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Praxis Works Zayante M30 Crankset Review | 48-32 Chainrings


David Earle, a veteran in the bicycle industry, founded Praxis Works in 2007 to focus on the development of drivetrain components. With a background in design engineering and years of experience, David aimed to create a unique brand that offers high-performance drivetrain components. Praxis Works collaborates with Dragontech Manufacturing in Taiwan to bring their designs to life.

Praxis Works: A Reputation for Quality

Praxis Works has gained a reputation for producing solid products such as chainrings and bottom brackets. Recently, they have expanded their offerings to include cranksets. One of their more recent offerings is the Zayante M30 crankset, named after a famous road in Santa Cruz County, California. Praxis Works is also working on a new direct mount model of the Zayante, while their Alba direct mount crank is currently available.

The Praxis Zayante M30 Crankset

The Praxis Zayante M30 is a hollow forged crankset with a bolt circle diameter (BCD) of 110mm. It features a 30mm aluminum spindle and Praxis cold forged chainrings. The crankset can be installed into frames with Praxis’ M30 bottom bracket, as long as the frame supports BSA (English thread), BB86, BB30, PF30, or is a Specialized OSBB road frame. Available chainring options include 48/32, 50/34, and 52/36, with 1X options of 40T and 42T. Crank lengths available are 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm, and 175mm. Praxis believes that the Zayante crankset offers a significant amount of technology in a “Comp” level package.

The Praxis M30 Bottom Bracket

The Praxis M30 bottom bracket is designed to work seamlessly with the Zayante M30 crankset. The bearings on the M30 measure 30mm ID for the drive side and 28mm ID for the non-drive side. The bottom bracket comes with the required installation tool.

Installation and Compatibility

Installing the Praxis M30 bottom bracket is relatively easy for experienced bicycle mechanics. The crankset and chainrings are compatible with Shimano 10/11, Campagnolo 10/11, and SRAM 10/11 drivetrains. The Zayante M30 crankset offers smooth shifting between chainrings and performs flawlessly even under load. The 32T inner chainring is especially useful for scaling steep gravel climbs, while the 48T outer chainring is well-suited for paved roads with plenty of climbing.


The Praxis Zayante M30 crankset is a high-quality option for cyclists looking for exceptional performance and value. With its compatibility and range of chainring options, it is suitable for both road and gravel cycling. Praxis Works’ dedication to design and fabrication shines through in their products, and the Zayante M30 crankset is no exception.



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