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Discover the Specialized Crux: Lightweight Power for Gravel Racing

Discover the revolutionary Specialized Crux, the lightest gravel racing bike in the world. With its incredible 725g frame weight and cutting-edge design, this bike combines lightweight performance with unparalleled speed. Explore how Specialized achieved this feat and learn why the Crux is the perfect choice for gravel racing.

The Specialized Crux: The Featherlight Contender in Gravel Racing Arena

In the realm of cycling metamorphosis, the Specialized Crux emerges as a quintessence, transitioning from cyclocross to gravel realms. Its distinction lies in its execution, embodying an ethereal lightness through the Aethos design paradigm, forging a gravel racing marvel that’s virtually weightless. Boasting a frame merely tipping the scales at 725g, it lays claim to the accolade of the globe’s lightest gravel bike frame.

Coupled with the S-Works architecture, it endeavors to usurp the throne as the most featherlight gravel cycle. Yet, the ambition to claim victory at the finish line wasn’t overshadowed by its lightness quest. Through meticulous design refinements and geometric innovations, the aspiration wasn’t merely to be the lightest, but the swiftest. A glimpse into their craftsmanship unveils the pathway to their triumph.

Specialized Crux Gravel Racing Bike showcasing its durable design.
Specialized Crux Gravel Racing Bike showcasing its durable design.

Crafting Featherweight Durability: The Innovative Design Approach Behind the 725g S-Works Crux Frame.

The achievement of a 725g S-Works Crux frame is a result of a minimalist design approach, similar to that utilized for the 525g Aethos S-Works frame. This involves straight tubes with minimal curves, and minimized overlap of carbon fiber sheets, allowing for longer sheets and more continuous fibers, which maintain strength while saving weight. The layup alone saves 150g, with additional savings from tube shapes. Despite being lightweight, the Crux frame is reinforced, especially at the seat tube and head tube areas, to endure the stresses of off-road riding, while its larger size and more surface area accommodate necessary features like tire clearance.

Masterful Balance: Unveiling the Crux’s Innovative Design for Versatile Racing

The new Crux redefines lightweight efficiency with a well-thought-out design that balances agility and stability, catering to both high-speed gravel racing and cyclocross demands. By introducing the playful yet insightful Clearance to Weight Ratio (CTR) standard, it underscores the Crux’s versatility in accommodating large tires without compromising on frame integrity or ride dynamics. The meticulous geometry tweaks, coupled with a strategic mix of race-inspired and comfort-enhancing features, manifest a bike that’s well-poised for tackling diverse racing challenges, making it a notable contender in the contemporary gravel and cyclocross racing domains.

Specialized Crux: The Ultralight Gravel Racing Bike
Specialized Crux: The Ultralight Gravel Racing Bike

The Ultralight S-Works Crux: Pushing the Boundaries of Lightweight Performance

Specialized has set a new standard in lightweight performance with the S-Works Crux. With its minimalistic design and attention to detail, this bike weighs an astonishing 725g, making it the lightest gravel bike frame ever created. By using straight tubes and optimizing carbon fiber placement, Specialized achieved significant weight reduction without compromising strength and durability.

The Secret to Weight Savings

The S-Works Crux features a glossy paint job that serves a purpose beyond aesthetics – it saves weight. This design approach is inspired by the Specialized Aethos, renowned for its featherlight construction. The Crux is available in two versions: the ultralight S-Works variant weighing 725g and the slightly heavier Pro version at 825g. Both versions offer exceptional performance for gravel enthusiasts.

Innovative Engineering for Weight Reduction

Specialized utilized innovative engineering techniques to achieve the remarkable weight savings of the S-Works Crux. By employing straight tubes with minimal bends and optimizing carbon fiber layup, they were able to shave off significant grams while maintaining strength and durability. The tube shapes also contribute to the overall weight reduction, resulting in a bike that is both lightweight and high-performing.

Durable Design for Off-Road Riding

The Crux is designed to handle the rigors of off-road riding while maintaining its lightweight structure. Specialized reinforced critical areas of the frame, such as the seat tube and head tube, to ensure robustness and durability. With a generous tire clearance of 47c, the Crux excels in diverse terrains. Although the frame gains some weight due to reinforcement, it remains versatile and capable.

