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Introducing the All-new Lauf True Grit: A Game-Changing Carbon Gravel Race Bike

Lauf True Grit: A Carbon Gravel Bike Designed to Match Their Innovative Fork

Lauf, previously known as Lauf Forks, recently changed their social media presence to Lauf Cycling, hinting at their expansion into more than just forks. This expansion brings us the Lauf True Grit, a racy carbon gravel bike designed to match the lateral stiffness and vertical compliance of their leaf spring Grit gravel suspension fork. Despite its unique fork suspension, the True Grit has a more conventional design for good reasons. Let’s take a closer look at the frame, fork, and other details.

A Different Approach to the Rear Triangle

Surprisingly, Lauf did not develop an unconventional leaf spring solution for the True Grit’s rear triangle. They considered some crazy concepts, but ultimately decided to create a light, stiff, high-performance gravel race bike. Many bikes with the Grit fork were already too flexible and did not track well. Lauf believed they could design a better match for their laterally stiff fork. They even experimented with engineering more measurable flex into the rear end of the bike, but this added unnecessary weight and complexity.

The Gravel Bike of Their Dreams

The True Grit is the result of several years of studying gravel bikes and gravel riding. Lauf wanted to create a fast and confidence-inspiring gravel bike that could handle various terrains. They also wanted a bike that you could enjoy riding even after an ultra-distance ride. Lauf utilized their manufacturing relationships in Asia to develop the carbon frames for the True Grit. By working with premium molding technology and careful layup design, they were able to create a lightweight and strong frame. The medium-sized frame weighs just 1070g.

Impressive Tech Details

The True Grit features a tapered 1.5″-1.125″ headtube and a new lighter and stiffer fork. It also includes a threaded BSA bottom bracket, a 12x142mm thru-axle rear end, flat mount disc brakes, and a 27.2mm seatpost. The bike has two sets of bottle cage bosses inside the main triangle, a third set under the downtube for longer rides, and a fourth set on top of the toptube for a bolt-on bento box.

Long 4 Speed Geometry and In-N-Out Cabling

The True Grit features long, low, and slack geometry, inspired by modern trail bikes. This geometry, along with Lauf’s leaf spring fork, provides stability during gravel racing. The bike also has internal cable routing with internal guides for consistent performance. Lauf calls this “Lauf’ing Out Loud engineering.”

Right Amount of Clearance and Beers or Gears

The True Grit can fit up to 45mm width tires on 700c wheels, allowing for mud and gravel to fall off easily. The bike comes with a 40mm Maxxis Rambler tire, striking a balance between lightweight and comfort. For drivetrain options, Lauf acknowledges that most True Grit buyers prefer the simplicity of 1x setups. However, they also offer a double crankset option for those who prefer it. 1x riders get an integrated Lauf-branded bottle opener, while 2x riders can utilize eTap’s wireless front derailleur.

Three Build Packages

The True Grit is available in three complete build packages, all featuring the carbon True Grit frame and Grit SL fork. The most affordable option is the Weekend Warrior 1×11, priced at $3690. The Race Edition 1×11, priced at $4990, offers upgraded components. The top build is the True Grit Race Edition Wireless 2×11, costing $6390 and featuring a Red eTap HRD groupset.

Lauf also offers the True Grit frameset alone for $2690, allowing riders to build their own bike.

Lauf has created a high-performance gravel bike that combines their innovative fork technology with a lightweight and durable frame. The True Grit is designed to handle various terrains and provide a smooth and enjoyable ride. With multiple build options, riders can choose the package that best suits their needs and preferences.



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