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BMC’s newest bike was first seen under the AG2R Citroën team at the Critérium du Dauphiné this June. However, it wasn’t until the Tour de France in July that the unbadged bike was confirmed to have been created by BMC. Now, in the last Monument of the season, it has been repainted and got an official release before Il Lombardia. Finally, introduced as the Teammachine R, this redesign of the company’s all-round racing bike aims to be the ultimate machine for stage racers and has been refined in conjunction with Red Bull’s Advanced Technologies unit.

R is for racing

After spending the summer scrapping it on the WorldTour circuit, the then-unnamed Teammachine R has already carved out a place among the superbikes in the pro peloton. However, given its cheeky-looking profile, many assumed a new version of BMC’s aero-focused Timemachine was on the way. Instead, it turns out that the firm’s most versatile Teammachine was the bike that had received a makeover. In the firm’s words, this is a racing bike built for all tracks.

Created with a design brief to improve the stiffness and aerodynamics of BMC’s current Timemachine while staying within 50g of the existing Teammachine, this best-of-both-worlds scenario means the Timemachine line is approaching the extinction That will leave the brand’s more forgiving, mountain-focused SLR as the only remaining alternative for mass competition.

What’s new? Well, the R in the bike’s name stands for racing, which has been the focus of the creation of the new Teammachine R. The result of a lot of design and engineering work is a stiff race-winning frame and fork that stays light in 910 (size 54). and 345 grams. However, the frame’s other vital numbers are more familiar, with crucial geometry carried over from the old machine.

Redesigned aerodynamics

Of course, weight and stiffness are only two of the three main attributes that make a bike fast. The Teammachine R has also been radically redesigned to improve its aerodynamic performance. The bike’s profile has been widened when viewed from the side, with a colossal junction between the head tube and down tube that features a truncated airfoil shape. This redesign has reduced the frontal areas of the bike while widening its horizontal profile. The result is supposedly improved response over a wide range of yaw angles.

The down tube is also borrowed from the company’s existing research and features proprietary cages that are integrated into the frame. The idea behind these is to smooth the airflow when carrying bottles, as will generally be the case during regular use. A similar idea is present in the stealth exits, which also aim to minimize air disturbances.

The extremely deep bottom bracket design takes advantage of the new UCI design regulations with an optimized surface for cleaner airflow. The gap between the frame and the rear wheel has also been closed to a minimum to help the airflow adhere even more to the tire and rim as it passes past the frame. This design has been optimized for 28mm tyres, with a maximum clearance of 30mm if required.

Just as amazingly, the fork, called Halo, features a wide stance to reduce turbulence between it and the front wheel while ensuring any disturbed air is diverted away from the frame. It’s a similar design to that found on Team GB’s Hope/Lotus track bikes.

Since the rider creates around 70-80% of the total drag, the new Teammachine gently nudges its rider into a better position. Its one-piece cabin comes in a variety of different stem lengths. However, the universal bar has a narrow width of 36 cm at the top. This should help users hide when in hoods. However, when you make the short shift into the drops, you’ll find a wider 42cm stance to provide confident handling while accelerating or covering the brakes.

BMC claims its tests suggest a 3.5% improvement over total drag when rider and bike are considered together.

given wings

BMC already had a reputation for making technology bikes. Their early experiments with machined aluminum studs and carbon composite frames helped teams like Phonak and Astana rack up victories, which now include Grand Tours, Classics, World Championships and Olympic wins.

However, the design of the Teammachine has also been driven by the firm’s collaboration with Red Bull. A strange side effect of the world’s thirst for caffeinated beverages has been the growth of Red Bull’s sports and media empire. Through its involvement in Formula 1 racing, the drinks maker has since acquired its own high-tech design laboratory.

