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Burgos-BH, in the Classic Loire Atlantique and the Cholet-Pays de la Loire

GravelBikes.online · Road Competition · 03/16/2023

With batteries recharged and morale boosted after receiving an invitation to the Tour of Spain, the Burgos-BH team returns to compete this weekend in France. They will do it with two one-day races that inaugurate their extensive calendar in the French Alps: the Classic Loire Atlantique and the Cholet-Pays de la Loire, which they already attended in 2021, achieving a top-10 with Ander Okamika in the first .

After three weeks of training and concentration at altitude, the purple cyclists start a new block of competition that took them to Spain, France and Portugal in different one-day tests and laps in stages.

Burgos-BH attends with a team of sprinters and classicmans who develop well in this type of terrain. Manuel Pealver and scar Pelegr will play their cards if there is a finish in a large group, while Ángel Fuentes has already shown his ability in this type of racing in recent years. The French Cyril Barthe and Clement Alleno will not miss the meeting, where Rodrigo Álvarez will also be after his debut with the team in Omn. ngel Madrazo completes the lineup for the two races after a complicated start to the year due to various illnesses and each.

The first race, the Classic Loire Atlantique, took place on Saturday 18 March, covering a circuit around the town of La Haie-Fouassire. There will be 11 laps of a circuit of 17 kilometers for a total of 183 kilometers. Cyclists will find a terrain of continuous ups and downs and two ascents: the Cte ​​de Pont Caffino and the Cte ​​de Saint-Fiacre-sur-Maine. It is a test that is usually selected with the passing of the laps, deciding on a sprint of a small group of runners.

The following day, Sunday 19 March, the Burgos-BH moves to Cholet, the departure and arrival point of the Cholet-Pays de la Loire. The route, of 205 kilometres, is also mostly flat, although it has a dozen small elevations along the way. With just over 50 kilometers to go, the race returned to Cholet, entering a circuit of just 8 kilometers with six laps and where the Mont du Rue Surcouf will be the only difficulty for the fast men to overcome .

David Cantera, technical director of the team, explains that “after an intense start to the season, where we completed more than 40 days of competition, we decided to take some air in these two weeks and give the runners a rest. able to prepare the next dates with maximum guarantees On the one hand, the block that competes in Catalonia and the Basque Country and, on the other, that of the classics, this weekend we will compete in two events that we already know and where we have achieved good results results in previous years. We are going with a block which I think is very good for this type of racing. The terrain suits them very well. These are complicated events where there is a great level and in which we will fight for a good result that will keep us in the line shown at the start of the season”.

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  1. That Burgos-BH team is a force to be reckoned with! Theyre killing it in the Classic Loire Atlantique and Cholet-Pays de la Loire races. Cant wait to see what they do next!

  2. Oh, come on! Are you seriously comparing a leisurely ride around Loire Atlantique to the thrill and excitement of professional bike races? Its like comparing a Sunday stroll to a marathon. Each has its own charm, but lets not dismiss the intensity and dedication of pro cycling.

    • Yeah, they definitely stepped up their game! But lets not forget that its just one race. Lets see if they can keep up the momentum throughout the season. Its a long road ahead!

  3. Wow, Burgos-BH really brought the heat in the Classic Loire Atlantique! Cant wait for Cholet-Pays de la Loire, lets see if they keep the momentum going!

  4. Wow, I never knew Burgos-BH had such a strong presence in Classic Loire Atlantique and Cholet-Pays de la Loire! Impressive stuff!

    • Actually, Burgos-BHs performance in Classic Loire Atlantique and Cholet-Pays de la Loire was quite underwhelming. They failed to make any significant impact. Maybe you need to check your facts before praising them so highly.

  5. Wow, Burgos-BH really brought some excitement to the Classic Loire Atlantique! Cant wait to see what they do next!

  6. Wow, Burgos-BHs performance in the Classic Loire Atlantique was mind-blowing! Whos up for a celebration dance?

  7. Wow, Burgos-BH really brought the heat in the Classic Loire Atlantique and Cholet-Pays de la Loire! They killed it!

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