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Maghalie Rochette’s Specialized Crux: A Professional Bike

Maghalie Rochette: A Rising Star in US Cyclocross

Following the USCX American Cyclocross or the UCI World Cup will bring one familiar with Maghalie Rochette, the Canadian cyclocross cyclist making waves in the USCX series, clinching 3 out of 4 races so far. Based in Ste-Adèle, Quebec, Rochette often trains in Tucson, Arizona, becoming a notable figure in the American cyclocross domain.

If you’ve been diligently following the rhythm of the USCX American Cyclocross or the pulsations of the UCI World Cup, the name Maghalie Rochette wouldn’t be foreign to your ears. This Canadian cyclocross marvel has been carving her name into the USCX series recently, with triumphant wins in 3 out of the 4 races conducted so far.

While her home echoes the calm of Ste-Adèle, Quebec, Rochette frequently finds herself amidst the arid charm of Tucson, Arizona, honing her cycling finesse. She’s now an integral fiber in the fabric of the American cyclocross narrative.

Maghalie Rochette Specialized Crux
Maghalie Rochette Specialized Crux – Images from www.cxmagazine.com

Maghalie Rochette’s Bespoke Specialized Crux Alter Ego

For the tech-savvy enthusiasts with a keen eye, you might have perceived that Maghalie was harnessing the power of the yet-to-be-unveiled 2022 Specialized Crux during the early seasonal USCX races – a keen observation indeed. Now that the veil has been lifted, who better to delve into the intricacies of this revamped Specialized Crux CX bike metamorphosing into a gravel bike… than an individual who had a hand in sculpting it.

For the uninitiated, Specialized has recently reimagined the Crux from a cutthroat cyclocross bike to an ultralight gravel platform, possibly marking it as the lightest production gravel bike on the market. Although, in all honesty, the bike hasn’t undergone a drastic transformation.

It seems that the cyclocross spirit of the Crux still pulses vehemently – Maghalie has already clinched three UCI cyclocross races with it. Immerse yourself in the full technical dissection of the new Specialized Crux here.

Maghalie’s Distinctive Crux

The first aspect that captures your gaze about Maghalie’s Specialized Crux is its royal purple paint job. The collaborative endeavors between the Specialized engineering brigade and Rochette span across years, culminating in the technological advancements seen in the design evolution of this new Crux platform… thus, an emblematic paint job was imperative.

When probed for her insight on the colors, Rochette elucidated, “They embody the quirky ‘cross’ culture. To me, cyclocross encapsulates fun and celebratory vibes, and I believe the color mirrors that.”

The design is a medley of empowering song lyrics, aesthetic color splashes, and Rochette’s racing alter ego. She cherishes the camaraderie with everyone, but when the call to the grid echoes, that alter ego emerges and takes the reins (or rather, the handlebars and cranks!). Custom “Alter Ego” Paint Job “The entire concept orbits around Alter Ego. In daily life, I revel in forging friendships with everyone.

But on the start line, I have to toggle the switch and embody a more aggressive persona. That’s why the bike is adorned with two distinct colors and bifurcated right down the middle,” explicated Rochette.

Rear Maghalie Rochette Specialized Crux
Rear Maghalie Rochette Specialized Crux – Images from www.cxmagazine.com

Can a “Gravel Bike” Race Cyclocross?

For the 2021-2022 season on the newly updated Specialized Crux, Rochette went from a 49cm frame to a 52cm. With the larger size and precise Retul fit, Rochette found that the 52cm fit better and was easier to shoulder overall.

The ultra-lightweight 725g frame of the S-Works Crux certainly helps as well. Rochette also switched from a positive to a negative -6° stem, allowing her to remain aggressive with the same drop but without overloading the front wheel.

When asked about the “gravel-cross” shift in recent times and how the new Crux fits into that, Rochette commented, “I understand that some people may be concerned, and to be honest, when I first heard that the new Crux would be used for gravel as well, I was worried… cyclocross racing is the most important thing for me.

