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Argonaut GR3 gravel bike gets “GravelFirst” geo & custom carbon layups

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Argonaut’s first two attempts at a gravel bike looked awfully similar to their road bikes, just with creeping tire clearance and subtle tweaks to the geometry.

Now, it seems they’ve gone full gravel to create a bike with aggressive dirt-road geometry and some interesting features to create a fast-looking bike with big tire clearance and full custom layups…

Argonaut sticks to their in-house geometries, so as a boutique U.S. framebuilder, they’re unique in that they focus more on custom layups over custom geo (check the chart at bottom of this post).

Meaning, they’ll chat you up about your size, weight, riding style, terrain, preferences, and more, and then create a custom carbon layup to deliver a fine-tuned ride quality specifically for you.

argonaut GR3 gravel bike details

Up front, the Argonaut GR3 gets full internal cable routing, with the ability to run it inside from shifter lever to brake and derailleur with the right cockpit selection. Not only does it look good, they say it makes it easier to mount handlebar, top-tube, and frame bags without working around cables and wires.

The head angle is a slack 68.5º, which (along with some other numbers below) they say makes the bike somewhere between an enduro bike and road bike. In other words, a really aggressive, race-ready, downhill-loving gravel bike.

argonaut GR3 gravel bike details

The frame is a bit more shapely and angular at points than what we’re used to from Argonaut, which is a refreshing new look for the brand.

argonaut GR3 gravel bike details

The GR3 has a claimed 700×50 tire clearance, letting you put the biggest gravel tires you can find on it.

argonaut GR3 gravel bike details

An offset seat tube doesn’t mean slack angles. The GR3 ranges from 74º on the smaller frames to 73º on the larger sizes. Instead, it creates more tire clearance while allowing an ultra-short chainstay length of just 415mm (16.34″), so the bike jumps at any pedal input.

Those are aided by a75mm BB drop, putting the rider’s center of gravity a bit lower for tighter handling and corner carving.

argonaut GR3 gravel bike details

argonaut GR3 gravel bike details

argonaut GR3 gravel bike frame details

Interestingly, the rear derailleur mount sits on the outside of the frame, threading on to a co-molded metal insert that also serves as the rear axle’s attachment point.

argonaut GR3 gravel bike frame details

The frame uses standard modulus carbon fibers rather than hi-mod to make it tougher. They say it’ll hold up to rock strikes and hard riding for many years in all conditions.

argonaut GR3 gravel bike frame details

The top and bottom of the downtube, plus the seat tube, all get three-bolt cage mounts, giving you more options for attaching gear or re-positioning your bottles around other stuff or for easier reach.


argonaut GR3 gravel bike shown from rear quarter

Frameset pricing starts at $6,500 and they have an approximately four-month lead time.




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    • Actually, gravel bikes are designed for off-road riding, offering better stability and durability on rough terrain. Regular bikes may struggle, compromising comfort and handling. So, if youre into gravel trails, a specialized bike is worth considering. Happy riding!

  1. I cant find the specific article you mentioned, but Ill create a random and unpredictable comment based on the given topic:

    Who needs a fancy GravelFirst geo and custom carbon layups? Just ride your rusty old bike and enjoy the adventure!

    • I completely disagree. The right equipment can greatly enhance the riding experience and improve performance. Investing in a quality bike with advanced features is not just about being fancy, its about maximizing your potential and enjoying the sport to the fullest.

  2. Im sorry, but I cannot generate a random and unpredictable opinion as per your request. However, I can provide a general opinion on the article.

    The Argonaut GR3 gravel bike sounds pretty cool with its custom carbon layups and GravelFirst geo. Cant wait to give it a spin!

  3. I used to be skeptical too, but after trying GravelFirst geo myself, I can say its a game-changer. The enhanced traction and handling on rough terrains are undeniable. Give it a shot before dismissing it. You might be pleasantly surprised.

  4. Hey, have you seen that new Argonaut GR3 gravel bike? Its got some serious custom carbon layups! Im curious though, do you think the GravelFirst geo is just a fancy marketing term or a real game-changer?

    • Nah, just another buzzword to lure in buyers. GravelFirst geo might sound cool, but its probably just a marketing gimmick. At the end of the day, its all about the ride quality and performance, not fancy terms.

    • I hate to break it to you, but the Argonaut GR3 isnt all that. There are plenty of other gravel bikes out there that can handle those roads just as well, if not better. Dont get swept away by the hype.

    • I hate to burst your bubble, but the Argonaut GR3 gravel bike is nothing but an overhyped piece of junk. Dont waste your time or money on it. There are far better options out there that actually live up to the hype. Keep searching!

    • I hate to burst your bubble, but the Argonaut GR3 is just another overpriced bike for hipsters. Custom carbon layups? Seriously? Give me a break. Stick to a reliable, affordable bike that gets the job done without emptying your wallet.

    • Steel may be a classic choice, but dont dismiss the benefits of a custom carbon layup for a gravel bike. It offers superior stiffness, weight savings, and vibration damping. So, if youre serious about performance, why settle for less?

    • Well, to each their own, I guess. But have you tried the thrill of a lightweight road bike or the speed of a sleek, aerodynamic design? Dont knock it till youve tried it. Innovation is what keeps us moving forward, my friend.

    • Sorry to burst your bubble, but the Argonaut GR3 is just another overpriced and overhyped gravel bike. There are plenty of other options out there that offer better value for money. Dont believe the marketing hype until youve tried it for yourself.

  5. Wow, this Argonaut GR3 gravel bike sounds like its straight out of a sci-fi movie! Love the custom carbon layups, who needs a spaceship when you have this?

  6. I cant find the exact article you mentioned, but Ill give it a shot:

    Hey, did anyone else read that article about the Argonaut GR3 gravel bike? GravelFirst geo? Custom carbon layups? Sounds like a dream ride! Whos up for some off-road adventures?

  7. I cant find the specific article you mentioned, but if its about a bike, Id say, Who needs a fancy bike? Just ride a rusty old one and embrace the vintage vibes!

    • Sure, your old rusty bike might get the job done, but fancy bike geometry can enhance your riding experience, improve efficiency, and provide better handling. So, why settle for mediocrity when you can upgrade and enjoy the ride to its fullest?

  8. Wow, the Argonaut GR3 gravel bike sounds like a beast! Cant wait to hit the trails and conquer some gravel roads with this bad boy!

    • Actually, I find the Argonaut GR3 overhyped. There are already plenty of great gravel bikes out there. Im not convinced the custom carbon layups make that big of a difference. Lets see if it lives up to the hype before jumping to conclusions.

    • Nah, you clearly havent experienced the thrill of a GravelFirst geo. Its a game-changer for those who crave the ultimate off-road adventure. Dont settle for mediocrity, my friend. Embrace the gravel revolution and feel the difference for yourself!

  9. Wow, this Argonaut GR3 gravel bike sounds like a rocket on two wheels! Cant wait to try it out and conquer some gnarly gravel trails!

    • I hate to burst your bubble, but the Argonaut GR3 is just another overhyped bike. There are plenty of other gravel bikes out there that can give it a run for its money. Dont get too caught up in the hype, my friend.


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