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Deda Gera & Superzero grow carbon & alloy gravel bike range

Deda Elementi expands their Gera & Superzero gravel bike component lineup with more price & performance options in carbon or alloy for both gravel racing and adventure riding. Gera gets more affordable, ergonomic & super curvy aluminum handlebars, plus new alloy wheels, while Superzero adds Deda’s first aero carbon gravel bars. And for those looking to go even faster, Deda’s regular road family gets new lighter, more aero Superzero RS bars & wheels, too.

Deda Elementi Gera Gravel bike gear

c. Deda, Titici photos by Mattia Ragni

Deda seems to have mostly focused on making road bikes faster, lighter & more integrated in recent years, but 2021’s carbon Gera bar & wheels laid the grounds for more gravel gear.

Deda says the name of their gravel family Gera comes from the relatively flat plains of southern Lombardy where they are located, crisscrossed by many rivers and canals, perfect for exploring by gravel & adventure bikes. Now more alloy options, open Gera up to more riders…

Superzero Gravel carbon bar


Deda Elementi Gravel bike components, Deda SuperZero Gravel aero handlebar, top sizes

But not everything gravel in Deda’s lineup gets the Gera name. This race-focused aero gravel bar take the Superzero name where speed & lightweight are priorities – and this will be the bar that Deda-sponsored riders will race in next season’s UCI Gravel series.

Much like a new road Superzero RS bar, this new wider Superzero Gravel is UD carbon with ergonomic teardrop aero tops that are designed not to be wrapped, with a step down for a smooth bar tape finish. They also get a quick bend from the tops to the start of the drops so riders have plenty of room to move their hands around. Deda also says the 83mm wide 31.8mm clamping area should be enough next to most stems to mount plenty of accessories and even clip-on aero extensions.

Deda Elementi Gravel bike components, Deda SuperZero Gravel aero handlebar, front size

The aero gravel bars are relatively narrow up top (measured outside-outside, knock 2cm off to compare them to most bars measured center-center), but get a generous 16° flare to provide more room for your wrists and a wider position for more control in the drops. In the end, they measure up 48-52cm outside at the ends of their drops.

The Superzero Gravel bars feature Deda’s EOS-Speed (Endurance Optimized Shape) compact bend with 60mm reach and 110mm drop. The bars have routing for fully-internal cables to work with DCR stems & headsets, or can be cabled semi-internally.

Deda Elementi Gravel bike components, Deda SuperZero Gravel aero handlebar, drops

The lightweight 314€ Superzero Gravel comes in three sizes 42/44/46cm (measured outside-to-outside at the levers), with weights claimed to start from 225g. They get Deda’s standard stealth ‘polished over black’ matte finish with glossy graphics.

Deda also has added a similarly updated, more aero Superzero RS carbon road bar for riders who do not want flare – with semi-compact 75mm reach, 120mm EVO drop, and 40/42/44/46cm outside widths. The 215g (44) Deda Superzero RS bar sells for 342€.

Deda Gera Alloy ergo gravel bar

Deda Elementi Gravel bike components, curvy Deda Gera Alloy handlebar, photo by Mattia Ragni, on bike

Following up 2021’s curvy carbon gravel bar, comes an almost as curvy alloy handlebar. The double-butted 6061 aluminum Gera Alloy gravel bar is cold-formed into a complex three-dimensionally curved shape that Deda says provides many more comfortable hand positions than a conventional dropbar.

It starts in the center with 10mm rise and 10° of backsweep to get a more upright & relaxed narrow position with your hands on the tops, just next to the stem.

Deda Elementi Gravel bike components, curvy Deda Gera Alloy handlebar, top dimensions

There the bar gently curves out and sweeps 5° down towards the super-compact drops, which get a further 24° flare.  The drops are even outswept an extra 3° to get a wide and stable hand position for extra off-road leverage, especially technical climbing.


Deda Elementi Gravel bike components, curvy Deda Gera Alloy handlebar, front dimensions

The bars also get a wide 90cm straight 31.8 clamping area for accessories, bikepacking bag & clip-on aerobar extension mounting compatibility.

The EOS (Endurance Optimized Shape) drops feature a very compact 55cm reach and shallow 100mm drop.

Deda Elementi Gravel bike components, curvy Deda Gera Alloy handlebar, profile

The 134€ Gera Alloy gravel bar comes in four widths 42/44/46/48cm (measured outside at the levers), and measure up 52-58cm outside at the ends. Claimed weights from 310g, the bars also feature internal routing and a gloss on matte anodized black finish with gravel graphics that will get wrapped under the bar tape.

Deda calls the unique shaping a more comfortable setup, perfect for long-distance adventure riding and loaded bikepacking.

A curvy carbon bar, too

Deda Elementi Gravel bike components, carbon Gera components

There’s also a 333€ even more curvy 220g Gera Carbon Gravel handlebar introduced last season in 44/46/48cm widths with more forward offset, 12° backsweep, 7mm rise & no flare to the drops but 16° outswept ends.

Gera Alloy gravel wheels

Deda Elementi Gravel bike components, Gera Alloy wheels

The Gera Alloy family also adds a more affordable, but still performance gravel wheelset. At 824€, it’s not super cheap but looks to offer a solid & versatile wide gravel option at a claimed 1690g for the set.

The wheels are built around a 6000 series alloy rim with a 23mm internal hooked tubeless profile featuring locking shoulders to keep tubeless tires secure even at super-low pressures (min 28mm tires, max 2.25″). The disc brake wheels get a wide & shallow asymmetric aluminum rim, 28mm wide external and 25mm deep.

Deda Elementi Gravel bike components, Gera Alloy wheelset details

The wheels are built in Italy by Deda with 24 straight-pull bladed aero spokes, self-locking alloy nipples, and Deda’s own 17mm axle 6061 alloy centerlock hubs with 72 POE 4-pawl freehubs with extra-wide pawl springs for improved engagement & durability – available for Shimano, SRAM XD-R, Campagnolo N3W. The hubs come set up standard 12mm thru-axles, but tool-free end caps are also available separately for QR or even 15mm front compatibility. The wheels come pre-taped for tubeless and include tubeless valves & rotor lockrings.

There’s also a 2257€ Gera Carbon gravel wheelset introduced earlier this year, with a 32mm deep x 29mm wide x 23mm internal, hooked tubeless UD carbon rim for gravel riders looking to save weight, at a claimed 1445g for the pair.

Deda Elementi Gera gravel component availability

Deda Elementi Gravel bike components, carbon Gera components

All Deda Elementi components are designed & engineered in Italy, with manufacturing in Taiwan. All Deda wheels are then built at their Italian HQ in Lombardy.

The new Gera Alloy handlebar & Gera Alloy wheels are available through Deda’s international distributor network, and will also be available online direct soon, too. The 2021 curvy Gera Carbon and conventional 126€ alloy Gravel 100 handlebars, and Gera Carbon wheels are all also available now. (All pricing with 22% Italian VAT.)

The new aero carbon Superzero Gravel handlebar will be available in Spring 2022.




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