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Philly Bike Expo: TIME Bicycles ADHX Gravel Bike Brings Bio-Based Dyneema Fiber Stateside

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While attending the Philly Bike Expo, we got a look at the first gravel bike by TIME Bicycles, the ADHX (Alpe d’Huez X). It’s a nice lookin’ bike and, in case you didn’t know, it’s now been available here in the States for a few months.

TIME says that their European-manufactured ADHX frame construction is the first of its kind to incorporate “Bio-Based Dyneema, the World’s Strongest Fiber”. They’re also claiming that the ADHX frame construction is the “first to utilize braided carbon structure (BCS) manufacturing, a TIME exclusive”.

TIME Bicycles ATHX Amber frameset Photo c. TIME Bicycles 

Time states that their BCS construction “outperforms traditional carbon prepreg construction in almost every way by incorporating several types of fiber into each multidirectional braid.”

Dyneema fiber is supposedly 15x stronger than steel at the same weight and is light enough to float on water.

TIME Bicycles ATHX seat stay top tube junction Seat stay/top tube junction

Although the company (DSM) that offers the Dyneema fiber has apparently been making promises that have been making headlines, the people at TIME, say they are one of the very few manufacturers able to incorporate Dyneema carbon structures. Also stating by being able to weave their own braided carbon structures (BCS) they have been able to Review strands of the sustainable Dyneema since it first became available from DSM.

TIME Bicycles ATHX clear coated carbon Photo c. TIME Bicycles

TIME claims that “unlike the high-temperature ovens used to cure standard prepreg frames, the lower resin temperature of the RTM injection process is well within the safe temperature range for Dyneema.

TIME Bicycles ATHX top of the top tube At the Philly Bike Expo…fibers on the top tube look pretty tasty.

TIME thinks that the ADHX is “perfect for riders who want a top-performing “fast gravel” machine.” Stating the cornerstones of the ADHX are its weight, stiffness, comfort, and handling. Using its unique manufacturing and cutting-edge technology, TIME says racers, all road explorers, and everyday riders that seek experience off of the tarmac will find that the ADHX checks all of the boxes.

TIME Bicycles ATHX Amber Photo c. TIME Bicycles

Frame Specs

  • Frame: Carbon & Dyneema BCS, Forged carbon dropouts
  • Fork: Carbon & Kevlar BCS Forged carbon dropouts
  • Geometry: TIME Allroad Geometry
  • Sizes: XS/SM/MD/LG/XL
  • Headset: Deda s DCR (Semi & Fully-integrated)
  • Tire Size: 38c
  • Seatpost: 27.2
  • Brake Type: Flat Mount Disc
  • Drivetrain: Mechanical or Electronic
  • BB Shell: BB386

Geometry Chart

TIME Bicycles ADHX Geo chart From the TIME Bicycles’ website

When ordering and getting the bike shipped TIME wants you to know that when buying a bike from their online store there are some options to consider.

Framesets: TIME Bikes are available as framesets ready to build up.

Wheels: Time offers two wheelset options for each model. And just in case you have your own bitchen wheelset, they will ship a complete bike sans wheelset.

Complete Bikes: You can get your TIME Bike in two ways:

  1. Assembled and tuned in an XL Bikeflights Carton.
  2. In several smaller boxes that will require assembly.

TIME Bicycles know that their customers know what they want, so these shipping options are to accommodate their end users.




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    • Hey, to each their own, right? Some folks appreciate the innovation and performance benefits of bio-based dyneema fiber. Its about pushing the boundaries and exploring new possibilities. But if youre happy with a solid frame and geometry, thats cool too. Different strokes for different folks!

  1. Bio-based dyneema fiber offers enhanced durability and strength, making it a game-changer for industries beyond just biking. It has the potential to revolutionize safety gear, aerospace, and many other fields. So, dismissing it as unnecessary simply because of riding a regular bike is shortsighted.

  2. Yeah, it does sound impressive. But Ive seen a lot of hype around these bikes before, so Ill reserve my judgment until I see it perform. Looking forward to the Philly Bike Expo though, should be a great event!


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