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Felt unveils new FR road and VR endurance bikes for the future

Introducing Felt’s New Road Bikes for 2017

The FR: The Definitive Road Race Bike

Felt has completely redesigned their top two road bikes for 2017, creating two distinct models for road racing and endurance riding. The new FR replaces the F race bike, and the VR expands on the versatility of the outgoing Z and V endurance series. The FR was designed to be “The definitive road race bike” and was developed using Felt Racing Development (FRD) process. The bike was tested extensively by pro racers before its release and is now both a top-level race bike and an everyman’s road bike.

Size-Specific Layups and TeXtreme Technology

Felt’s carbon bikes are made with size-specific layups to ensure consistent ride quality across all frame sizes. They also use TeXtreme carbon fiber sheets, which allow for a lighter frame without sacrificing strength or stiffness. The FRD model, for example, weighs only 685g, making it their lightest road frame ever.

Improved Geometry and Frame Design

The FR features updated geometry, with a focus on improving rider positioning and front end stiffness. The stack and reach have been increased to put the rider “into” the bike instead of on top of it, improving overall comfort and handling. The frame design includes bridgeless seatstays that flex slightly to improve ride comfort and rear tire contact with the ground. The brakes have also been moved under the chainstays for a cleaner look.

Enhanced Performance and Features

The FR comes with various features to enhance performance and convenience. The FR2 model, for example, comes equipped with a single-leg Pioneer power meter on the left crank and pre-installed Shimano Di2 Sprinter’s shifters. All FR and VR models also come with reflective handlebar tape and reflective paint/graphic hits on the rear end of the frame for increased visibility and safety.

The VR: Expanding Capabilities for Endurance Riders

The VR builds on the success of the Z and V endurance road bike series and is designed to appeal to the growing gravel and adventure road bike market. It combines the comfort and long-distance capabilities of the Z and V series with the added versatility of disc brakes. The VR is perfect for long-distance rides and gran fondos.

Overall, Felt’s new road bikes for 2017 offer improved performance, comfort, and versatility for both racing and endurance riding. They are designed to meet the needs of both professional racers and everyday riders, making them a top choice for road cyclists.



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