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Devinci enhances Hatchet with updated gravel geometry and more mounts

Grinduro Season and the New Devinci Hatchet Gravel Bike

Grinduro season is here, and Devinci Cycles is celebrating by launching a new gravel bike and hosting the event in Canada for the first time. The Hatchet, originally introduced in 2016, has been redesigned with updated geometry, dropper compatibility, more mounts, and increased tire clearance. Devinci’s headquarters in northern Quebec, known for its expertise in aluminum manufacturing, is located near a Provincial park with an extensive network of forest roads. These roads served as inspiration for the original Hatchet, which was designed for riders looking for longer rides away from traffic.

The Rise of Gravel Biking

In 2014, the gravel bike market was just starting to grow, and Devinci recognized a shift in how riders viewed the opportunity to do longer rides away from traffic. They also noticed the growing trend of gravel racing after the first Grinduro event in 2015. The combination of racing and a party atmosphere at Grinduro inspired Devinci to launch the first Hatchet at the second annual event. After meeting with the Grinduro team on their home turf, Devinci is now bringing the Grinduro format to Canada along with a substantially different Hatchet.

Tire Clearance and Design

Devinci designed the new Hatchet with tire versatility in mind. The bike can accommodate 700c x 45mm or 650b x 2.1″ tires, but it can actually handle 700c x 50mm tires as well. However, Devinci advises caution when running 50mm tires on certain rims at high pressure, as it may cause rubbing or lack of mud clearance. The carbon frame of the Hatchet features dropped chain stays on both sides, allowing for necessary clearance for both the tire and chainrings. The bike is compatible with 1x and 2x drivetrains, with a minimum chainring size of 40t for 1x and various options for 2x.

Design and Features

Devinci put a lot of effort into making the carbon Hatchet as clean as possible in terms of its outward appearance. The bike features a capped front axle on the full carbon fork, sculpted lines that flow from the frame into the fork, and internal accessory mounts. The carbon frames do not include front rack mounts, as they are geared towards racing and aggressive riding. The aluminum versions of the Hatchet have additional features like a taller head tube and more fork mounts, making them more suitable for adventure, all-road, and commuter riding.

Frame Stiffness and Compliance

Devinci aimed for the same stiffness as the original Hatchet but ended up with a slightly stiffer frame at the front to accommodate larger tires while maintaining a racey feel to the handling. Frame compliance was also a focus, with dropped stay design integrated with an s-bend at the seat tube. This design, along with fiberglass reinforcement at the seat stay junction, aids in carbon compaction during the molding process. The frame is made using an EPS molding process, ensuring optimized tubing sizes and shapes for consistent ride quality across different frame sizes.

Internal Cable Routing and Dropper Compatibility

All Hatchet models have internal cable routing, with a revised version of Devinci’s ‘intake port’ design. The cables for the back of the bike enter into a port behind the head tube, with separate tubes running from the BB access hatch to the two chain stays. Devinci chose to run full cable housing without cable stops to prevent water and grit from entering the frame. The Hatchet has the ability to run an internal 27.2mm dropper post, even in the aluminum models. The carbon frames feature 160mm flat mount brakes front and rear, and include ample protection with a molded chain stay protector and a skid plate on the bottom bracket.

With its updated features and tire clearance, the new Devinci Hatchet is ready to tackle gravel racing and aggressive riding with style and versatility.



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