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Bombtrack Beyond ALloy & SUS Adventure Gravel Bikes, plus AXS Hook EXT & Apex Arise

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Last summer we got a sneak peek at Bombtrack’s latest Beyond Sus steel bikepacking adventure bike with the addition of some RockShox front SUSpension, but now it gets a more affordable aluminum version too. Plus, as a mid-season update, two of their most popular & versatile bikes get solid new SRAM builds…

Bombtrack Beyond SUS steel adventure bike with suspension

The new Beyond SUS is Bombtrack’s own favorite highlight of their February refresh, something of a more practical evolution of their original Hook ADV. We took a close look at it last summer at Eurobike, adding 40mm of RockShox Rudy travel to the already capable double-butted Columbus Cromor steel do-it-all adventure bike.

With room for up to 2.1″ mountain bike tires (27.5 on XS & S or 29″ on M-XL) and tons of cage, rack & fender mounts, the steel Bombtrack Beyond was already a no-nonsense monstergravel bike ready for anything from bikepacking to singletrack exploration.

Bombtrack Beyond SUS adventure bikepacking gravel bikec. Bombtrack, bike photos by Jason Sellers

Now, for $2790 / 2700€ with a short-travel suspension fork and a SRAM Apex mechanical group with TRP Spyre mechanical brakes, the Beyond SUS is seriously a dropbar bike with no limits.

Bombtrack Beyond AL alloy dropbar adventure bike

The new Beyond AL is an all-new aluminum addition to the big-tire dropbar adventure bike family. Like you find in the rest of the Bombtrack line-up, the option for a double-butted 6061 alloy frameset saves a good bit weight over the steel analog.

The Beyond AL gets plenty of hydroformed shaping – like a curved & ovalized toptube, bi-axial flattened downtube, and wide-set curved & tapered fork legs – to keep stiffness where you want it for predictable handling, but without sacrificing compliance or rider comfort.

Bombtrack Beyond AL adventure bikepacking gravel bike

The alloy adventure bike gets internal routing for dynamo lighting, several sets of 3-pack anything cage mounts, toptube, and standard bottle cage mounts, plus full rack & fender mounts front & rear. Strap on anything you could need for an off-road overnighter or extender bikepacking trip.

Bombtrack Beyond AL adventure bikepacking gravel bike

The Beyond AL sticks with easy-to-manage modular external cable routing and is compatible with 1x or 2x drivetrains, but also adds stealth routing for a possible 31.8mm dropper post. It gets a T47 threaded bottom bracket, 12mm thru-axles, and flat mount disc brakes.

The alloy bike comes in just 3 sizes (S-L) with the smallest sticking to 27.5″ wheels for consistent fit & handling, while the larger bikes get 29er wheels. Max tire clearance is 2.25″ in either wheelsize.

Bombtrack Beyond AL adventure bikepacking gravel bikeBombtrack Beyond AL

The Bombtrack Beyond AL gets a similar Apex + Spyre mechanical build like its steel-suspended brethren. But with a $2290 / 1980€ price tag, it will save you quite a bit of money while also likely being a couple kilos lighter. No word yet on production bike weights.

Arise SG Apex

Here, the move is simply from a 10-speed MicroShift Advent spec to an 11-speed SRAM Apex build. Bombtrack loved how the MicroShift build helped turn their adaptable, sliding drop-out steel commuter into an all-road and even gravel bike. But the wider range of the Apex 1x 11-sp drivetrain and the move to a clutched derailleur simply makes it more versatile than ever, over more surfaces and over any terrain.

Bombtrack Arise SG Apex adventure bikepacking gravel bikeBombtrack Arise SG Apex

At $2300 / 2000€, the new Arise SG Apex is hard to argue with for all-purpose riding, with classic steel fork & small diameter tubing good looks. Slap racks & fenders on for everyday commutes or long-distance tours. Or fit up to 42mm tires (650b for sizes XS & S, 700c for sizes M-XL) for a bit of fast gravel grinding.

Hook EXT goes AXS wireless

Lastly, the new silver steel frames Hook EXT Rival AXS is essentially the same as the regular Hook EXT, except for a pretty big drivetrain upgrade – from mechanical Rival 11-speed to a new wider range wireless SRAM Rival AXS XPLR 12-speed groupset, featuring a 38T x 10-44T spread and hydraulic disc brakes.

Bombtrack Hook EXT Rival AXS adventure bikepacking gravel bike

The double-butted Columbus Cromor steel bike comes in 5 sizes (XS-XL) all with 27.5″ wheels & 2.0″ tires, plus all the mounts you could wish for (including a rear taillight tab).

