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How to create a cycling club?

Draw up statutes

Every cycling club, like any sports club, must have statutes. Many of the existing cycling clubs have their public bylaws, you can give them an eye to focus your idea a bit and adapt them to your club and your interests.

Form a board

Just like when creating an association, the cycling club you’re considering needs to have a board. It is mandatory that at least one president or vice-president, a treasurer, a secretary and a member are registered.

How to create a cycling club

To register

Each autonomous community has a register of sports entities where you must register your club. For that, presents the statutes and documentation of the board members. In some communities you can do it in person and in others you can do it electronically.

Register it at the tax office

You may think, why do I need to register with the tax office if I am a non-profit club? When you register with the tax office, a CIF number is automatically generated, like that of companies, which is associated with your club. You will need this if you receive grants. Yes, it is possible to receive some money for the club, it will not be too much but it will help you organize some activity in which you need resources.

How to create a cycling club

You will also need the CIF to make any type of billing. For example, merchandising.

Presentation to the corresponding Federation

Again, each autonomous community has its own federation. Find out where yours is and find out if you need to go in person or if you can do the procedures online. You will have to present all the above documentation to register your cycling club. When you have reached this step, you will be done with all the paperwork and bureaucratic issues. In a couple of days you will be able to start registering members, collect their fees, organize sports tests…

Communicate it

Now comes one of the most important parts. You have already created your club. Now you have to get members and let people know about the activities you organize. Start by creating a website or a blog, although a website with its own domain will always look more professional. It is very important to make it known and make it reach as many people as possible.

How to create a cycling club?

Word of mouth will work best at first, no one will know the name of your cycling club and therefore no one will search for it. People will see you on the street wearing clothes with the club’s name on them and they’ll start wondering who you are. Someone will tell a friend about it, and so little by little you will grow.

When it reaches the ears of someone who doesn’t know you, the first thing they will do is search the Internet for information about this group and, for that very reason, it will be very important that the website is up and running. It must be attractive and intuitive. Almost at a glance you have to find the most important information. Why this cycling club, what is the objective, what kind of activities are organized every so often. Including an interactive calendar is a good idea.

How to create a cycling club?

There are those who think that, before starting with a website, it is better to start only through a WhatsApp group. It is good to have a closed group where activities are discussed and members are informed directly but, if it’s the only place you can find it, there will be a lot of people left out.

Of course, social media can also be the mouthpiece of your cycling club. Use an eye-catching image, understand what you’re going to talk about, share content regularly, and little by little you’ll be adding members to your community.



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