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F3 Cycling Computer Mount: Optimal GPS Placement for High Performance

F3 Cycling: Innovative Mount Solutions for Cyclists

F3 Cycling may not be a well-known name in households across the United States, but it was founded by a group of passionate cyclists who spent a significant amount of time training and racing together. This friendship led to a collaboration aimed at solving common cycling problems and creating innovative products to benefit cyclists.

Revolutionizing Bike Mounts with FormMount

One of F3 Cycling’s standout products is the FormMount, which they consider to be the “most adaptable cycling component ever created.” This modular mounting system is designed to hold GPS computers, cameras, and lights. What sets the FormMount apart is its adjustable arms that can fit virtually any 4 bolt stem in 5 different mounting positions.

The patented design of the FormMount has been licensed to Lezyne for their Direct X-Lock Mount System, but F3 Cycling has developed versions specifically for different GPS units. This means that no matter what type of bike you ride or which GPS device you use, the FormMount has you covered.

Reducing Handlebar Clutter with the FormMount

For cyclists who frequently ride on dirt and gravel roads or enjoy capturing their adventures on camera, handlebar clutter can be a real issue. The FormMount offers a solution by reducing the amount of space taken up on the handlebars. By attaching the FormMount at the highest point of the stem, cyclists can free up valuable handlebar space for a more streamlined and organized setup.

In addition to the standard mount for GPS devices, F3 Cycling also offers a Light/Camera mount that can be swapped with the bottom piece of the FormMount interface. This allows cyclists to securely attach lights or cameras beneath the FormMount, further reducing handlebar clutter.

Installation and Performance

The FormMount is designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive installation and a sturdy build. The package includes all the necessary fittings for popular GPS brands like Wahoo and Garmin, and the installation process is straightforward.

During testing, the FormMount proved to be stable and secure, even with heavier devices like the Garmin 1030. The adjustable arms and mounting positions ensured a perfect fit for any stem, and the FormMount stayed in place throughout rides on gravelly roads.

Final Thoughts on F3 Cycling’s FormMount

F3 Cycling’s FormMount is a game-changer for cyclists who rely on GPS devices, cameras, and lights during their rides. With its modular and adaptable design, it offers a versatile solution for mounting these devices securely and reducing handlebar clutter. The FormMount’s user-friendly installation and reliable performance make it a must-have accessory for any cyclist.

For more information on F3 Cycling’s products and accessories, visit their website. Share your thoughts and experiences with the FormMount in the comments below!



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