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FSA WE groupset goes 12 speed, disc only with lighter 12 spd titanium cassette

The new FSA K-Force WE groupset now clicks to 12 speed, and forgoes the rim brake options altogether, something unexpected for the Italian Taiwanese component manufacturer but crucial to rival the big three of the shifting world.

FSA WE-12 speed groupset — What’s new?

When FSA launched the K-Force WE 11-spd groupset, the cycling world didn’t know what to think; a company rarely challenged the big three and lived to tell the tale. On the other hand, if anyone has the resources to do it, FSA was a good bet. After thoroughly reviewing and training on the first iteration of the FSA WE 11-spd groupset, I can firmly say this group has promise. Now, that promise comes in 12-speed form.

FSA WE 12 crankset

New K-Force crankset

The new FSA K-Force WE crankset is slightly different from the previous iteration. The design team seems to have dropped the bright red WE logo and opted for a more subdued graphics package. The crankset is more like the modular cranksets that FSA uses for its mountain bike and gravel offerings. With 3K hollow carbon fiber arms and a 30mm (BB386Evo) alloy spindle.

FSA WE 12 crankset

The nice thing about having the modular package is the ability to quickly change chainrings without needing a specific BCD for compact or standard. This method also allows FSA to craft CNC machined chainrings, similar to the gravel offerings they currently have.

The crankset will offer chainrings in 50/34, 54/40-tooth, and sub-compact 46/30-tooth options. With crank arm sizes ranging from 165, 167.5, 170, 172.5, and 175mm, with a 544g claimed weight for 170, 54/40t crankset.

FSA WE 12 drivetrain Sometimes prototype frames need a little help to make it to the show.

New K-Force 12-speed cassette

The cassette on the previous version of the WE group was a standout, crafted from cast and heat-treated titanium mounted to a matte carbon fiber spider. The finished product is lightweight and eye-catching. It’s no surprise the design stuck around, FSA claims the new cassette to be 13% lighter than its predecessor, which is hard to believe with the extra cog, but we’ll have to wait and see when the groupset arrives.

FSA WE 12 cassette

The K-Force 12-speed cassette will arrive in 11-25, 11-28t, and 11-32t, with a claimed weight of 195g for the 11-32t cassette.

FSA WE 12 shifters

FSA K-Force WE shifters and brake calipers

From what we can see, the shifters and brake calipers didn’t go through much of a revamp, which is a good thing. The ergonomics are excellent, and the shifter buttons are easy to access. There is no mention if they are still offering a smaller compact shifter size option like the WE 11-spd, but we’ll have to wait and see.

The shifters still operate wirelessly from the derailleur system, use CR2032 batteries for power, and have a weight of 405g per pair.

FSA WE 12 front derailleur

FSA K-Force WE Front Derailuer

The central hub for most of the shifting for the WE group was the front derailleur, which seems to have changed slightly. The front derailleur now only controls its shifting, not that of the rear as well like the previous version. FSA claims the new WE front derailleur shifts in 70ms, but the visuals have not changed.

The front derailleur is still the powerhouse, operating from the same central battery as the rear, and used for shifting adjustments and power. The braze-on style front derailleur works with 54/40t, 52/39t, 50/34t, and 46/30t configurations and has a claimed weight of 159g.

FSA WE 12 rear derailleur

FSA K-Force WE Rear Derailuer

The FSA K-Force WE rear derailleur receives an electronics update and an updated sensor that delivers more accurate shifting.

FSA WE 12 drivetrain

Now bypassing the front derailleur for shifting orders; the rear derailleur now receives signals directly from the shifters, rather than everything coming off the front derailleur, like the previous generation.

FSA WE 12 brake rotor

FSA K-Force WE Rotors and chains

The FSA WE rotors seem to have gotten a cosmetic make-over and now offer a center lock version of the previously 6-bolt-only designs. The rotors, from our experience, are on par with the top in the braking world, coming in 160mm (125g) and 140mm (103g).

Missing from the equation is the rim brake options; it seems that FSA feels that disc brakes are the only way to go forward.

