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KS Rage iS Suspension Dropper Seatpost and Carbon Gravel Suspension Fork: A Prototype Emerges

KS Suspension Introduces the New Rage iS Suspension Seatpost

KS Suspension is revolutionizing the suspension seatpost market with their latest innovation, the Rage iS. This fully air sprung, air controlled dropper seatpost offers customizable travel and feel to enhance your riding experience.

The Rage iS features an air spring with a Schrader valve located just under the clamp. This allows riders to adjust the spring pressure according to their preference and body weight. By setting the spring pressure low, you can achieve more travel, while adding more air reduces the travel. The typical range of travel is around 25-30mm, but with the Rage iS, you have the freedom to customize it to suit your needs.

Unlike other suspension seatposts in the market, the Rage iS remains active even at top out. It incorporates an air negative spring that transfers air as you drop it, ensuring a supple and smooth ride throughout the travel. Top and bottom out bumpers are also included to prevent hard landings in either direction.

In terms of construction, the Rage iS features an air lockout system instead of a hydraulic system. This not only provides a more reliable performance but also reduces the overall weight of the seatpost.

The Rage iS is sold separately from the remote, allowing riders to choose the remote lever that best suits their riding style and preferences. Whether you’re riding a drop-bar gravel bike or a flat bar bike, you can find the perfect remote lever for your needs.

Introducing the Prototype Carbon KS Gravel Suspension Fork

In addition to the Rage iS suspension seatpost, KS Suspension is also developing a carbon fiber gravel suspension fork. While the final specifications are subject to change, the fork is expected to offer approximately 40-45mm of travel.

The standout feature of the KS gravel suspension fork is its carbon fiber lower with a forged alloy crown. This combination results in a lightweight fork that maintains durability and performance. The fork will also feature external compression and rebound controls, allowing riders to fine-tune their suspension settings.

The KS gravel suspension fork will be available in both IS and flat-mount brake mount versions. It will utilize the standard 12×100 axle spacing, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of gravel bikes.

New Mountain Bike Handlebars and Exciting Developments

KS Suspension has expanded its product range with the introduction of new mountain bike handlebars. These handlebars are manufactured in their newly acquired factory and feature a proprietary design that offers added vertical compliance for increased comfort while maintaining lateral stiffness for precise steering. The wider width of the handlebars allows riders to cut them down to their desired length.

Furthermore, KS Suspension has hinted at an upcoming release of another exciting product that they are not yet allowed to disclose. Stay tuned for more updates!


1. How does the Rage iS suspension seatpost work?

The Rage iS utilizes an air spring that can be customized using the Schrader valve located under the clamp. By adjusting the spring pressure, riders can achieve their desired amount of travel.

2. Can I choose my own remote lever for the Rage iS?

Yes, the Rage iS is sold separately from the remote lever. This allows riders to choose the remote lever that best suits their preferences, whether they are using a drop-bar gravel bike or a flat bar bike.

3. What is the expected travel range of the KS gravel suspension fork?

The KS gravel suspension fork is estimated to offer approximately 40-45mm of travel. However, please note that the final specifications may vary.

4. Will the KS gravel suspension fork be compatible with different brake mounts?

Yes, the KS gravel suspension fork will be available in both IS and flat-mount brake mount versions, providing compatibility with various brake systems.


KS Suspension continues to push the boundaries of suspension technology with their latest offerings. The Rage iS suspension seatpost provides riders with fully customizable travel and a comfortable riding experience. The prototype carbon KS gravel suspension fork promises lightweight performance without compromising on durability. Additionally, KS Suspension’s new mountain bike handlebars offer enhanced comfort and control. With more exciting developments on the horizon, KS Suspension remains at the forefront of innovation in the cycling industry.



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