Bombtrack Hook EXT Rival AXS adventure bikepacking gravel bikeBombtrack Hook EXT Rival AXS

For $3700 / 3600€, you get the Bombtrack Hook EXT Rival AXS with wireless 1x & hydro brakes, plus a tubeless-ready WTB wheelset & light, fast-rolling Ranger mountain bike tires. That makes it one of the more expensive Bombtrack gravel & adventure bikes, but it still looks like a pretty good value.

Bombtrack Beyond AL SUS, Hook EXT, Arise SG, adventure bikepacking gravel bikes, Marc riding

All four of the new Bombtrack bikes – Beyond SUS, Beyond AL, Arise SG Apex & Hook EXT Rival AXS – are making their way right now out to the international dealers and should all be available next week.




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    • Seriously? Youre whining about a cup holder on a bike designed for adventure and exploration? Maybe its time to embrace the true spirit of cycling instead of expecting everything to cater to your morning caffeine fix. Focus on the ride, not your coffee.

    • Suspension on a gravel bike is not about pampering your bum, its about improving control and handling on rough terrain. Extra padding wont save you from bone-jarring impacts and decreased traction. Dont underestimate the benefits of suspension, my friend.

    • Sorry, but Bombtrack bikes are overhyped. There are plenty of other amazing options out there that offer better performance and value for money. Do some research before jumping on the Avengers bandwagon.

  1. Dude, these Bombtrack bikes are legit! Loving the suspension on the Beyond SUS and the dropbar on the AL alloy. So versatile!

    • I couldnt disagree more. Bombtrack bikes are overhyped and overpriced. There are plenty of other adventure bikes out there that offer better value for money. Dont believe the marketing hype, do your research before buying into the superhero fantasy.

    • Suspension on a gravel bike provides comfort and control, especially on rough terrain. Bouncing along may sound cool, but trust me, a smooth ride is key. The Bombtrack Beyond AL alloy is a great bike, but suspension would take it to the next level.

  2. Wow, those Bombtrack bikes look like the perfect companions for some off-road adventures! Cant wait to hit the trails with one of those!

    • I hate to burst your bubble, but Bombtrack bikes are overhyped. Ive had multiple issues with their components and their customer service is a joke. Dont get your hopes up too high or youll be sorely disappointed on your off-road adventures.

  3. Wow, these Bombtrack bikes are like the superheroes of the adventure cycling world! Cant decide which one I want to ride first!

  4. Wow, these Bombtrack bikes are like the superheroes of the gravel world! Cant wait to see what adventures they conquer next!

    • I get it, Bombtrack bikes may be great for off-road adventures. But lets not forget that roads exist for a reason. They provide convenience, safety, and accessibility for the majority of us who dont aim to conquer extreme terrains. Different strokes for different folks, my friend.

    • I hate to burst your bubble, but Bombtrack bikes are overrated. There are plenty of other brands out there that offer better performance and value for adventurous souls like us. Dont believe the hype, do your research before hitting those trails!

    • Dude, just buy both! Life is too short to choose. Plus, having options is always a good thing. Treat yourself and enjoy the best of both worlds. Ride on!

    • Suspension on a gravel bike provides better control, comfort, and traction on rough terrain. Fat tires alone wont magically absorb impact or enhance handling. Dont underestimate the benefits of a well-designed suspension system.

  5. Wow, these Bombtrack bikes are like the superheroes of the cycling world! I cant decide which one Id want to ride first. Any suggestions?

    • Suspension on a gravel bike provides a smoother ride, absorbs impact, and enhances control. Its not about bouncing like a kangaroo, but rather about enjoying a comfortable and efficient cycling experience. Maybe try it out before dismissing its benefits. Happy riding!

  6. Suspension on gravel bikes like the Bombtrack Beyond SUS can actually enhance the riding experience by smoothing out rough terrain and improving comfort. Its a matter of personal preference, but dont dismiss it without trying it first.

  7. Man, those Bombtrack bikes are on a whole new level! Cant wait to hit the trails and explore with the Beyond SUS steel adventure bike!

    • I hate to burst your bubble, but Bombtrack bikes are just another overpriced gimmick. Suspension? Alloys? Wireless? Who needs all that fluff when you can get a reliable bike for half the price? Stick to the basics, my friend.

    • Suspension on a gravel bike is essential for a smooth and controlled ride. Going full-send without it may be thrilling, but its also a surefire way to beat up your body and lose control on rough terrain. Dont sacrifice comfort and stability for the sake of a hashtag. #NotSmartMove

  8. Man, these Bombtrack bikes are like the superheroes of the gravel world! Cant wait to take them for a spin and feel the adventure!


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