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Introducing New SRAM Force AXS: Enhanced Gear Range and Ample Tire Clearance for Gravel Road

The All New SRAM Force AXS 43-30 Wide Range Drivetrain

The SRAM Force AXS 43-30 wide range drivetrain is a new option for gravel, adventure, touring, and steep road biking. It combines lower front gearing with a wider range 10-36 cassette, making climbing easier. The drivetrain requires new derailleurs, which also bring other improvements including improved tire clearance for running bigger, wider tires. You can blend the front and rear systems into existing AXS drivetrains to create your perfect setup.

Force AXS 43/30 Crankset and Front Derailleur

To use the new ultra-compact crank-and-chainring set, you’ll need to buy the complete crankset and the new 43/30 front derailleur. The new cranks have a 5mm wider DUB spindle, which pushes the Q-Factor out 2.5mm per side and the chainline out 2.5mm to 47.5mm. The new 43/30 chainring combo uses a smaller 94mm BCD, but still uses the newer 8-bolt direct mount spline pattern. You can put these chainrings and spider on an existing SRAM crankset for use with a standard AXS front derailleur, but you’ll give up increased tire clearance. You can also mix and match this crankset with any of their 12-speed AXS rear derailleurs and cassettes. The Quarq power meter won’t fit inside the smaller BCD, so they recommend the PowerTap P2 pedal power meters instead.

Regular & Wide eTap AXS Front Derailleurs

The new Force AXS wide front derailleur sits out wider from the frame, providing increased tire clearance. It moves the whole derailleur out 2.5mm for clearance up to 700×45 or 650B x 2.1″ tires. The Force AXS wide front derailleur looks similar to the non-wide version, but has a wider body and offset mounting point that pushes it 2.5mm farther from the seat tube. The original eTap FD had limited tire clearance, while the AXS groups improved clearance for 700×40 tires. The new Force AXS Wide further improves clearance for larger tires.

Sram Force 36T Wide Range Cassette & Rear Derailleur

The new Force AXS Max 36T rear derailleur has a longer B-knuckle to clear the larger 36T cog on the new 10-36 cassette. It also works with their 10-33 and 10-28 cassettes. The rear derailleurs now come with their maximum tooth capacity printed on them, helping you identify the largest cassette you can use. The 10-36 cassette is a one-piece cluster that mates to their XDR freehub body. The gear steps have been adjusted for smoother shifts up and down the cassette.

The new “Wide” combo provides a 516% range with all parts used, offering finer gear steps and more range compared to a 1x setup with Eagle AXS mountain bike cassette and rear derailleur. The drivetrain options now include four 12-speed cassette options. The changes in the drivetrain are made to provide a wider range, finer gear steps, and improved tire clearance for riders running wider tires.



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