Discover the Best of Lightweight Performance

The S-Works Crux is a testament to Specialized’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of lightweight design. It offers a perfect balance between lightweight performance and ruggedness, making it an ideal choice for gravel racing. Experience the speed, agility, and durability that the Crux brings to the off-road cycling experience.

"Specialized Crux model designed for gravel racing terrain."
“Specialized Crux model designed for gravel racing terrain.”

Weighing the Trade-Offs: The Crux’s Embrace of Minimalism for Race-Readiness.

Opting for the Crux comes with its trade-offs against the Diverge. Gone are the fender, rack, and top tube bag mounts, along with the FutureShock suspension in the head tube. While the Diverge caters to adventure seekers, the Crux courts the ultralight gravel racing enthusiasts. It retains three bottle cage mounts, minimalist dropouts, and flush-mount thru-axle bolts akin to the Aethos, alongside a straightforward threaded bottom bracket. Its robustness is undiminished, passing the same safety and durability tests as the Diverge. The frame withstands up to 125kg (275lb) rider weight, though some complete bikes cap at 105kg (240lb) due to component specifics.

The Crux Pro boasts a refined paint finish, and its drivetrain compatibility is versatile with a slight tilt towards electronic groups. While accommodating both 1x and 2x setups, it’s tailored for electronic 2x groups like AXS, Di2, or EPS. Gear combination flexibility varies with the specific crankset, with a noted maximum chainring size for SRAM 1x at 46t, and all double chainring configurations for SRAM 2x eTap. Shimano GRX supports all cranksets and chainring sizes, but Shimano road 2x falls short of compatibility. In a 1x setup with Shimano road cranks, a 42t ring is the limit, ensuring a tidy look with the threaded front derailleur mount when bolted.

Models and Specifications of the 2023 Crux

Explore the lineup of the 2023 Crux, featuring different models and specifications to suit various preferences and budgets.

  • Crux S-Works – Weighing 7.25kg, this model includes top-of-the-line components such as Roval Terra CLX carbon wheels and SRAM Red eTap AXS transmission. It delivers unmatched performance for the most demanding gravel racers.
  • Crux Pro, Expert & Comp – These models feature the same FACT 10R frame and offer excellent performance at different price points. With weights ranging from 7.6kg to 8.5kg, they provide options for riders of all levels.
Feature CategorySpecification / Data
SeatpostRoval Alpinist Carbon
BrakesSRAM Red eTap AXS HRD 160 mm
DrivetrainSRAM Red eTap AXS 1×12
StemS-Works SL 110 mm
HandlebarRoval Terra 440 mm
WheelsetRoval Terra CLX
TiresPathfinder Pro 2Bliss Ready 700 x 38c
Size49 52 54 56 58 61
Weight7.27 kg
Specific FeaturesLightest bike on test
Generous tire clearance
Specialized Pathfinder, the ideal Gravel tire


Experience the lightweight power of the Specialized Crux and take your gravel racing to the next level. Unleash the full potential of this revolutionary bike and conquer any terrain with speed and confidence.


Q: Is the Specialized Crux suitable for competitive gravel racing?

A: Absolutely! The Specialized Crux is designed specifically for gravel racing, offering lightweight performance and durability to help you excel in competitive events.

Q: What makes the S-Works Crux the lightest gravel bike in the world?

A: The S-Works Crux achieves its remarkable weight by utilizing innovative design techniques and optimizing carbon fiber placement. It features a minimalistic frame design that saves weight without compromising performance.

Q: How does the Crux handle different terrains?

A: With its generous tire clearance and reinforced frame, the Crux handles diverse terrains with ease. Whether you encounter gravel, dirt, or rough off-road trails, the Crux provides exceptional stability and performance.

Q: Can the Crux accommodate larger tires?

A: Yes, the Crux can accommodate 700×47 or 650Bx2.1″ tires, allowing you to tackle a wide range of terrains with confidence and comfort.

Q: Are there customization options available for the Crux?

A: Yes, Specialized offers customization options for the Crux, allowing you to choose colors and components that suit your preferences and style.

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