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Forge+Bond Wheels are the Future of USA Carbon Manufacturing

When we think of the latest and greatest from the cycling world, we immediately think of carbon fiber. We have carbon bars, wheels, frames, chainrings (yikes!), and anything you can think of. And now we have US-made Forge+Bond carbon.

So what makes Forge+Bond different?

They want to create more from less. They put it simply, “We’re on a mission to pioneer processes and create products that stay out of landfills. We aim to clean the collective house, starting with the sport and Earth we love.”

That sounds great, and some lofty ambition. So how do they plan to do it?

Forge+Bond carbon, made sustainably in the USA

Forge+Bond Wheel Review Carbon pipe

Forge+Bond starts by eliminating toxic epoxy-impregnated carbon fiber materials (thermoset composites) from its supply chain and production by re-making materials from the ground up as thermoplastic composites. 

Forge+Bond Wheel Review Carbon riding

Their composites products are made in the USA (well – like 98%); even the raw carbon material used to craft the rims comes from the US. And Forge+Bond manufactures every wheel in Gunnison, UT. The hubs are from Industry Nine and are manufactured/built in Asheville, North Carolina. The spokes and valves are the only components not from the USA.

Forge+Bond Wheel Review Carbon tire

If you’re a carbon wheel nut like us, you’ve probably read about FusionFiber and its part of the new Revel wheel line-up. This process for carbon production is 100% recyclable and made in the USA by CSS Composites, which just so happens to be the parent company of Forge+Bond.


Forge+Bond Wheel Review Carbon MTB

FusionFiber utilizes non-epoxy-impregnated carbon fiber. How does carbon cure without epoxy? FusionFiber uses a rapid curing process, reducing production time and energy usage. Unlike pre-preg (epoxy-filled) carbon fiber, FusionFiber doesn’t come in rolls and doesn’t need to be refrigerated. The process for FusionFiber is fully automated; the cutting, layup, and shaping process. The final rims do not need sanding, deburring, a clear coat, or paint.

Forge+Bond Wheel Review Carbon turing

Instead, Forge+Bond finishes its wheels with vinyl decals and powder-coating. A lighter and more durable process than clear-coating. Plus, it makes decal replacement and customization much easier aftermarket. 

How does FusionFiber ride?

Forge+Bond Wheel Review Carbon FF

Considering FusionFiber carbon differs from most, one can only consider that a wheel crafted from it might have a different ride quality. FusionFiber is made with long-chain nylon polymers instead of epoxies and resins used in typical carbon fiber.

Forge+Bond Wheel Review Carbon Layup

Those long-chain nylon polymers allow FusionFiber rims to absorb impacts through microscopic flexing in the fibers and radially dissipate shock throughout the rim.

Forge+Bond Wheel Review Carbonlogo +

NXS Design 

Forge+Bond use what they call NXS Design, a layup process that reduces weight while increasing strength and performance.


It’s a design philosophy used on many high-end bike frames; add more material where you need it and less where you don’t.

Forge+Bond Wheel Review Carbon impact testing

Forge+Bond rims have been tested to withstand a minimum of 275% of the UCI standard for impact resistance and a minimum of 950lbs of spoke pull force. The FusionFiber carbon material also provides a 50% or greater in damping while maintaining lateral stability. Forge+Bond provided a graph to illustrate the issue better.

Introducing Forge+Bond Wheels 

The initial offering from Forge+Bond is two wheelsets. The F+B 25 GR is a gravel performance-focused wheelset, and the F+B 30 EM 29″ is an enduro/trail-focused wheelset—both utilize FusionFiber, NXS Design, and Radial Cross Ply carbon layups – with Radial Cross Ply being their patented way of turning the raw carbon fiber into a finished rim.

Currently, the wheels are offered with Industry Nine hubs and built with Sapim D-Lite spokes.

Forge+Bond Wheel Review Carbon drop

Forge+Bond carbon wheels – Pricing, details & actual weights

unnamed file 22

Forge+Bond 30 EM 29 Wheel actual weight front

Forge+Bond 30 EM 29 Wheel actual weight rear

Forge+Bond F+B 30 EM 29

  • Weight: 1884g claimed, (1,854g as tested with tape and valves)
  • MSRP: $2,599 

unnamed file 23

Forge+Bond F+B 25 GR

  • Weight: 1490g (with valves and tape)
  • MSRP: $2,599

Forge+Bond Wheel Review Carbon pipe

Return Warranty and Crash Replacement

All Forge+Bond wheels feature a Lifetime warranty to the original owner against structural defects in material or workmanship. This warranty holds with all models of Forge+Bond wheels and components.

Forge+Bond 30 EM 29 Wheel set

Forge+Bond also have a crash replacement policy where the shipping customer pays for shipping, and they’ll take care of the rest. We’re guessing that means a new rim and getting you back on the bike quickly/safely. The only thing Forge+Bond does ask is that you send the rim back so they can recycle it into tire levers or something else using short fiber carbon that is chopped up from the original long fiber. The rims can’t be recycled into more rims, but they can be recycled into many other useful products.

