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David Rodrguez and Francisco Jos Pea, winners of the VII Desafo Andvalo

GravelBikes.online – Mountain Bike · 05/03/2023

The pair composed of Olontencan David Rodrguez and Palatine Francisco Jos Pea Vela of the Animal Race team have been proclaimed absolute winners of the seventh edition of the Desafo Andvalo 2Bikes. The pair made up of the Portuguese Ins Evaristo and Adriana Gomes Reis (Rodactiva/Golden Clube Cabanas) won in women’s, while in mixed pairs Antonio Jos Almansa Manfredi and Mara Esther Maqueda from the Expobike team did the same.

After yesterday’s stage in L’Ametller, the biker expedition had the second and final appointment in Sant Bartomeu de la Torre for the celebration from 10 in the morning of the Mitja Marat through the municipal sections of Alosno , Mines de Tharsis and Sant Bartolom de la Torre, on a powerful and fun route, very changing, where there was no rest between the trails and paths set up by the organization in charge of the Club MTB Sant Bartolom, which has the ‘unconditional support from the City Council and its people, through their numerous volunteers.

Almost 350 bikers who are still in competition go out at devilish paces during the first kilometers and over the 20th, one of the components of Bar Patrn. tires, losing the head of the race and many options to repeat victory.

Halfway through the route on the very hard skirts of La Divisa, the pilot was breaking loose, positions were beginning to be clarified… at this point, the Trujillo-Conway team, composed of Juan Pedro Trujillo and his son Jos Antonio, were ahead , the Animal Race of David Rodrguez and Francisco Jos Pea, while Javi Macas and Antonio David Villegas (Bar Patrn-Sportbici 1) crowned third.

The Animal Race duo try to escape by increasing the intensity a little more for the repeats near the old descent of the Alosno ffcc station, but without success.

On the path next to the valley, it is the Bar Patrn-Sportbici team that takes command of the race and reaches the last kilometers, where the Animal Race gains a slight advantage over its opponents to qualify them for entry in Meta as winners of the stage with a time of 2.17.29 and with the sum of the times of the previous day, proclaim themselves winners of the Absolute General. At just 7 seconds, Bar Patrn-Sport Bici 1 arrived in a ridiculous sprint ahead of Trujillo-Conway, but not brave enough to take second place overall from the Cordovan team. The winners of yesterday’s stage, Bar Patrn-Sportbici Little Brothers came within a minute of the champions, finally occupying fourth place in the General, but Champions in their Mster-30 category, while fifth place of the absolute, it was conquered by the people from Cadiz of the Pau Sport Team of Juan Manuel Navarro and Alejandro Barba.

As for the women’s category, Ins Evaristo and Adriana Gomes Reis (Rodactiva/Golden Clube Cabanas) repeated their victory with authority, posting a time of 3:44:44, thus maintaining the leadership of the previous day to take with final victory of the general, second were also the Portuguese, Susana Fialho and Monica Correia of Club BTT Conceiao de Faro.

In the mixed mode, Mara Esther Maqueda and Antonio Jos Almansa Manfredi (Expobike) managed to reach Meta in 2:42:17, according to Mara Isabel Felipe Dvila and Sergio Prez in 2:49:35 (Trujillo-Conway Mixed) , exchanging positions from the previous day and after the total sum, the Sevillian Expobike team must be proclaimed mixed champions. Mara Pujol and Antonio Jess Fernndez (Gobik) took third place, repeating the same as yesterday.

After the celebration of the test, the awarding of trophies and a multitude of gifts to the winners of the different modalities and categories was carried out in the presence of several members of the Municipal Corporation of Sant Bartomeu de la Torre, among them its mayoress and president of the Provincial Council of Huelva, Mara Eugenia Limn Bayo; the Lieutenant of Mayor, Jess Fernando Pea; the councilor of Participaci Ciutadana Vernica Gonzlez; and Ins Mara Medero (member of the Organizing Committee of the Andvalo 2bikes Challenge).


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  1. I completely disagree. It was obvious they had an unfair advantage from the start. The judges must have been blind not to see it. There were other deserving participants who got overlooked. Its a shame.

    • Yeah, they were good, I guess. But lets not forget about the other competitors who gave it their all too. It takes more than just talent and determination to succeed in these challenges. Respect to all participants!

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