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EB18 Wheels: Wide Carbon & TT, DT Swiss Carbon & Alloy, Scope in Color

We Spotted Exciting New Wheels at Eurobike

We noticed several new wheels at Eurobike this summer, including interesting products from Hunt, DT Swiss, and Scope. While these wheels may not be groundbreaking, they are worth exploring further. Whether you ride on the road, gravel, or cross, there is something for every drop bar rider.

Hunt Super Wide Carbon Aero Disc All-Road Wheels

Hunt Bike Wheels has been working on their Wide Carbon Aero Disc project, which is designed for large volume road tires. These tubeless, disc brake carbon wheels are optimized for aerodynamic efficiency and are wider than typical rims, allowing for greater comfort and grip when paired with larger tubeless tires. The wheels have an overall depth of 48mm and an internal width of 22.5mm, making them ideal for 28mm tires and even accommodating 30mm tires with minimal aero penalty. The wheels are still in development, but they are expected to be available for order by the end of 2018.

Hunt Solid Carbon Time Trial Disc Wheels

Hunt is also working on a new Time Trial Disc rear wheel, which will offer a solid disc wheel option at an affordable price. Currently, this wheel is only available in a tubular version for team use, but Hunt plans to incorporate a tubeless carbon bead for wider availability. Stay tuned for updates!

Hunt Carbon Hill Climb SL Tubular Wheels

Hunt has introduced their lightweight carbon Hill Climb SL rim-brake tubular wheels, which weigh in at just 981g for the pair. These wheels are specifically designed for hill climbing and are priced at £1090.

DT Swiss Completion of Their Road Revolution Line-ups

DT Swiss has recently completed their redesign and reorganization of their road wheel range, offering five clear categories – Aero, Performance, Endurance, Cross Road & Track. With over 30 wheelsets to choose from, there is a wheel for every rider’s needs.

ARC 1400 DICUT Deep Aero Carbon Road Race Wheels

The ARC 1400 wheels are a more affordable option compared to the premium ARC 1100 wheels. These wheels offer similar aero performance and components, but at a lower price point of $2606/1978€ or $2580/1958€ for disc or rim brake versions.

PRC 1100 DICUT 35 Mon Chasseral Light Carbon Wheels

The PRC 1100 Mon Chasseral wheels are lightweight carbon rims designed for performance racing. These rim-brake only wheels weigh just 1406g and come with a carbon hub, SINC ceramic bearings, and Aerolite spokes. They are priced at $4609/3498€ for the pair.

PRC 1100 DICUT 35 All-Around Carbon Road Race Wheels

The PRC 1100 35 wheels offer similar features to the Mon Chasseral wheels but at a more affordable price. These wheels are versatile and suitable for all types of road racing. They are available in both disc brake and rim brake versions, priced at $3173/2408€ and $3146/2388€ respectively.

PR 1400 DICUT 32 OXiC Aluminum Road Race Wheels

The PR 1400 wheels are treated with DT’s OXiC coating for added durability. These alloy wheels are available in a 32mm deep profile and are suitable for rim brake use. They are priced at $1315/998€.

ER 1400, ER 1600 & E 1800 Alloy Endurance Wheels

DT Swiss offers a range of endurance wheels with internal rim widths of 20mm. These wheels are tubeless ready and can handle any road surface. Prices range from $538/408€ to $1117/848€, depending on the specific model and whether it is for disc brake use.

CRC 1100 Cross Tubulars, CRC 1400, CR 1400 & CR 1600 Wheels

DT Swiss has expanded their range of cyclocross, carbon tubeless, and alloy race wheels. The CRC 1100 tubulars are designed specifically for cyclocross racing, while the CRC 1400, CR 1400, and CR 1600 wheels cater to road racers. Prices range from $2549/1978€ to $920/698€.

TRC 1400 Carbon & T 1800 Classic Alloy Track Wheels

DT Swiss offers carbon and alloy track wheels for those who enjoy track racing. The TRC 1400 wheels feature a 65mm deep carbon rim and are available in both tubeless clincher and tubular versions. The T 1800 Classic alloy wheels are a more affordable option with a 32mm deep rim. Prices range from $2857/2168€ to $630/478€.

Scope Custom Wheel Decal Program Adds Color

Scope now offers a custom wheel decal program, allowing customers to add personalized color to their carbon wheels. Using a unique digital decal printing process, Scope can color match any design or even create chameleon, color-changing decals. This customization option will be available later this year, with pricing to be determined.

Final Thoughts on the Latest Wheels

Overall, the new wheels showcased at Eurobike offer exciting options for riders of all disciplines. Whether you’re looking for aerodynamic performance, lightweight designs, or customization, there is a wheel to suit your needs. Keep an eye out for these new releases and be prepared to upgrade your ride!



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