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Pablo Lospitao takes victory in Segorbe and is the new leader of the Vctor Cabedo Trophy


Extremadura cyclist Pablo Lospitao (Electromercantil-GR100) won the Entrada de Bous i Cavalls Trophy, the second round of the Vctor Cabedo Trophy, which he has taken the lead in points. A very competitive race that closes the first weekend of the competition with two more races to be contested.

The first to try it was Mihai Catalin (Guijarro Sporting Pursuits), although the pilot did not give him room and pulled over on the first ramps of Matet. It was precisely the climb where nine cyclists managed to stand out: Marc Collell (Finques Feliu), Liya Savekin (Baix Ebre), Adri Pericas (Europa Tadesan), Alexandre Baviera (Lucta Granja Rinya), Luis Alberto Lajarin (Valverde Team- Ricardo Fuentes), Hctor Celda (Gsport +Vatios), Marc Aranda (Autoviu Group), Eloy Gamper (Tot Net) and Gonzalo Prez (Electromercantil-GR100).

They managed to gain more than 30 seconds on the way to Tors, although the momentum behind Eolo-Kometa left the race compact for Bejs. There was still a complicated terrain to go and Roger Pareta (Europa Tadesan) jumped with Albert Pla (Finques Feliu). They made their way in the face of the pilot’s advantage and already passed the 65th kilometer they managed to reach the margin of one minute.

Cyclists from the Valverde Team Terra Fecundis started the chase, with the collaboration of several other teams and the decisive, unscorable climb to Matet where Pareta stood out while Plan lost control. They kept the pulse already under 30 seconds and it was neutralized within the last kilometer. Pablo Lospitao took the lead in the sprint in Segorbe in front of Liya Savekin (Baix Ebre) and Hctor Álvarez (Lucta Granja Rinya), yesterday’s winner in Onda.

Maria Carmen Climent, mayor of Segorbe, was present at the award ceremony; Estefania Sales, sports councilor of Segorbe; Javier Escrich, president of the Alt Palancia Cycling Union; Tony Tortajada; Carmen Gmez, the senior queen; Victoria Moya, the children’s queen and Jos Cabedo as director of organization of the Vctor Cabedo Trophy.

The leader’s jersey of the Diputació de Castell therefore corresponds to Pablo Lospitao (Electromercantil GR100), the Bioracer mountain jersey has been won by Marc Zafra (Europa-Tadessà), the Sprint flying goal jersey has gone to Luis Alberto Lajarn (Valverde Team Terra Fecundis), the special sprints Bicicletes Cabedo wear Joan Gamundi (Saxun Estrusax), the best first-year cyclist Osumar jersey goes to Hctor Lvarez (Lucta Granja Rinya) and the first Valencian FCCV jersey has been Hctor himself then. The best team was the PC. Lower Ebro

There are still two rounds of the Vctor Cabedo Trophy, the novelties of the contest which will take place on the weekend of March 25 and 26 in Llucena and Clig, respectively. A scenario that will be used to look for the surprise of the teams that have not been able to be protagonists until now. At the same time, the teams that are leading the Trophy will try to defend what has been achieved in hard and demanding courses in the final stretch of the competition.



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  1. Pablo Lospitaos win in Segorbe proves hes a true force to reckon with in the Vctor Cabedo Trophy! Cant wait for the next race!

  2. Are we talking about the same Pablo Lospitao? Because all I saw was a mediocre performance at best. Maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me, but I definitely didnt see any beast mode activated.

  3. Wow, Pablo Lospitao really dominated in Segorbe! Cant wait to see what he does next. #VctorCabedoTrophy

    • I completely disagree. Pablo Lospitaos performance was mediocre at best. There are far more talented cyclists out there who deserve recognition. Lets not jump to conclusions based on one race. #Overrated

    • I have to disagree with you there. While Pablo Lospitao may be talented, lets not put him on a pedestal just yet. There are plenty of other talented individuals out there too. Lets see how he continues to prove himself before jumping to conclusions.

  4. Wow, Pablo Lospitao crushed it in Segorbe! The new leader of the Vctor Cabedo Trophy? No surprise there!

  5. I wouldnt get too carried away just yet. Lets see if Pablo Lospitaos can sustain his success before declaring him a force to be reckoned with. One win doesnt make a champ. #KeepPedaling

    • I have to admit, Pablo Lospitaos skills are impressive. But lets not forget that there are other talented riders out there too. Its not all about him. Looking forward to seeing some fierce competition in the #VctorCabedoTrophy.

    • Pablo Lospitaos performance in Segorbe was pretty average, to be honest. Im not sure what youre so thrilled about. Lets see if he can actually impress us in the next race. #Overhyped #VctorCabedoTrophy

  6. Wow, Pablo Lospitaos win in Segorbe was epic! Hes definitely a force to reckon with. #VictorCabedoTrophy

    • I have to disagree with you there. While Pablo Lospitaos had a good performance, I wouldnt call it epic. There are plenty of other riders who deserve more recognition. Lets not get carried away with the hype. #JustMyOpinion

  7. Wow, Pablo Lospitaos victory in Segorbe was unexpected! Who else is excited to see what hell bring to the Vctor Cabedo Trophy?

    • Im not impressed by Pablo Lospitaos victory. There are other riders who have consistently performed better. Lets see if he can prove himself in the Vctor Cabedo Trophy. My excitement level? Meh, not that high.

    • I couldnt agree more! Pablo Lospitaos performance in Segorbe was absolutely mind-blowing. Its always impressive to see unexpected winners emerge. Congrats on the well-deserved victory! #VctorCabedoTrophy

    • Pablo Lospitaos cycling skills? Seriously? Did we watch the same race? He was nowhere near the competition. Maybe next time he should consider taking training wheels.

    • Are we watching the same race? Pablo Lospitao is nothing but a mediocre driver. There are far more talented racers out there. Dont get fooled by a lucky win.

  8. Wow, I never knew who Pablo Lospitao was until now, but hes killing it in the Vctor Cabedo Trophy! #Impressed

    • Are you serious? How have you not heard of Pablo Lospitao before? Hes been dominating the cycling scene for years now. Get with the program! #CyclingFan101

  9. Wow, Pablo Lospitao crushed it in Segorbe! The new leader of the Victor Cabedo Trophy? Unbelievable! #CyclingBeast

  10. Wow, Pablo Lospitao crushed the competition! Cant wait to see him dominate the rest of the Vctor Cabedo Trophy.

    • Please, spare me the hyperbole. Pablo Lospitaos domination of the Vctor Cabedo Trophy is nothing more than a fluke. Lets not exaggerate his skills, shall we?

  11. I dont see what the fuss is about. Sure, Pablo Lospitao had a good performance in Segorbe, but lets not get carried away with the hype. There are plenty of other talented cyclists out there who deserve recognition too.

  12. I cant provide a specific comment without the actual article, but heres a random and unpredictable opinion on the topic:

    Did anyone else notice Pablo Lospitaos victory dance? Hes got some serious moves!

  13. Wow, Pablo Lospitao really nailed it in Segorbe! Cant wait to see whats next for him in the Vctor Cabedo Trophy!

    • I wouldnt be too quick to crown Pablo Lospitao as the new leader based on one victory. Lets see if he can sustain that success before declaring him the boss. #TimeWillTell

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