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Navigating the seasons with the ASSOS – GravelBikes.Online leather layer

24th of Year 2024

It’s a crucial part of any cycling kit, 365 days a year

Words: Rachel Jary

Photos: Alessandra Bucci

This article has been produced in collaboration with ASSOS

If there was an award for the most underrated piece of gear in a cyclist’s wardrobe, it would go to the humble base layer. It’s a piece that usually stays hidden, hidden under layers, overshadowed by the bright colors and bold patterns of jackets and sweaters. But, like a loyal and reliable man, or a trustworthy man, the base layer is always there. Despite not being in the limelight, it does one of the most crucial jobs of all.

During the summer months, the base layer serves its purpose as a delicate piece of fine mesh material that separates the sweater from the skin, absorbs sweat and keeps things cool on hot days. In winter, it becomes even more of a necessity as an extra layer of insulation that wicks moisture away from the skin while at the same time keeping warmth close to the body. Cycling is a sport that can be particularly cold when the temperature drops: training is done in the elements, and high speeds mean riders are exposed to high levels of wind chill. When the frost sets in, a good base layer that provides a comforting hug to the rider’s core is essential.

If there is one brand that knows a lot about how to deal with inclement weather, it is the Swiss brand, ASSOS. For decades, ASSOS has been at the forefront of cycling clothing, using some of the most technical materials on the market to create gear that sets a new standard for innovation. ASSOS’ approach to making cycling clothing means that no corners are cut, with attention to detail at the forefront of what the brand does, whether making jackets, shirts, shorts, socks or of course base layers. The ASSOS Skin Layer range is a core part of the brand’s offering, consisting of base layers specifically created to manage moisture and heat, offering unmatched comfort and ensuring riders are dry and protected whatever the conditions. ASSOS offers a base layer solution for every type of climate condition imaginable, whether it’s the changing temperatures of spring and autumn or the freezing temperatures of deepest winter.

In all of its base layers, ASSOS uses a seamless circular construction that has no side seams, helping to achieve a snug fit and avoiding any risk of uncomfortable chafing. The Swiss brand understands the role of the base layer as the first contact with a rider’s skin, so it is of great importance to use materials that feel soft against the body.

For darker winter conditions, ASSOS offers the ULTRAZ leather layer, made from a wool blend composition to trap heat around the rider’s neck, torso and arms. The ULTRAZ layer is all about maximum thermal protection in the harshest weather, blocking the wind with meticulous mapping to ensure insulation where it’s needed most.

When the temperatures are slightly more favorable, the ASSOS Winter LS leather layer adapts to the needs. It’s made from a blend of carbon and polypropylene yarns that insulates the rider’s core, but also helps regulate temperature. The stand-up collar adds another element of warmth, while the Winter LS leather layer has also added stretch to allow full flexibility, simply acting like a second skin. Then, when the sun starts to come out again and the flowers start to bloom and signify the start of spring, ASSOS offers the Spring Fall LS Leather Layer, with lighter insulation made from a mid-weight knit construction . Whatever the weather, there’s an ASSOS fur coat to match.

So the next time you’re scanning your cycling gear drawers and considering your most important piece of clothing, think about the base layer. As ASSOS rightly points out, it’s a crucial part of any cycling kit and deserves the attention to detail it gets from the Swiss brand.

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