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Paul Smith designs a limited edition Factor OSTRO – GravelBikes.Online

02 November 2023

The British fashion designer has created a stunning bike in collaboration with Factor

Words: Rachel Jary

Photos: Factor

Although perhaps an unlikely pairing, cycling and fashion have a lot in common. For many, feeling good and looking good while traveling is a gateway to better performance. With this in mind, many cycling clothing brands are founded by those with a background in fashion design and focus heavily on creating kits that are both fashionable and functional. Not only should cycling clothing be stylish, of course an attractive bike is just as crucial.

Famous British designer Paul Smith is a lifelong cycling fan. He maintains his own collection of impressive cycling memorabilia and his brand currently offers a range of cycling clothing. Smith has also collaborated with global brands such as clothing giant Rapha, helmet makers Kask and folding bike brand Hummingbird in the past to put his stylish spin on their products. Smith’s latest collaboration with premium performance bike brand Factor is one of the most impressive yet.

Factor has given Smith free rein on the color scheme of its flagship racing bike, the OSTRO VAM, a bike that has been ridden in races such as Paris-Roubaix and the Tour de France. Factor says the OSTRO VAM is an all-round racing bike, with a well-balanced balance of aerodynamics, compliance and weight. The OSTRO VAM Factor’s performance is made possible in part by the bike’s carefully crafted carbon fiber layout that helps ensure a smooth all-terrain feel.

Smith has highlighted the different layers of carbon in his limited edition design, using blocks of color to reflect the different areas where Factor engineers place carbon layers on the frame. The bike features shades of blue, green, yellow and burgundy, with the famous Paul Smith pink also featured on the logo. The bike has a high-gloss, matte lacquer finish that aims to add another layer of contrast to the raw carbon areas that are visible through clear gloss. The design highlights how parallels can be drawn between the way patterns are cut and constructed in clothing design and the way carbon is placed when building a bicycle frame.

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In typical Smith style, the details of the bike have been meticulously thought out, with a gold foil Signature logo on the Black Inc handlebars, a Signature stripe on the seatpost and larger abstract Signature logos on the bike’s forks and downtube, which is intended to echo the tradition of the oversized logo often seen on bikes ridden in the pro peloton. Smith worked closely with Black Inc to create an exclusive bar tape design with Paul Smith logos embossed on the tape and bar caps.

Both Factor and Smith believe that the collaboration with OSTRO VAM makes sense because both parties share a passion for cycling, but also a diligent attention to detail.

“I was a cyclist as a youngster and have stayed close to the whole world of cycling,” Smith said in a press release. “Factor is a company whose technological approach to their bike manufacturing has been truly impressive, so it’s a great pleasure to have customized one of their new bikes. I hope they like it.”

The Paul Smith x Factor bike has already been ridden in the real world, debuting at the Tour de France Prudential Criterium in Singapore when it was ridden by Factor investor and four-time Tour de France winner Chris Froome.

Check out this bike at GravelBikes.Online Live 2023

Rob Gitelis, CEO of Factor Bikes, said: “Paul Smith’s passion for cycling and racing heritage is no surprise, but working so closely alongside him and his team on this edition design limited has illustrated how far in the detail and DNA of performance lies this passion runs.”

A celebration of Paul Smith’s love of color and Factor’s engineering expertise, the Paul Smith Edition Factor OSTRO VAM can be seen at GravelBikes.Online Live 2023, and is now available exclusively from Factor stockists and selected Paul Smith stores all over the world The bike can be purchased as a frameset only, as a set with Black Inc FORTY FIVE disc brake carbon wheels, or as a complete bike. The Paul Smith Edition Black Inc Integrated Aero Barstem and the Paul Smith Edition Black Inc Bar Tape can also be purchased separately.

Learn more about the Paul Smith Factor OSTRO VAM here



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