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All-New Thule Epos Rack Has a 160lb Weight Limit and Will Fit Any Bike

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Thule is starting the Sea Otter Classic a little early, unveiling an all-new rack with versatility, lights, and a ramp. The all-new Thule Epos is the standard EasyFold XT rack on steroids. It can carry up to three bikes of any discipline and has an impressive 66 lbs per bike (136 lbs for the 2-bike and 160 lbs for the 3-bike) weight limit.

What is it?

All photos  Jussi Oksanen

The all-new Thule Epos is a tray-loading bike rack with telescopic arms. The Epos holds the bike by the frame, wheel, or fork, allowing the rider to choose the best mounting solution.

unnamed file 282Photo: Villella

The bike stays in place via new steel reinforced straps, the telescopic arm, and a pivoting head.

Will the Thule Epos fit my bike?

Thule Epos Loading

The shining point of the Epos is its versatility and safety. The Epos can fit wheel sizes from 16-29″, which is excellent for adult and kid bike transportation. As for tire width, the tray can fit road, gravel, cross country, etc — up to 3.2″ tires. If you’re looking to transport your fat bike, you’ll need a 5″ accessory strap, which Thule has.

Thule Epos in the trunk

Thule added extra length to accommodate all manner of bikes; the maximum wheelbase of the new Epos is a solid 1350mm (53.14″). So don’t worry about transporting those super-slacked 29″ downhill bikes.

Thule Epos new steel straps

Did you say ramp?

For those that don’t appreciate the heavy lifting e-bike ownership can entail. The new Epos folds up similarly to the EasyFold XT, and the addition of the wheels makes it much easier to move from the car to its storage slot. The new Epos offers an accessory ramp that makes loading easy. For easy storage, the new Epos follows the T2 and other Thule racks, adding two wheels to the bottom, aiding in transporting and maneuverability.

unnamed file 286

If you’re concerned about safety and visibility (who isn’t), the new Thule Epos also comes with an additional light and plate option. You can add the attachable Abus cable lock kit for those looking to double up with security.

Thule Epos Rack Specifications

Thule Epos close up

  • High load capacity with 66 lbs/bike and 132 lbs for 2-bike and 160 lbs for 3-bike carriers, enabling transport of all types of bikes, including heavy e-bikes
  • It fits all frame designs from 20mm to 90mm in diameter
  • Enables easy transport of larger bikes with generous bike spacing of 9.8 in and longer wheelbases up to 53 in
  • Fits sizes from 16″ to 29″ and tire sizes up to 3.2 in and up to 5 in with accessory strap (sold separately)
  • Prices:$1000 for the base two-bike model, $1,249 for two bikes w/lights, and $1,099 for the three-bike model.
  • Available in MId-Summer from your Thule dealer.

We have a sample of the new Thule Epos on the way, so be on the looks for a full review and thoughts coming soon. For more information, check out Thule.com



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    • No way in hell! The Thule Epos rack is not built for heavyweights like your 200lb bike. Youll need a Hercules-level rack for that monster. Keep dreaming, buddy.

  1. Comment:
    Wow, the Thule Epos Rack seems like a game-changer for biking enthusiasts! Cant wait to try it out on my 160lb bike and see if it lives up to the hype.

    • I hate to burst your bubble, but the Thule Epos Rack isnt as great as it sounds. I tried it and it was a total disappointment. Its flimsy, hard to install, and doesnt hold up well. Save your money and look for something better.

    • Ive tried the Thule Epos Rack and honestly, it didnt live up to the hype. The design is clunky and it was a pain to install. Definitely not worth the price tag. There are better options out there for bike trips. #justsaying

    • I hate to burst your bubble, but the Thule Epos Racks weight limit might not be as impressive as you think. Dont get too carried away with your bike collection, or you might end up disappointed. Just saying.

  2. Wow, the Thule Epos rack seems like a beast! But 160lb weight limit? Is that enough for all the snacks I plan to carry on my bike trips?

    • Well, maybe its time to consider downsizing your collection or finding a more suitable place to store it. Not everything revolves around your vintage bikes, you know. Some people actually have different needs and priorities.

    • No offense, but I highly doubt the Thule Epos rack is designed for unicycles. Its specifically made for bikes with two wheels. Maybe you should consider a different solution for your one-wheeled ride. Just saying.

    • I hate to burst your bubble, but the Thule Epos Rack is overhyped. Its just another overpriced gadget that wont make a significant difference in your biking experience. Save your money and stick to the basics that actually matter.

  3. Seriously? A unicorn on a bike rack? Lets stick to reality here. Thule Epos has a weight limit for a reason. Dont be absurd, its about safety and practicality, not fantasy creatures.

    • I hate to burst your bubble, but the Thule Epos Rack might not be the best choice for your heavy mountain bike. Its designed for lighter loads and might not handle the weight. Better do your research before wasting your money, buddy.

    • Are you serious? Who in their right mind puts a unicycle on a bike rack? Its called a bike rack for a reason, genius. Stick to the basics and leave the circus acts for the circus.


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