First Impressions

Forge+Bond Wheel Review Carbon valve

Though my time on the Forge+Bond wheels has been brief so far, the impression is lasting. Firstly, the wheels are striking. The rim has a unique wave design from the radial cross-ply and NXS Design. 

Weight-wise, the F+B 25 GR are not the lightest gravel wheels on the market, but they come in at a respectable 1490g. Considering the ethos of the Forge+Bond, a weight like this produces a long-lasting wheel that can take a hit and keep ticking. 

Forge+Bond Wheel Review Carbon shine

The logos and overall presentation are understated but in a good way. A wheelset that can match any bike without screaming, “I’m aftermarket!” 

Forge+Bond Wheel Review Carbon full bike

Setting up the wheels with my go-to Vittoria Terrano Zeros was uneventful and quick, with no problems seating at all. The bead is beefy, around 3.4mm thick, and inspires confidence in these wheels holing up to my single-track shenanigans. The 25mm internal rim width is right on the money for plumping up a gravel tire like the 38mm ones I mounted. 

Riding – Out on the road, gravel & trails

Forge+Bond Wheel Review Carbon rear

The F+B 25 GR spin up fast on the road and respond to pedaling input. The Industry Nine hubs are a fantastic build partner for this wheelset. The hubs are smooth, with the same near-instant engagement as I remember. 

These F+B 25 GR wheels feel very comfortable on the gravel, especially over rough terrain. The sensation is like switching from deep carbon wheels to a boxy low, profile rim. Though the wheels I came from were already low-profile rims, the same tires — yet F+B 25 GR is a more comfortable ride. More on that — After a few races on the wheels, stay tuned for a full review shortly.

Forge+Bond carbon wheels availability 

Forge+Bond Wheel Review Carbon beauty

Both gravel and mountain bike Forge+Bond wheels are available online and will soon be at select dealers in the US and Canada.




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    • I have to say, I was pretty disappointed with Forge+Bond Wheels. They didnt live up to the hype at all. There are much better options out there for your bike. #Overrated #NotImpressed

  1. Wow, these Forge+Bond Wheels sound like the ultimate game-changers! Cant wait to try them out and experience the FusionFiber ride!

  2. Wow, these Forge+Bond wheels sound like they could revolutionize carbon manufacturing in the USA! Cant wait to try them out on my bike and see how FusionFiber rides. #Innovation

    • I tried the Forge+Bond Wheels and they were nothing special. Overhyped and overpriced. Save your money and go for a more reliable option.

    • I hate to burst your bubble, but I tried those Forge+Bond Wheels and they were a major disappointment. The FusionFiber felt flimsy and the NXS Design didnt live up to the hype. Save your money and look elsewhere for quality wheels.

  3. Wow, these Forge+Bond Wheels sound like the superhero of carbon manufacturing! Cant wait to try them out and feel the FusionFiber magic!

  4. I cant provide a specific comment without knowing the content of the article and the specific arguments made. However, heres a random and unpredictable comment that you can use as a starting point:

    Man, who knew wheels could be so exciting? Cant wait to ride on Forge+Bond and feel that FusionFiber magic!

  5. Wow, these Forge+Bond wheels seem like they could revolutionize carbon manufacturing in the USA! Cant wait to try FusionFiber and experience NXS Design!

    • I hate to burst your bubble, but lets not jump to conclusions here. Just because something seems revolutionary doesnt mean it actually is. Ill reserve my judgment until I see some real results.

    • Yeah, USA manufacturing is great and all, but lets not forget that quality matters more than just the origin. I hope those Forge+Bond wheels live up to the hype. Time will tell.

  6. Wow, Forge+Bond Wheels sound like the ultimate carbon manufacturing innovation! Cant wait to try FusionFiber and experience NXS Design!

    • I hate to burst your bubble, but I tried Forge+Bond Wheels and was thoroughly unimpressed. FusionFiber was nothing special either. Dont believe the hype.

  7. Wow, these Forge+Bond wheels sound like theyll revolutionize the carbon manufacturing industry! Cant wait to try them out!

  8. Nah, Ive tried those Forge+Bond wheels and theyre nothing special. Overhyped and overpriced, if you ask me. Stick to the tried and tested brands. Dont believe the marketing hype.

  9. Wow, these Forge+Bond Wheels made in the USA sound like a game-changer! Cant wait to try FusionFiber and experience NXS Design!

    • I tried Forge+Bond Wheels and they were a major disappointment. The so-called blend of sustainability and performance was nothing but a marketing gimmick. Dont waste your time, go for something else.

  10. Wow, these Forge+Bond wheels sound pretty impressive! Cant wait to try them out and see if they live up to the hype. #USAcarbon #innovation

  11. Im sorry to burst your bubble, but hype can often be misleading. Ive tried Forge+Bond Wheels myself and they didnt live up to the exaggerated claims. Dont get your hopes up too high, my friend.


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