two levels of carbon frames – CF SL and CF SLX. Both frames share the same forks and feature a tapered steerer, 12mm thru-axles, flat mount disc brakes, integrated seatpost clamp, and internal cable routing. The Grizl is compatible with both 1x and 2x drivetrains, and most models come with Canyon’s VCLS carbon leaf seatpost for added comfort.

Pricing, Options & Availability

The Canyon Grizl is available in several build options to suit different budgets and preferences. The top-tier CF SLX builds start at 4500€ and feature high-end components such as Campagnolo Ekar 1×13 groupsets and carbon DT Swiss GRC 1400 wheels. The CF SL builds offer a wider range of options, starting at $2200 / 2000€. Availability and specifications may vary depending on the market.

Final Thoughts on the Canyon Grizl

The all-new Canyon Grizl is a game-changer for gravel and bikepacking enthusiasts. Its versatility, tire clearance, and bikepacking-specific features make it the ultimate adventure companion. Whether you’re exploring rough gravel roads or embarking on off-road tours, the Grizl will exceed your expectations. With its range of sizes and customization options, it’s a bike that caters to riders of all shapes and sizes. Get ready to push your limits and embark on new adventures with the Canyon Grizl.



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