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Magped Updates Magnetic Flat Pedals for Enduro and Gravel

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Austria-based Magped has updated its magnetic flat pedal for enduro riding, re-engineering it to have a wider platform than the original while also weighing 23% less. The Magped Enduro2 pedals follow the recent release of a much lighter carbon option for gravel and XC riders. The magnetic pedals are marketed as a viable alternative to clipless options, functionally bridging the gap between those and the basic flat pedal. They are said to offer the best of both worlds; a more consistent shoe-pedal connection than flat pedals, but with a more effortless, natural release than that offered by clipless options.

Magped Magnetic Pedals for Enduro, Gravel and Road

Indeed, Magped even offer a magnetic pedal solution for road cyclists. All variations of the Magped rely on the magnetic properties of Neodymium, a rare-earth metal that has an extremely strong magnetic pull along certain axes, but not along others. It has a strong North/South polarity which, on the trail, translates to attraction in the up/down plane. Indeed, the concept is very similar to Hustle Bike Labs REM Pedal that Watts tested a few years back.

The Enduro2 pedals weigh a claimed 447g with the 150 N magnets installed, and a claimed 477g with the 200 N magnets installed

The Magped Enduro2 Pedals make use of two magnets positioned within the perimeter of each platform, oppositely oriented such that no matter the rotation of the pedal, one of the magnets will always be ready to pair with the metal plate on the underside of the rider’s shoe.

magped enduro2 pedals exploded diagram internal spindle cartridge bearings bushings pins

The new Enduro2 pedal now has a larger CNC machined aluminum platform than its predecessor; 108mm x 100mm with a depth of 16mm. Ten pins are shown per side. These are said to be sharper than the pins of the original design, and can be mounted at two different heights (9mm or 11mm) depending on the rider’s preference and/or choice of shoe. Internally, the spindle itself is now said to be reinforced to withstand greater loads.

magped gravel pedal magnetic

The Magped Gravel Pedal has a platform fabricated from xCarbon (80% Polyketone and 20% Carbon Fiber) spinning on a lightweight titanium spindle. Weight per pair is a claimed 212g.

magped gravel oedal

Magped has made available three “strengths” of magnet to suit different rider weights, riding styles and preferences. There is a 20mm option with 100 N of pull force, a 25mm option with 150 N of pull force, and a 28mm option with 200 N of pull force. On the Enduro2 and Gravel pedals, the magnets pair with a metal shoe plate installed in the cleat box of standard 2-bolt SPD shoes. For the Magped Road Pedals, Road Shoes with a 3-hole mount are required.

Published on their website, Magped has a reasonable list of recommended shoes for each application. For Enduro2 riders, the Specialized 2FO DH Shoes, Scott Sport Trail EVO Shoes as well as numerous options from FiveTen are listed amongst others. For Gravel, recommendations include the Scott Gravel Tuned Shoes, the Northwave Origin Plus 2 Shoe, the Sidi MTB Trace 2 Shoe and many others.

Pricing & Availability

The new Magped Enduro2 Pedals retail at €159 with the 150 N magnets and €179 with the 200 N magnets, while the Magped Gravel and Road Pedals will set you back €189. For more information head to the Magped website.




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    • Magnetic pedals offer a whole new level of control and efficiency. The technology is constantly evolving to enhance performance. While flats have their charm, lets not dismiss the benefits of innovation. Keep an open mind and embrace progress.

    • I respectfully disagree. While Magped pedals may have their benefits, I believe traditional clipless pedals are still the superior choice for enduro and gravel biking. Nothing beats the security and power transfer they provide.

    • Sorry to burst your bubble, but magnetic flat pedals arent all theyre cracked up to be. They may seem like magic, but they wont save you from the bumps and bruises of off-road adventures. Stick to tried and true pedals for the real deal.

    • Seriously? Pedals with magnets are nothing new. Theyve been around for years, improving efficiency and power transfer. And hoverboards? Please, get with the times. Theyre already here. Do some research before making such outlandish statements.

    • I personally find these magnetic pedals to be a stroke of genius. They provide a unique and innovative solution for enhanced traction and control. Its refreshing to see companies pushing boundaries instead of sticking to the same old boring designs. Kudos to the creators!

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    Comment: Magnetic pedals? Thats some next-level futuristic stuff! Cant wait to try them out!

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