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200 meters left. There are a dozen riders scattered along the road. The leading riders have left the leaders, drifting back through the pack. The pedals are spinning furiously. Suffering is etched on the faces of fast men and women.

The one who set off earlier, hoping that their go-long technique will lead them to victory, is being caught. To their right and to their left, their competitors catch them and then overtake them. 100 meters to go. The favorite is still sitting on the edge of his biggest rival.

And then, boom, the favorite darts to the right, arrives and sprints at chain speed to the line.

Victory is his. The glory is all his. And everyone watching marvels at how fast the man can sprint on a bicycle.

(Image from SWPix.com)

Sprinting is the purest form of cycling competition. Whoever reaches the line first is the winner. Simple. It is also the facet of cycling that causes the greatest adrenaline rush.

But above all, it is what we all want to improve. It doesn’t matter if we want to be the fastest sprinter in a criterium, during a Zwift race or against our friends when we race to be the first to pass the city sign, speed is addictive, and being faster is one thing to which all cyclists aspire. .

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Improving sprint speed and technique is now more possible than ever thanks to Zwift, with hundreds of workouts specifically aimed at a faster paced turn and countless group rides and races providing the perfect platform to train.

Arguably the fastest man on the British home criterium scene of the last decade, ex-pro Jon Mold says Zwift gives everyone the tools to go even faster than ever before.

“One of the biggest advantages that runners have now is that there are so many sessions done for sprinting, and if you stick to a plan, you can really level up your sprinting.

“There are sessions that play sprint from easy riding, and then sprint from zone 3 and zone 4, jumping from that intensity to a gas sprint.”

(Image by Alex Whitehead/SWPix.com)

The latter is key, says Mold, because most runners will need to perfect their sprint for the criteriums, races that usually last around an hour and take place on a short circuit. They are characterized by repeated short bursts of sprints with a fast and furious race to the finish line.

“If you’re doing reviews, Zwift is definitely very useful,” adds the Welshman. “You can even race the Zwift critics and they’re becoming even more like the real thing with the curves and how people approach them. It’s really starting to replicate what sprinting is really like.”

As Mold mentions, Zwift is full of races to practice sprinting, with the Champs Elysees, London Classique, and Crit City’s Bell Lap being some of our favorites.

The benefits are not only limited to the feeling of winning the race or personal best, but also extend to real-life racing. The adage that the more you practice, the better you get can never be said enough when it comes to racing.

Take part in a critical race on Zwift and you can try different things, see when it’s best to launch a sprint and how to improve your way through the pack and maintain a better position.

To better improve sprinting, runners should first see how long they can hold a sprint, as well as Review how long it takes them to reach peak power.

Then he should follow a structured training program, based on the hundreds of training sessions available, where the riders should vary the type of driving.

Practicing their VO2 max efforts will allow them to recover from sprints more easily and therefore help them reach the race line with enough energy to still sprint.

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“That’s one of those things that a lot of people miss,” says Mold. “In a crit, you’re riding in a high zone 4 before you start sprinting, so you’re working really hard and then you have to sprint at the end of a race.

“It’s important for people to practice sprinting from upper zone 3 and 4. Winter is a good time to practice this, between strength efforts and walking in a lower gear.”

The latter is often associated with going to a higher cadence, another thing that should not be overlooked in training.

Watch any sprint and you’ll notice how often the legs turn the pedals; if a good pilot has an average cadence of between 80 and 90 rpm, in the sprint it is essential to practice a higher cadence of between 110 and 120 rpm.

Of course, the most obvious workout is sprint reps. This can result in a number of different approaches, but something like 10 sprints for 20-30 seconds is good practice, with Zone 2 in between efforts.



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  1. Are you serious? Eating bananas wont magically give you the same benefits as sprinting on Zwift. It takes hard work and dedication to improve your cycling performance. So quit with the shortcuts and get your butt on that virtual bike!

    • Nah, I dont get the hype around virtual fitness. Nothing beats the real deal at the gym. Id rather feel the burn and sweat it out with real people than stare at a screen. But hey, to each their own. #GymLover

    • Virtual sprinting may be intense, but lets not forget the joy of real-world experiences. Zwift is just a fancy game, not a true game-changer for those who prefer the outdoors. Nothing beats the wind in your face and the sound of your own footsteps.

    • Why settle for leisurely when you can push your limits and get an intense workout? Sprinting on Zwift adds excitement and challenges you to improve. Embrace the adrenaline rush and step out of your comfort zone. Who knows, you might even surprise yourself!

    • If youre all about leisurely virtual bike rides, why even bother commenting on sprinting tips? Different strokes for different folks. Let others enjoy their own interests instead of trying to rain on their parade.

  2. Well, unless your couch has sprouted legs, I think youll have no problem outrunning it. But hey, why not give it a try? Just make sure to livestream it—we could all use some entertainment.

    • Haha, Im glad it worked wonders for your dream career! Just a friendly reminder though, turning dreams into reality might require a tad more effort than reading an article. Keep pedaling and who knows, maybe one day youll surprise yourself!

    • Zwift offers a realistic and immersive cycling experience, rain or shine. Its not about replacing outdoor riding, but about enhancing it. So why limit yourself to just one option when you can have the best of both worlds? #embracetechnology

    • Sprinting on Zwift adds intensity and excitement to the virtual cycling experience. Its not about escaping into the sunset, but about pushing your limits and competing with others. So, if youre up for a challenge, go for the sprint and feel the rush!

    • Real sprinting is essential for physical fitness and overall well-being. While virtual hills on Zwift may offer an alternative, they cant replace the exhilaration and tangible benefits of real-world sprinting. Embrace the real challenge, my friend. #EmbraceReality

  3. Article: How to become a better sprinter on Zwift – GravelBikes.Online

    Comment: Sprinting on Zwift? Nah, Id rather sprint to the fridge for snacks!

  4. Sure, sprinting on real gravel can be exhilarating, but Zwift offers a unique experience that simulates different terrains and allows you to train and compete with cyclists from around the world. Its about variety and connection. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

  5. Seriously? Thats a lazy mindset. Zwift lets you have a fun workout while enjoying virtual rides and races. So, instead of indulging in cookies and TV, why not challenge yourself and improve your fitness? Its all about balance, my friend.

    • Why limit yourself to just one option? Zwift offers a unique and immersive indoor training experience, while outdoor racing provides the thrill of real roads. Embrace both worlds and enjoy the best of both! #VarietyIsTheSpiceOfLife

  6. Seriously? Sprinting with a banana costume? Thats the secret technique you think they shouldve mentioned? Come on, lets be realistic here. There are far more effective strategies to improve your speed and endurance. Dont waste your time on gimmicks.

  7. Sure, sprinting like a cheetah in real life may be exhilarating, but not everyone has access to outdoor spaces or the physical ability to do so. Zwift offers a virtual alternative, allowing people to experience the thrill of cycling from the comfort of their own homes. #InclusiveFitness

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