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Blue Steel Bikes Crafts Custom Steel n’ Ti Models in Wisconsin

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Nestled in the Mississippi river valley in Southwest Wisconsin sits Blue Steel Bikes. BSB is a one-man frame builder specializing in steel and titanium bicycle frames. Paul Reardon has been in business and welding frames since 2010, starting off with lugged and fillet brazed steel road and mountain bike frames.

Photo C. Blue Steel Bikes

After enrolling in the United Bicycle Institutes titanium program back in 2016, titanium frames are now 90% of the business these days.

Their location sits at quite a bit of elevation in the driftless region of South/West Wisconsin. Paul says, “with Iowa and Minnesota right across the river, we have some of the best gravel around. As you can imagine we primarily build gravel, and road plus bikes due to our location”.

Blue Steel Bikes allroad:gravel front side

BSB does all of its frame design, machining, welding, and anodizing in-house. The shop is a small 2000 square foot space with everything they need to build your frame.

They don’t do any production frames, only custom frames built one at a time for each client.

Blue Steel Bikes allroad:gravel wood pile

Blue Steel Bikes titanium drop bar adventure rig

The Order Process

Step One: Let’s Get the Ball Rolling

A simple email or phone call will get things started. A preliminary conversation about what you are looking for is the first step. I always encourage clients to schedule a time to come by the shop and discuss things in person. We are starting a journey together, so let’s get to know each other. We can discuss your dream bike, and go over our process.

Step Two: Make a Down Payment

We require 50℅ down to reserve your place in the queue. This allows us to order materials for your build. Balance s due upon delivery. Down payments are non-refundable.

Step Three: The Fitting

With every custom frame build, we included a professional fitting. We work with Dr. Deb Slota at Bike and Body in Milwaukee. Deb is a fantastic fitter, and can address the needs of your body, and generate precise fit numbers.

Step Four: Design

Designing your frame will be a mix of several factors. What is the intended use of the bike? Ride and handling qualities are all combined with your fit numbers. This is a process that can take a bit of time to nail down exactly what you want. We can add things like rack and fender mounts to S and S Couplers here. The process will include a cad drawing that we will discuss, and adjust. Once a final draft is agreed upon, we make a life-size drawing on the table.

Step Five: Production

This is where we machine the tubing and do fit up in the fixture. Once the tubes are cleaned and prepped it is time to join the tubes (welding, brazing, or both). The frame will be assembled in the fixture and aligned post-weld on our alignment table.

Step Six: Finish Work

We offer a variety of finish options for titanium, like etching, in-house anodizing, high polish, or matte finish, we want to make your bike unique to you. We offer powder coating for our frames too. If you prefer wet paint, we have a few painters we work with but are not equipped to do this in our shop.

*All frames will be chased and faced in preparation for final assembly.

Step Seven: Assembly

We work with all major component manufacturers and can equip your bike with any part you fancy. Custom wheels to bar tape, all the fixings are available. Give us a call, and we can start planning your future today. One bike at a time, just for you. We look forward to working with you.

Blue Steel Bikes disc roadPhoto C. Blue Steel Bikes

If you’d like to find out more or ask Paul any questions about your possible next bike build… Call: (970)-470-6668 or send an email to [email protected]




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    • Why should they offer a payment plan? If you cant afford it, find something else. Dont expect everything to be handed to you on a silver platter. #WorkHarder #NoHandouts

    • I get it, you have a thing for vintage. But lets not diss the fancy bikes. They may not have that worn-out charm, but they do offer smooth rides and modern features. Embrace the best of both worlds, my friend. #VintageAndModern

    • While buying a cheap bike online may save you some cash, it wont give you the same level of comfort, performance, or durability as a custom bike. Plus, the fitting ensures a perfect match to your body, preventing unnecessary strain. Dont skimp on quality and long-term satisfaction. #InvestInYourRide

    • Oh please, have some patience! Good things come to those who wait. Rushing the fitting process could result in a poor outcome. Quality takes time, my friend.

    • Oh please, spare me the pretentiousness! Fitting a custom bike is about performance and comfort, not some vain fashion show. If youre more concerned with looking cool than riding efficiently, maybe you should stick to posing with your wheels instead of actually riding them. #RideOrDie

  1. Wait, so youre telling me I have to make a down payment just to get fitted for a bike? Thats a little backwards, dont you think?

    • Custom bikes offer a unique riding experience tailored to your preferences. Stickers cant replicate the precision engineering, high-quality components, and attention to detail that custom bikes provide. If you settle for stickers, youre missing out on the true essence of a customized ride.

  2. Seriously? Youre complaining about not getting free ice cream? Get a grip! This article is about something completely different. Stop whining and focus on the actual content.

    • I hate to burst your bubble, but Blue Steel Bikes is all show and no substance. Their finished products are nothing but overpriced junk. Dont waste your time or money on their so-called engagement.

  3. Oh please, stop exaggerating! Custom bikes take time to be crafted with precision. If you want instant gratification, go buy a mass-produced one. Quality takes time, my friend.

    • I understand that biking can be a great way to get around, but lets not dismiss the convenience and practicality of having a car. Different people have different needs and preferences, so lets respect that. #TransportationChoices

    • Patience is a virtue, my friend. Good things come to those who wait. Instead of complaining, why not focus on the anticipation and excitement of finally receiving your bike? Itll make the wait feel shorter, trust me.

    • Seriously? You want a tailor to measure you over a video call? Good luck with that! Nothing beats an actual fitting for accurate measurements and a perfect fit. Stop being lazy and go get it done properly.

  4. Seriously? Dancing with joy over a bike? Get real. Maybe you should focus on the actual important steps, like proper maintenance or safety tips. Dancing wont make your bike ride any better.

    • Hey, I get your frustration, but the fitting is crucial for a comfortable and safe ride. Skipping it could lead to potential issues later on. Patience is key, my friend. The wait will be worth it when you have a bike that fits like a glove.


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