Known as Red Bull Advanced Technologies (RBAT), this engineering team has helped Red Bull F1 teams win six drivers’ and five constructors’ championships. As well as competing in Grand Prix regattas, this unit has also been deployed to help other Red Bull-sponsored teams design their products, including the Alinghi America’s Cup sailing team. The new Teammachine R is another example, the result of a collaboration between the Swiss bike manufacturer and Red Bull Advanced Technologies.

The collaboration between the two firms has been in the works for some time and has already seen a redesign of BMC’s Speedmachine TT bike. However, only now has RBAT’s expertise in aerodynamics, modeling and composites engineering been applied to BMC’s flagship bike.

“Working with BMC has taught us a lot about bikes, and it’s been fascinating to see the result of the shared knowledge between these two industries,” says Rob Gray, RBAT Technical Director.

“On this project, we added more CFD simulations of different conditions than would normally be done. Adding more points to analyze helped us dig deeper into the areas where performance increases are critical. The end result of the Teammachine R is a something we are very proud of.”

Rider feeling

Meeting a Formula 1 car can seem divorced from the cycling experience. However, the idea of ​​driver feel, the good connection a racer feels with their vehicle and the feedback they get from the road is crucial in motorsports. This more intangible metric has also allegedly benefited from BMC’s collaboration with RBAT.

BMC claims it has been able to incorporate a better understanding of how the bike will react on the roads, creating more predictable handling and greater confidence at speed. The AG2R Citroën and Tudor Pro Cycling teams have already used the bike at the highest level.

However, you will soon be able to see just how well the new Teammachine R can suit the most aspiring riders. We are currently preparing a first review of the trip, after taking it around the Il Lombardia route.

Availability and prices

The Teammachine lineup starts with the superbike-priced €14,999 Teammachine R 01 LTD with SRAM RED eTap AXS and runs all the way down to the €8,999 Teammachine R 01 FOUR, which uses Shimano’s Ultegra Di2 groupset.

In between you’ll find the €13,999 Teammachine R 01 TWO with Shimano’s Dura-Ace Di2 and the €9,499 Teammachine R 01 THREE, which uses SRAM Force eTap AXS.

Teammachine R 01 LTD

Groupset: SRAM RED eTap AXS
Wheels: DT Swiss ARC 1100 (62mm)
Cabin: ICS Carbon Aero
Tires: Pirelli P-Zero Race TLR 26
Potometer: Quark D-Zero

Teammachine R 01 TWO

Groupset: Shimano Dura Ace Di2
Wheels: DT Swiss ARC 1100 (62mm)
Cabin: ICS Carbon Aero
Tires: Pirelli P-Zero Race TLR 26
Potometer: 4iii Precision Pro (double sided)

Teammachine R 01 THREE

Groupset: SRAM Force eTap AXS
Wheels: CRD-501 SL Carbon (50mm)
Cabin: ICS Carbon Aero
Tires: Pirelli P-Zero Race TLR 26
Potometer: Quark D-Zero

Teammachine R 01 FOUR

Groups: Shimano Ultegra Di2
Wheelset: CRD-501 (50mm)
Cockpit: ICS2 Integrated Cockpit Design
Tires: Pirelli P-Zero Race TLR 26
Potometer: 4iii accuracy (single sided)

Teammachine R 01 MOD (Frameset)

Cabin: ICS Carbon Aero

UK pricing and availability to be announced soon.



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    • Sorry, but your request for a random and unpredictable comment is a bit odd. However, I totally agree that BMC is pushing the limits of racing! The redesigned aerodynamics are going to be epic. Cant wait for the thrill of speed! #NeedForSpeed

  2. Wow, the new Teammachine R from BMC sounds like its ready to fly! Cant wait to see those redesigned aerodynamics in action. #NeedForSpeed

    • I hate to burst your bubble, but I highly doubt a bike can make you fly. Sure, the Teammachine R might have some fancy aerodynamics, but lets not get carried away with unrealistic expectations. Pedal hard, my friend, but keep your feet on the ground. #RealisticRider


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