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No mounts? The Tailfin V-Mount Cargo Packs carry extra cargo without slipping

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If you’re struggling to figure out a way to carry more gear on your bike, Tailfin might have the solution (as usual). The British company has become known for clever cargo solutions with fanatical attention to detail. Their new V-Mount Cargo packs continue that trend with the ability to carry gear without any extra mounts that won’t slip or damage your frame.

Tailfin V-Mount pack replaceable covers

As the name would imply, the V-Mount Packs use two V-shaped mounts that spread the load with a wide stance on round tubes. The mounts are crafted with an aluminum base plate and a removable rubber boot that goes over top and protects the frame from damage while keeping the pack in place. There’s also an internal CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum frame to provide rigidity to the back and keep it from flopping around. Like most Tailfin products, the parts are replaceable if needed.

The mounts are also adjustable to fit a variety of frames.

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That makes it a perfect candidate to mount between the cranks under the downtube. There are two sizes of packs with a 1.7L and a 3L. The smaller 1.7L is designed with road and gravel Q-factors in mind, while the 3L is built to take advantage of the wider MTB Q-factors.

Tailfin V-Mount pack on Santa Cruz

The bag is also a great option for the inside of the front triangle provided you have the room (or on the top tube for that matter).

Tailfin V-Mount pack waterproof downtube pack Tailfin V-Mount pack on top tube

The 420D Hypalon and ripstop nylon construction coupled with a roll-top enclosure means the bag remains waterproof, and since you’re not sinching down around the bag to mount it, you can remove contents without undoing the straps on the frame.

Tailfin Cargo Pack Details

  • Two sizes, 1.7 and 3 liter – The 1.7L is designed around road and gravel Q-factor. 3L for MTB Q-factor.
  • Fully waterproof construction.
  • Easy access roll-top opening even whilst mounted, without disturbing the V-Mounts.
  • V-Mounts, the rigid internal frame, and dedicated Tailfin Cargo Straps create total stability for incredible performance. Eliminating slip and avoiding frame finish damage.
  • Adjustable mounting positions for a custom fit.
  • Rigid internal 6061-T6 aluminum frame.
  • Modular, serviceable design
  • 420D fabric on all high wear areas,
  • Five year, no quibble warranty
  • Crash replacement warranty
  • Ship parts anywhere in the world service
  • Weight limit: 3kg
  • Weight: 1.7L – 210g, 3L – 277g
  • Pricing: 1.7L –  £60/$75/€75, 3L – £70/$85/€85

Tailfin V-Mount pack tpu cargo strap

Each V-Mount Pack is designed to be mounted with Tailfin’s new TPU cargo straps with a shatter-resistant nylon buckle that won’t deform or damage your frame. The V-Packs include special versions of the straps and include additional T-Hook compression straps if needed.

Cargo Strap Details

  • Ultra-durable and shatter-resistant Nylon 6/6 Load Lock Buckle will flex back when hit rather than deform like an aluminum buckle.
  • Load Lock Buckle design enables easy, one-handed strap cinching and reliable locking.
  • Buckle shaping eliminates any contact with bicycle frame tubing, preventing frame rub.
  • Anti-snag buckle prong won’t catch skin or clothing.
  • Tuned TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) strap material offers the perfect stretch, strength, and durability blend.
  • All parts are highly abrasion and tear-resistant
  • Wide temperature operating range

The packs are available now and start at $75.




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  1. Wow, these V-Mount Cargo Packs seem like a game-changer for cyclists! Can’t wait to try them out and carry my groceries without any slipping.

    • I hate to burst your bubble, but these V-Mount Cargo Packs are just another overhyped gimmick. Trust me, you’ll be lucky if they even survive a single grocery trip without slipping or causing a major disaster. Don’t waste your money on this nonsense.

    • Who needs mounts? Seriously? Well, maybe those who value stability, security, and not having their cargo fly off during a ride. But hey, if you enjoy risking your gear and others’ safety, go for it! #CommonSenseRevolution

    • Mounts are still essential for various purposes, like transportation and exploration. Tailfin V-Mount Cargo Packs may be innovative, but they can’t replace the practicality and versatility of traditional mounts. Different tools for different needs.


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