It’s what I spend all my time training for; it’s both my dream and my livelihood. I feel 100% confident lining up at a World Cup knowing that I have the best equipment to compete with.”

Are there noticeable differences in performance for the Crux on gravel vs. cyclocross?… pedaling off-camber vs. gravel descents? Rochette confidently stated, “The bike feels more stable on long, fast gravel descents. But I don’t think this negatively affects the handling in cross; my pedals don’t touch the ground on off-camber sections and such.

In fact, I feel very agile with it. I was worried it wouldn’t be the case, but I’ve been riding a prototype of this bike since April, and I’ve been able to Review it in all kinds of conditions.”

Maghalie Rochette's new 2022 Specialized CruX cyclocross
Maghalie Rochette’s new 2022 Specialized CruX cyclocross – Images from www.cxmagazine.com

Technical Details – Rochette’s Custom Crux

Rochette rides a full SRAM Red eTap AXS 1×12 setup with a single 38T chainring and a K-Edge chain catcher up front. The frame and seatpost are from Zipp, with Zipp Service SL-80 handlebars, a popular choice in the cyclocross world.

Rochette rides Roval CLX 50 tubular wheels, currently equipped with Specialized Tracer tires for dry conditions. If things get wet, Rochette’s team will quickly switch to the Terra tires, which excel in deep mud. The handlebar tape is Lizard Skins DSP, which works well for damping vibrations and is easy to clean with a pressure washer. Rochette’s saddle is a Specialized Power Mimic with carbon rails.

Will this Alter Ego Crux secure its first World Cup win this weekend at the upcoming Trek World Cup? We’ll have to wait and see. One thing’s for sure, the race will be top-notch, with rain in the forecast, so it could be a race for the North American history books…

Full Bike Specifications Specialized Crux by Maghalie Rochette:

Full Bike Specifications:

Frame2022 Specialized S-Works Crux, 52cm
HandlebarZipp Service SL-80
Drivetrain/BrakesSRAM Red eTap AXS, 160mm Centerline XR rotors front, 140mm rear
Seatpost/StemZipp Service Course
WheelsRoval CLX 50 carbon tubular disc brake
TiresSpecialized Terra (wet), Tracer (dry) tubular 33mm
PedalsXpedo CXR Ti-spindle
ToolsFeedback Sports
Bike BagsEVOC
Weight15.90 lbs.


For more information on Maghalie Rochette and her race schedule, visit: MaghalieRochette.com


What is Maghalie Rochette known for?

A: Maghalie Rochette is known for her dominating performances in cyclocross races, particularly in the USCX American Cyclocross series.

Where does Maghalie Rochette reside?

Maghalie Rochette resides in Ste-Adèle, Quebec, Canada.

What bike does Maghalie Rochette ride?

Maghalie Rochette rides a customized Specialized Crux, which has been transformed from a cyclocross bike to a lightweight gravel platform.

What is the significance of the purple paint job on Maghalie Rochette’s bike?

The purple paint job on Maghalie Rochette’s bike represents the eccentric culture of cyclocross, which she believes is all about fun and a party atmosphere.

Can a gravel bike be used for cyclocross?

Yes, Maghalie Rochette has successfully used her customized Specialized Crux, originally designed as a gravel bike, to win UCI cyclocross races.


Maghalie Rochette has become a dominant force in the world of cyclocross, particularly in the USCX American Cyclocross series. Her customized Specialized Crux has been instrumental in her success, with its lightweight design and versatile capabilities.

Despite concerns about using a gravel bike for cyclocross, Rochette has proven that the Crux is more than capable of handling both disciplines. With her unique alter ego paint job and motivational song lyrics, Rochette brings a vibrant and determined spirit to the cyclocross scene.

As she continues to compete and push the boundaries of the sport, all eyes will be on Maghalie Rochette and her incredible journey.



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  1. I dont get the hype around Maghalie Rochettes bike. Its just a bike, nothing special. And lets not forget that its the rider who matters the most, not the equipment. So yeah, lets see if she can actually deliver in the next race.


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