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Canyon admits that gravel bikes are just 90s mountain bikes with Grizl Throwback edition

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If you are an old cyclist lamenting the loss of rigid 90s drop-bar mountain biking options, Canyon’s new limited edition Grizl CF SL 7 Throwback gravel bike might be just up your alley. I feel seen!

Scratch that.

Everyone should want this splatter paint carbon Grizl. It’s got silver rims, a chromed-out handlebar, tan wall tires, a flashy bright pink & aqua paint job. Plus, a modern wireless 1x drivetrain. I mean, come on, it’s even got a pink anodized stem faceplate. This is the most self-actualized gravel bike I’ve seen since we were calling these things cross bikes…

Limited edition Canyon Grizl CF SL 7 Throwback gravel bike

c. Canyon

Let me just start off with the fact that there are only 250 of these bikes available globally. If you really want one, and already know what a Grizl is, just scroll down, hit that Canyon.com link and snap one up before they’re gone!

OK, for those still reading, modern gravel bikes are awesome.

This Grizl Throwback is a full carbon frame & fork that’s lighter than anything you rode in 1995. It has more capable, more progressive geometry that is technically more capable than those early mountain bikes. And its 29er wheels with wide tubeless rims, even with just 1.77″ tires (700x45mm Schwalbe G-One Bites) will roll over rough stuff better than your old 26×1.95″ XC tires. Oh yeah, and hydraulic disc brakes… gamechanger, there. Plus, now you get a bump-eating carbon seatpost, a simpler wide-range 1x drivetrain with a wireless Rival AXS derailleur with a clutch to keep your chain from dropping.

It’s kinda crazy how much better of a mountain bike this new gravel bike is than an old mountain bike was.

 Limited edition Canyon Grizl CF SL 7 Throwback gravel bike, details

But that’s no excuse to not love the look of the 1990s, those early days of real mountain biking.

This limited edition gravel bike is Canyon acknowledging that when they launched the Grizl two years ago, everyone joked that “Gravel is just mountain biking from the 90s!”. That didn’t hurt Canyon’s feelings, and as they put it…”it just sounded like a hell of an excuse to indulge in a bit of nostalgia and relive those halcyon days. So here it is: a tribute to all that was great and good during mountain biking’s pioneering decade. The Grizl CF SL 7 Throwback, a gravel bike that combines that iconic 90s MTB look with modern gravel bike design to give riders their old school kicks, 90s style.“

Tech details

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Just a refresher that the carbon Grizl has room for up to 50mm tires (that’s 29×2.0″ for you mountain bikers). And it comes in a super wide 7 size range – the two smallest with 650b/27.5″ wheels to preserve perfect handling. It gets anything cage fork mounts, four cage/bag mounts on the frame, and an optional custom-sized set of bikepacking bags for it made by Apidura.

This Grizl CF SL 7 Throwback is the 2nd-tier, theoretically more durable carbon layup. It gets a tapered steerer, conventional modular internal cable routing, 12mm thru-axles, flat mount 160mm disc brakes, an integrated seatpost clamp for the 27.2 post, and stealth dropper compatibility. It also sports hidden full-coverage fender mounts.

Canyon Grizl CF SL 7 Throwback – pricing options & availability

 Limited edition Canyon Grizl CF SL 7 Throwback gravel bike is a 1990s rigid mountain ibke

OK so a reminder, only 250 of these beautifully gaudy Grizl Throwback bikes are being made available. They come in just one SL 7 spec with these uniquely finished components – special edition brushed aluminum DT Swiss GR1600 wheels, VCLS carbon seatpost, SRAM Rival AXS XPLR 1x 10-44T , etc. – for 3799€. Get yours now direct from Canyon while they last.

The one drag, it doesn’t seem like the Throwback will be available in the land of mountain biking’s birth. Fingers crossed for the Americans that a future retro throwback will make its way across the Atlantic, but this one will sell out in the rest of the world first, I think.




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    • Who needs old school when you can embrace progress? Fancy new bikes offer better performance, technology, and comfort. Dont get stuck in the past – upgrade and enjoy the benefits of modern cycling.

    • Seriously? Who wants to ride around on some outdated relic when they can enjoy the comfort and efficiency of modern bikes? Nostalgia is overrated. Keep up with the times and get yourself a bike that actually performs. #progress #getwiththeprogram

    • Haha, I think its a bit of both! Canyon is smart to tap into the nostalgia vibes, but hey, if it performs well, who cares if its a 90s throwback? If it aint broke, dont fix it!

  1. Who needs fancy new gravel bikes when you can rock it like its the 90s with the Grizl Throwback edition? Love the nostalgia vibes!

    • Are you kidding? Nostalgic for 90s mountain bikes? What a waste of time! We should be focusing on innovation and pushing the boundaries, not glorifying relics from the past. Lets move forward, not backward.

  2. Wow, Canyon really knows how to take us back to the good ol days! Who needs fancy new features when you can rock a throwback edition? #nostalgia

  3. Wow, I cant believe Canyon is calling the Grizl a throwback edition. Is this just a marketing gimmick or a genuine tribute to the 90s mountain bikes?

  4. Seriously? Gravel bikes and 90s mountain bikes are not the same thing. Get with the times, dude. Gravel bikes have evolved to tackle a variety of terrain with added comfort and versatility. Its not Throwback Thursday, its progress. #KeepUp


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