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Cotic, Never Strays Far Collaborate on Steel-framed Art Bike

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You might know UK-based independent bike maker Cotic for its progressive, steel-framed mountain and gravel bikes. If not, allow us to introduce you by way of this art bike made to celebrate the ongoing British Cycling Cyclocross National Trophy series.

Cotic’s one-off Escapade art bike, made in collaboration with the Never Strays Far podcast. All photos c. Never Strays Far / Cotic / Richard Baybutt.

Cotic built this custom version of its limited edition Reynolds 853 Escapade gravel bike in collaboration with the bike-racing-centric Never Strays Far podcast. The company worked with Never Strays Far’s graphic designer Connar Brady to dial in the look.

We have to say, we dig the colorway, which manages to catch the eye without going overboard.

“For the build, some Italian flair is rolled in with Campagnolo EKAR, ably supported by HUNT wheels,” Cotic Founder and Director Cy Turner told BikeRumor in an email. “WTB tires and saddle to bring some CX sensibility to the build. As with every single Cotic bike, it was assembled at our UK base. It has been custom painted by Five Land Bikes (the same people responsible for our flagship UK made RocketMAX enduro frames), and is genuinely unique.”

The Cotic Escapade art bike

Cotic will first display the bike Saturday, Nov. 19 at a sold-out live recording of the Never Strays Far podcast. Then on Sunday, the bike will show up at the Never Strays Far tent during round four of the National Trophy Series at Torbay Velo Park in Devon, U.K.

Cotic x Never Strays Far Art Bike Build

Turner sent BikeRumor the build details; here they are straight from the man himself.

  • Cotic Escapade 853 Medium/56cm
    • Reynolds 853 front triangle
    • Big road or cyclo-cross tires up to 700×44, or 650b x 50
    • Cotic RB5 fork: Taperer steerer, full carbon construction, Anything Cage bosses on each leg.
    • 12mm thru-axles front and rear
    • Cotic Inside Out routing – Di2, internal or external mechanical, dropper post, whatever you need.
    • www.cotic.co.uk/product/escapade
  • Campagnolo EKAR 1×13 Groupset – 9-42 Cassette, Carbon Crank, 38t chainring, hydraulic 160mm rotor disc brakes
  • HUNT Gravel X-Wide 700c Wheels, 25mm internal width, optimized for 35c or bigger tires
  • WTB Cross Boss 700x35c tires, tubeless
  • WTB SL8 Carbon Saddle
  • Cotic Finishing kit – 27.2mm seatpost, 100mm stem, and 46cm/20-degree flare Valley Bars

the cotic escapade art bike

About the Cotic Escapade

Cotic refers to its stock Escapade as a “life bike.”

“[The Escapade is] a subtle steel bike that just fits into your life, for work, fun, or escapes. It will take you to the office, to the shops, on holiday, to the hills, on adventures, or just to that quiet place where you get some headspace,” Turner said.

The Escapade sports disc brakes and drop bars, and can run 650b or 700c tires. Plenty of mounts for cages, bags, and racks, plus robust steel construction, position it for adventure.

And if you want a distinct paint job but can’t swing the Never Strays Far collab? It comes in purple.




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  1. Wow, this steel-framed art bike collab is pure genius! Who needs a boring old regular bike when you can ride in style and be a moving work of art? #BikeGoals

    • I respectfully disagree. While the art bike may be visually appealing, practicality should still be a priority. The purpose of a bike is to transport us efficiently, not to be a stationary exhibit. Lets focus on functionality rather than just aesthetics. #PracticalityMatters

  2. Wow, this Cotic x Never Strays Far collaboration is insane! Who needs a regular bike when you can ride a work of art? #BikeGoals

  3. Wow, this collaboration between Cotic and Never Strays Far is like a dream come true for art lovers who also happen to be bike enthusiasts! Just imagine rolling through the streets on a steel-framed masterpiece. Its like the perfect fusion of functionality and creativity. I bet this bike would turn heads wherever it goes!

    • Everyones entitled to their own opinion, but personally, I find this collab refreshing and intriguing. It pushes boundaries and challenges conventional notions of art. Its not for everyone, but thats what makes it exciting. Embrace the weirdness!

  4. Wow, this Cotic x Never Strays Far Art Bike Build is totally mind-blowing! Who needs a Picasso when you can ride this masterpiece?

    • Are you kidding? That art bike collab looks like a hot mess on wheels. I wouldnt be caught dead riding that eyesore. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

  5. I dont get whats so amazing about this collab. Seems like a marketing gimmick to me. There are far more talented artists and innovative bike brands out there. Ill pass on this one.

  6. Hmm, I gotta disagree with you on this one. While the Cotic x Never Strays Far collaboration might look pretty, Id rather ride a bike thats built for performance and durability. Art is nice, but give me a solid ride any day.

  7. Wow, this steel-framed art bike collaboration is seriously next-level cool! Cant wait to see it in action! #CoticxNeverStraysFar

    • I hate to burst your bubble, but its just a bike, not a masterpiece. Riding it wont turn you into a work of art. Maybe try focusing on your actual skills and talents instead of relying on a fancy bike to make a statement.

  8. Wow, this Cotic x Never Strays Far collaboration is next-level creativity! Cant wait to see the finished art bike in action.

    • Sorry, but I just dont see the appeal. It looks like nothing more than an overpriced marketing gimmick. Ill stick to bikes that focus on functionality and performance.

    • I couldnt agree more! The Cotic x Never Strays Far art bike is a true masterpiece. Its unique design is bound to captivate any onlooker. Im eagerly anticipating the moment when this beauty hits the streets and leaves everyone in awe. Cant wait!

    • I couldnt disagree more. The Cotic x Never Strays Far art bike is just a flashy gimmick. Sure, it may catch some attention, but what about functionality and practicality? Give me a reliable bike any day over this overhyped piece of art.

    • Sorry, but I dont see whats so genius about a collaboration between a bike brand and an art company. Riding in style is cool and all, but lets not exaggerate its importance. Lets focus on the actual performance of the bike instead.

  9. Wow, the Cotic x Never Strays Far art bike is an absolute head-turner! Love the creativity and uniqueness in its design.

  10. I respectfully disagree. While the collaboration may be visually appealing, I believe a bikes true worth lies in its functionality and performance. Artistic elements should enhance, not overshadow, its primary purpose of being a reliable means of transportation.

  11. Wow, this Cotic x Never Strays Far Art Bike Build is just mind-blowing! Who needs a regular bike when you can ride a masterpiece?

  12. I totally disagree. This collab is just a desperate attempt to grab attention with a flashy gimmick. Give me a reliable, practical bike any day over this acid trip on wheels.

    • I couldnt disagree more. This Cotic x Never Strays Far Art Bike Build seems like a desperate attempt to overcomplicate something that should be simple and functional. Its all style over substance if you ask me.

    • I hate to burst your bubble, but this Cotic x Never Strays Far Art Bike Build looks more like a gimmicky piece of junk than anything else. Ill pass on this one and stick to real bikes that are actually meant for riding. #bikepracticality

  13. I totally disagree with you. Art bikes are nothing more than a pretentious attempt to make cycling seem more cool and trendy. Lets stick to the basics and focus on the joy of riding, not wasting time on unnecessary artistic gimmicks.

    • I couldnt disagree more. This collaboration feels forced and lacks any genuine artistic expression. Its just a gimmick to sell more bikes. Creativity and uniqueness? I call it a desperate attempt to stand out in a saturated market.


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