FSA WE 12 chain

There is not much information on the new FSA WE 12-spd chain other than its 5.6mm width and claimed weight: 250g for 116 links. From our review experience with the previous version of the FSA, WE 11-spd chain, it’s reminiscent of a KMC and employs the KMC quick link.

FSA WE 12 electronics and battery

FSA WE battery and wires

We can see that battery, wires, and charging ports for the new FSA WE 12-spd are the same, with a 1,100mAh capacity and propriety FSA WE charger.

Price and availability

The K-Force WE 12S groupset weighs in at 2,390g and costs €4,280, with a target release to the public at the end of 2022.




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  1. Wow, FSA WE groupset going 12 speed, disc only with a lighter titanium cassette! Mind-blowing innovation or unnecessary upgrade? What do you think, folks?

    • Unnecessary upgrade, mate. 12-speed is overkill for most riders. Stick with the tried and tested 11-speed, save your money and spend more time on the saddle. Don’t let the marketing hype fool you into thinking you need it.

  2. Wow, FSA WE groupset going 12 speed with a titanium cassette? That’s some serious next-level tech! Can’t wait to see it in action!

    • Are you serious? FSA WE is nothing compared to Shimano Di2 or SRAM eTap. It’s just another attempt to catch up. Stick with the real players if you want true next-level tech.

    • Sorry to burst your bubble, but FSA isn’t exactly breaking any new ground here. Plenty of other brands have already released 12-speed groupsets with titanium cassettes. Maybe do some research before hyping up a product that’s already old news. #justsaying

  3. Wow, FSA really stepping up their game with the 12-speed groupset and titanium cassette. Can’t wait to see how it performs on the road!

  4. Wow, FSA really knows how to keep pushing the limits of technology! Can’t wait to see what they come up with next. #CyclingTechGeek

    • Are you serious? FSA keeps pushing the limits? More like pushing the limits of my patience! Their so-called “innovations” are nothing but overpriced gimmicks. I’ll stick to reliable brands that actually deliver on their promises. #NotImpressed

    • Yeah, it looks impressive on paper, but let’s see how it holds up on the road. FSA has had its fair share of hit-or-miss products in the past. Don’t get too carried away with the #BikePorn hype just yet.

    • “Sorry, but I think 12-speed is overrated. I’ll stick to my trusty 10-speed groupset any day. Quality and durability matter more than just chasing the latest trends. Ride safe!”

    • 12-speed titanium cassette? More like overpriced hype. Stick with a reliable Shimano or SRAM cassette, save your money, and actually enjoy your ride.

    • Seriously? Who needs a 12-speed groupset and a titanium cassette? Is this just another marketing gimmick to empty our pockets? I’ll stick with my trusty old 10-speed Shimano setup any day.

    • Are you kidding me? FSA is just trying to create hype with fancy names and materials. It’s all marketing gimmicks. Stick to reliable brands that focus on performance rather than empty promises.

  5. Wow, a 12-speed disc groupset with a lighter titanium cassette? FSA is really pushing the limits! Can’t wait to see how it performs!

  6. “Wow, FSA WE groupset going 12-speed and disc only? That’s some serious innovation! Can’t wait to see how it performs on the road.”

    • 12-speed and disc only? Meh, sounds like another overhyped gimmick. Give me a classic, reliable groupset any day. Innovation doesn’t always mean better performance on the road.

    • “Who needs 12 speeds? Well, maybe those who actually want to challenge themselves and push their limits. Not everyone is content with coasting along in mediocrity. So, while you struggle with 6, others are enjoying the thrill of progress. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.”

    • Sorry, but I’m not convinced. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the FSA 12-speed groupset. I’ll stick with my tried and tested Shimano.

  7. Actually, I dont think the FSA WE groupset is all that impressive. There are other brands out there with even better features and performance. Dont get caught up in the hype, do your research before you buy.

    • Are you serious? Do we really need a 12-speed cassette? Its just a marketing gimmick to make us spend more money on unnecessary upgrades. Stick to a reliable 10-speed cassette and save yourself some cash. #keepitsimple


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