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POC launches new Omne Beacon helmet with in – GravelBikes.Online

02 November 2023

POC is looking to improve rider visibility with its latest helmet

Words: India Paine

Photos: POC

There is no doubt that the primary function of a helmet is safety. If a rider falls or has a collision, it provides a vital layer of protection between the rider’s head and the force of the impact, absorbing and reducing the risk of head injury. Swedish brand POC has been on a mission to provide and protect the heads of “athletes and anyone who inspires them to be” since 2004. However, with their latest release, POC has taken safety one step further.

Developed from its popular lightweight and performance-based Omne range, the new Omne Beacon has safety front and center in its design, with an integrated, rechargeable LED light on the back with additional reflective detailing. The LED light has different modes (flashing, live and steady) and runtime, and according to POC, on a single charge of four hours, the light in flashing mode can last for more than 30 hours.

Wearing a helmet is second nature when people go out for a ride, but wearing or carrying lights is not always a given, and riders can get caught especially when the nights start to move faster, putting them in a dangerous situation . But with the LED rear light and reflective details already built into the helmet, it’s “simple and intuitive to use,” said Magnus Gustafsson, POC’s director of hard goods. As a result, it is not only a helmet that can be used all year round, but also gives riders more safety and visibility in dark or low-light conditions, allowing people to ride a bike and feel safe doing so throughout the year. .

The new Omne Beacon also comes in a range of high-contrast colors for increased visibility when you’re on the road (black and orange, white and orange and green and orange), while still being a stylish helmet to wear the motorists The POC branding on the front and back of the helmet is also reflective, enhancing prominence on the road, POC said.

Safety features continue inside the helmet with the more common EPS liner for additional impact protection and MIPS Integra technology for improved rotational impact protection. Gustafsson explained further in a press release: “To fulfill our safety mission, all of our helmets are developed with our ‘whole helmet’ safety concept at the heart of our design process.” The latest helmet from the Swedish brand, however, really embodies this with visible safety features inside and outside the helmet.

Although safety is the key to the Omne Beacon, POC has not had to compromise on its performance characteristics. Weighing in at 320g in a small size, the helmet still features its aerodynamically influenced vent ports and semi-shell construction, which can be found on other Omne helmets, to help the helmet achieve balance right between speed and ventilation, says POC. It also has a 360 adjustable fit system on the back of the helmet to ensure a comfortable and precise fit like precision fit straps.

The Omne Beacon helmet is priced at £220 and will be shown at GravelBikes.Online Live from 2-4 November 2023.

For more information on the Omni Beacon, visit the POC website.



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