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EVOC Bikepacking Packs: Secure and Compact Storage for Off-Road Adventures

EVOC Adventure Bikepacking Bags: Compact and Versatile

Back at the start of August, EVOC debuted a complete family of compact off-road adventure bikepacking bags. These waterproof packs, secured with Boa dials, are the ideal size for mini-adventures that fit into our busy schedules. EVOC offers a range of technical and simple packs that can be strapped onto any bike. The technical packs include handlebar and seat packs, while the simpler packs are top tube and multi-frame packs that are water resistant and attach with velcro.

EVOC Handlebar Boa, Seat Boa & Top Tube Packs

The handlebar and seat packs are the most recent additions to EVOC’s adventure bikepacking bag lineup. They feature lightweight internal structures and fixed plastic/rubber supports that are secured to the bike with Boa dials and wire closures. On the other hand, the top tube and multi-frame packs are water-resistant and easily strap onto the bike with velcro.

EVOC Bikepacking Packs: Tech Details

The handlebar pack, known as the Handlebar Pack Boa, is relatively small in diameter but can still carry up to 2.5L of gear. It comfortably fits between narrow dropbars and weighs just 200g. The top tube pack, called the Top Tube Pack, is a compact 0.5L pack that is 15.5cm long and 8cm tall. The seat pack, known as the Seat Pack Boa, is available in three sizes (1L, 2L, and 3L) and can carry a decent amount of gear under the saddle.

EVOC Bikepacking Packs: Riding Impressions

EVOC designed these packs with the aim of creating bags that regular cyclists would actually use. They are not intended for multi-day, unsupported adventure rides but rather for all-day mountain bike rides or quick weekend gravel trips. The bags are perfect for riders who want to pack an extra set of clothes and some essentials for a day trip or a semi-supported bike tour. They offer enough space for changes in weather and plenty of food for the day.

Overall, the EVOC adventure bikepacking bags are compact, versatile, and perfect for cyclists looking for a convenient way to carry their essentials on their off-road adventures.



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