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Pirelli Cinturato Road Tires: Conquering the Strade Bianche

Introducing Pirelli’s Velo Department

Pirelli’s Velo department is now a fully integrated part of the company, with access to their R&D resources and a dedicated team. With 1800 people working in R&D at their Milan HQ and 12 Technology Centers worldwide, Pirelli’s commitment to research and development is evident.

The Original P-Zero Velo Lineup

Pirelli initially focused on road racing when they launched their original P-Zero Velo tire lineup. However, they realized that there were two gaps in this concept: pro racers prefer tubular tires, and most consumers prioritize efficiency and comfort over race day options. While tubular tires are still in development, Pirelli has introduced the new Cinturato Velo to cater to the commercial market.

Pirelli’s Italian Take on Gravel Tires

The Cinturato Velo is a tubeless ready tire designed for various road surfaces and weather conditions. Its name, Cinturato, refers to the reinforced belted construction of modern automobile tires. Pirelli designed this tire with puncture protection, increased comfort, mileage, and grip in mind.

The Science Behind Grip and Stability

Pirelli uses a patented process to extrude silica into tiny rods, which are aligned parallel to the direction of travel. This creates a “net” that keeps the tire stiff while providing grip. The addition of silica overcomes the limitations of carbon black, ensuring better performance in cold and wet conditions. Pirelli carefully balances hysteresis, temperature, and humidity to achieve the desired level of grip and rolling resistance.

Pirelli Protection & Tubeless Ready Tech

The Cinturato Velo features a unique construction to enhance puncture protection. It utilizes a Smartnet Silica compound with Aramid fibers for maximum grip and resistance against sharp objects. The tire is also tubeless ready, offering increased comfort, lower rolling resistance, and a lighter system weight. Pirelli has optimized the tire’s shape to perform well with or without tubes.



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