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ENVE unveil $325 G-Series 40mm Dropper Post inverted for Gravel Riding

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ENVE has released its first ever dropper seat post, the G-Series 40mm Dropper aimed squarely at gravel riding. The inverted design makes it stand out from the crowd; it elevates the cable-operated internals up and out of the seat tube, extending beyond the post’s rail clamp region, resulting in what ENVE claim is the lowest stack height on the market. It’s fairly lightweight too, with a claimed weight of 395g that can fall to a minimum of 345g after trimming.

ENVE G-Series 40mm Dropper Post for Gravel

A low stack height means that small riders or riders on a frame with high a stand-over who couldn’t run a dropper post before may now be able run the G-Series Dropper

The ENVE G-Series is an inverted dropper seat post designed around 27.2mm seat tubes, the most common seat tube diameter seen on gravel bikes. It offers 40mm of drop length (non-adjustable), and ships with two shims to allow fitment to 30.9mm and 31.6mm seat tubes, for those who want to run it on their XC mountain bike.

enve dropper seat post length stack height geometry

Untrimmed, the post is 350mm long, but can be trimmed down to a minimum of 220mm for those who don’t need any additional length to find their perfect saddle height. The minimum insertion length is 75mm. Importantly, the stack height is a mere 145mm, and is alleged to be the lowest stack height of any dropper seat post on the market.

enve dropper post for gravel inverted design The post runs on brass anti-rotation keys as opposed to regular plastic ones that are more vulnerable to wear, and can lead to the post knocking as it rotates side to side

Inverting the post positions the fully-sealed hydraulic cartridge and other internals north of the seat tube. ENVE package it all in a very compact fashion, with the head of the cartridge poking up through the saddle rail clamp for maximum clearance. The clamp itself is a regular 2-bolt design and is compatible with any saddle rail; alloy, steel, carbon or otherwise.

enve g-series dropper seat post internals cartridge cable actuated

ENVE says the G-Series dropper post is very reliable, and can be serviced without the need for any special tools. It is also completely rebuildable with the purchase of a $115 USD rebuild kit. The seal and bushing service kit retails at $10 USD.

enve gravel dropper post 40mm compatible with saddle bag The G-Series Dropper is good for anyone that runs at least 140mm of exposed seat post on their frame. The frame must permit internal routing with clearance around the bottom bracket.

A secondary advantage to the inverted design is the resulting compatibility with saddle bags. Running a saddle bag on a traditional right-way-up dropper seat post would run the risk of the bag scratching the stanchion of the post thereby compromising the seal; with this inverted dropper, the saddle bag sits well clear of the stanchion.

Another consideration here is that the inverted orientation exposes the seal to debris picked up and flung off of the rear tire. Something like a trimmed down Postfender would go a long way to protecting the stanchion and seal, and could help improve the lifespan of the post. ENVE say the inverted design means that gravity keeps most water and debris away from the seal, rather than sat atop it.

ENVE Drop-Bar Lever

enve dropbar remote lever for g-series dropper seat post

Your $325 USD gets you the ENVE G-Series Dropper Post only. It is compatible with any cable-operated remote lever on the market of course, but ENVE do sell their own drop-bar dedicated Dropper Lever. It will set you back an additional $65 USD.

enve dropper post lever drop-bar double lever design The ENVE Dropper Lever weighs just 35g (claimed)

The lever can be operated from the hoods or from the drops. There are two paddles, one facing rearward that can be pushed by the rider’s thumb when on the drops, and the other positioned forwards that can be pulled with the rider’s index finger when riding on the hoods. 

enve dropper post lever




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  1. Absolutely! Dropper posts can greatly enhance gravel riding by improving control and stability on technical descents. They offer increased confidence and allow riders to push their limits. Embracing innovation and adapting to new technologies is what keeps the cycling community exciting and ever-evolving. Give it a try!

    • “Hey, to each their own! Some gravel riders find dropper posts handy for tackling technical descents or getting low and aero on flats. It’s not for everyone, but definitely not just a gimmick. Happy riding!”

    • It may seem pricey, but a dropper post can greatly enhance your gravel riding experience. The ability to quickly adjust saddle height on technical descents can significantly improve control and confidence. It’s an investment worth considering for serious gravel riders.

    • “Hey, to each their own! Some riders enjoy the added versatility and control a dropper post brings to their gravel adventures. It’s all about personal preference and pushing boundaries. So why not try something new and see where it takes you?”

    • If you want to take your gravel riding to the next level, a dropper post can be a game-changer. It’s all about personal preference and the terrain you ride. So, yes, for some riders, it’s definitely necessary. But hey, you do you!

    • The price may seem steep, but a dropper post offers unparalleled convenience and control on the trails. It’s all about personal preference and riding style. Don’t knock it till you try it!

    • Are you serious? A dropper post on a gravel bike is pure overkill. Gravel riding is about comfort and stability, not downhill shredding. Stick to a regular seatpost and save yourself the extra weight and unnecessary complexity.

    • Seriously? A dropper post for gravel riding is a game-changer. It’s all about versatility and maximizing control on technical terrain. Don’t knock it till you try it. It’s not about conforming, it’s about pushing limits.

    • Dropper posts have their benefits, even for gravel riding. They provide added control and maneuverability on technical descents. Plus, not everyone wants or needs a full-on mountain bike. Different strokes for different folks, my friend.

    • Seriously? Have you even ridden a gravel bike? A dropper post can be a game-changer for technical descents and steep sections. Just because you don’t see the need for it, doesn’t mean others won’t benefit. Keep an open mind, pal.

    • If you’re serious about gravel riding, a dropper post can make a huge difference in your control and confidence on technical terrain. It may not be necessary for everyone, but for those pushing their limits, it’s definitely worth the investment. #RideOn

    • Actually, a dropper post can be quite useful for gravel riding. It allows you to quickly adjust your saddle height on the fly, especially when encountering technical descents or obstacles. It’s all about enhancing control and confidence on varied terrain. Give it a try, you might be pleasantly surprised!

    • It’s not about necessity, it’s about versatility. A dropper post can enhance control and confidence on technical descents, especially if you’re into aggressive gravel riding. It’s not a gimmick, but a useful tool for those who want to push their limits off-road. Give it a try!

    • “Hey, different strokes for different folks! Some gravel riders enjoy the added control and versatility that a dropper post brings to the table. It’s all about personal preference and finding what works best for you. Happy riding!”

    • Seriously? $325 for a dropper post? I’d rather spend that on upgrading my bike or going on an epic gravel ride. Seems like a total rip-off to me.

    • Are you serious? A dropper post for gravel riding is a game-changer! It adds versatility and control, especially on technical descents. Who wouldn’t want to push the limits and have a wilder riding experience? Just make sure you know how to use it properly. Bring on the excitement!

    • Who needs a dropper post for gravel bikes? Um, maybe people who enjoy tackling technical descents and want better control and stability? Just because it’s not for you doesn’t mean it’s useless. Open your mind a bit, buddy.

    • Who are you to question someones choice? If they want to invest in a high-end dropper post for their gravel riding, let them be. Different riders have different preferences and priorities. Its not your money, so why be bothered?

  2. Wow, a dropper post for gravel bikes? Thats some next-level innovation! Cant wait to try it out and see if its worth the price.

    • Seriously? A dropper post for gravel riding is hardly a game-changer. Its just another unnecessary gadget to complicate things. Stick to the basics and focus on improving your skills instead of relying on gimmicks.


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