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Megamo Kansas 2023 e-gravel Review

Megamo presents its new Kansas 2023 model with an aluminum frame, bottom bracket motor and 504 Wh battery. It has several threads for bikepacking bags and admits a wheel arch of up to 650bx47 or 700cx50.

Megamo Kansas 2023 E-Bike
Megamo Kansas 2023 E-Bike
Megamo presents its new Kansas model for 2023 , agravel e-bike with an aluminum frame and bottom bracket motor with a clear adventurous orientation thanks to a 504 Wh battery and bikepacking frame details.

Being located in the bottom bracket, the weight is placed in the center of the bike, improving its stability and maneuverability and providing a natural ride. The aesthetics of this bike is very minimalist and clean thanks to its battery fully integrated into the frame and internal wiring.

Megamo Kansas 23 at a glance

  • Frame: aluminum
  • Gabel: Carbon
  • Motor: Megamo e-Gravel, 200 W, 65 Nm
  • Akku: 504 Wh
  • Display: Megamo LCD screen
  • Drive: Sram Apex1
  • Brakes: Sram Apex1
  • Weight: na
  • Maximum permissible total weight: na

The Megamo Kansas frame is made of aluminum and the fork is made of carbon fiber. They have a wheel arch that admits different wheel sizes, going from 650bx47, 700cx37 to 700cx50 . So that the user can decide the one that best suits their needs, looking for more comfort and cushioning or greater speed.

Thanks to the integrated torque control, the central motor will provide the right power at the right time as it offers a power of 200W and a torque of 65Nm with a weight of less than 2.5kg . The helical gear system together with the chosen materials will allow you to enjoy a silent route on the tracks and trails.

Megamo Kansas 23
Megamo Kansas 23

Being located on the bottom bracket axis, the low center of gravity allows handling that is very suitable for mountain routes. Despite this location, the 2023 Megamo Kansas has very short chainstays for an electric bike.

Efficiency greater than 80% is a remarkable figure when we have exceeded 25Km/h, it provides us with a much more natural pedaling when we do not use assistance. Able to withstand adverse temperatures and weather conditions with its side protective covers . The base of the motor is protected by a very resistant aluminum casing.

The battery is integrated into the frame, although it is easy to remove, and has a capacity of 504 Wh , which together with the characteristics of the motor will allow longer routes. The extraction of the battery is done by means of a security system with an anti-theft key .

The motor offers 5 levels of assistance and to have all the information, the Megamo Kansas has an LCD display that shows the kilometers traveled, current speed, assistance level and available battery.

The information is collected with a torque sensor on the bottom bracket and a speed sensor. In addition, it has “walk assist” for the moments in which you have to push the bicycle.

Megamo Kansas frame
Megamo Kansas frame

The frame is designed to accommodate all the “Bikepacking” accessories you can imagine. This is one of the best options to enjoy a discipline like bikepacking on Gravel Bikes, which today has become a lifestyle for many. Some of the largest producers of travel suitcases have chosen us for the development of their products.

2023 Megamo Kansas Price

The 2023 Megamo Kansas is available in a single mount with SRAM Apex 1×11 with 38T chainring and 11-42 cassette and in 3 color variants (Grey, Beige and Red), 3 sizes (S, M and L) and has an RRP of €2,999 . You can see it on the specific site of the Megamo website.




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  1. Teleportation? Seriously? Lets get real. Flying e-gravel bikes are the epitome of adventure and freedom. The feeling of the wind in your hair and the thrill of the ride cannot be replicated by a simple teleportation. Embrace the present, my friend.


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