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BUFF launches a collection of products designed for riders in 2023

Buff 2023 collection for cycling
BUFF launches a collection of products designed for riders in 2023 5

The “Bike” collection includes tubulars, caps and headbands with sun protection, ultra light and with reflective elements.

28 May 2023 (23:57 CET)

BUFF® launches a collection of products designed especially for cyclists

The sports clothing and accessories brand BUFF® has developed a new capsule of products specially designed for cycling lovers. It is a collection of 5 products made using sustainable materials such as merino and polyester threads, Repreve® polyester threads, which are obtained from the recycling of plastic bottles.

The design of the new products has been carried out taking into account the needs of cyclists in order to guarantee maximum comfort for athletes and avoid any discomfort that could affect their performance. For this reason, light materials have been used, easily adaptable to changing conditions and with UPF50 sun protection. In addition, the products in this range include reflective elements that improve the visibility and safety of cyclists.

The new Bike collection is part of the Made in Barcelona campaign, launched this spring, which advocates local manufacturing by reducing carbon emissions and increasing the use of natural and recycled materials.

As a newly certified member of the B-Corp community, BUFF® is working on several initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint of its products, with on-site manufacturing being one.

buff accesories 1

Buff tubular

Merino Lightweight Multifunctional Neckwear

Made of 100% merino wool guaranteeing animal care (mulesing-free). The best accessory for the cyclist who values ​​natural fabrics. This tubular is soft, resists odors naturally and can be worn in many different ways. RRP: €29.95

CoolNet UV® Multifunctional Neckwear

Made from recycled plastic bottles, it offers UPF 50 sun protection and stands out for its cooling and sweat-evaporating properties. It is the perfect complement to feel cool, dry and protected, whether on road trips, mountains or urban trips. RRP: €22.95

Buff 2023 collection for bikers

Buff caps

Pack Cycle Cap

Pack Cycle is the ideal cap to maintain temperature in mild weather conditions. The BUFF® Pack concept is the basis of the most technical caps and visors. Developed entirely in Barcelona and tested by ambassadors such as Christian Meyer, the “packable” designs can be folded and stored in the smallest pocket without losing their shape once unfolded. RRP: €29.95

CoolNet UV® Underhelmet headband

A lightweight headband, fully compatible with the helmet and made from 95% recycled materials. Thanks to HeiQ® cooling technology, an innovative fabric for sweat management, you can enjoy your outings with a feeling of freshness. The designs, which also offer UPF50 sun protection, feature reflective elements that improve the visibility of athletes. RRP: €19.95

Underhelmet liner

The low helmet, made with Repreve® threads and equivalent to a recycled plastic bottle, offers UPF50 sun protection and also guarantees quick absorption and drying, allowing you to stay cool and comfortable during activity. In addition, the reflective trim facilitates visibility in low-light conditions. RRP: €24.95

Visit yours web to discover the entire collection and learn more about BUFF® and its sustainable initiatives.

BUFF Bike Collection

About BUFF®

Joan Rojas invented the legendary multi-functional tubular to protect himself from the sun, wind and cold while enjoying his passion: riding the roads on his motorcycle. In 1992 he founded BUFF® to market it. Today, the brand’s product range is much wider: from hats, headbands and caps to balaclava, all designed to help people enjoy more moments outdoors. From day one, BUFF® has aimed to care for the well-being of the planet and the people who share it. Based in Igualada, Barcelona, ​​the company manufactures ninety percent of its products internally using renewable energy and its products are sold in more than 80 countries worldwide. In line with the brand’s commitment to creating a positive impact, Original Buff SA became a B Corp company in 2022.



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  1. Wow, I cant believe BUFF is already launching products for riders in 2023! Cant wait to try those tubulars and caps.

  2. Wow, finally a collection that understands the struggles of riders! Cant wait to rock those reflective headbands and tubulars. #SafetyFirst

  3. Wow, BUFF really knows how to keep riders stylish AND safe! Cant wait to rock those tubulars and caps!

  4. Wow, finally a collection of products designed specifically for riders in 2023! Cant wait to try out the Buff tubular and caps, especially with the sun protection and reflective elements. Ride on!

    • Sounds like a marketing gimmick to me. Ive been riding for years without any special rider-specific products and doing just fine. Save your money and enjoy the ride, no need for fancy gear.

    • Are you seriously expecting to ride a unicorn in 2023? I hate to break it to you, but unicorns only exist in fairy tales. Maybe stick to reality and focus on finding a more practical way to enjoy your Buff tubulars.

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