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Quoc + Restrap = Post-Ride Bikepacking Sandals: Review

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Shoemaker Quoc teamed up with bikepacking gear maker Restrap to make the perfect post-ride adventure sandals. Effectively an upgraded version of their recent Lala Slides made in the UK, the new Quoc x Restrap Sandals are lightweight, comfortable, and designed to strap right to your bikepacking bags – a great camp shoe solution after a long gravel adventure day riding in cycling shoes.

Quoc x Restrap bikepacker’s Sandals

On top of Quoc’s recent Lalashan Collection of new cycling shoes and their first ever non-cycling shoes – the Lala Slides – comes another pair of sandals that you aren’t supposed to wear while riding – the Quoc x Restrap Sandal.

These new sandals share much of the same simple construction, but get upgraded with adjustable velcro straps to dial in your ideal fit, a heel strap for proper retention, and one clip-on strap to make them easy to lash onto the outside of your bikepacking bags.

Tech Details

From a technical standpoint, these sandals are the epitome of a Quoc & Restrap collaboration – taking advantage of what each company does best.

Quoc x Restrap Sandals, adventure gravel bikepacking post-ride shoes, top view

The new sandals share the exact same grippy molded foam sole as the Lala Slides, and the same Gran Tourer durable microfiber for the side of the straps (both produced in Vietnam). Then, those get sent over to Quoc in the UK where they add Restrap signature Hypalon tabs on pivoting hardware, adjustable velcro straps, and Restrap’s own unique locking clip repurposed from their bag straps to make these easy to attach to your adventure setup.

Quoc x Restrap Sandals, adventure gravel bikepacking post-ride shoes, 402g actual weight size 43

The result is a comfortable & adjustable sandal that’s still lightweight – my size 43 Quoc x Restrap sandals weigh just 402g for the pair – 1/3 less than a pair of Keen slides or 1/2 the weight of a pair of Chaco sandals that I would sometimes carry for summer bikepacking trips.

Post-Rides Review

Quoc x Restrap Sandals, adventure gravel bikepacking post-ride shoes, socks in sandals, sorrry, not sorry

Like the Lala Slides, these Quoc x Restrap bikepacker’s Sandals aren’t actually for riding, so my review is more just how nice they are to lounge in. Simply, they are a nice pair of light and adjustable sandals. Loosen the straps a bit and I was wearing them around the house with socks, first after riding, then pretty much everyday.

Quoc x Restrap Sandals, adventure gravel bikepacking post-ride shoes, footsies

When the weather warmed up a bit and the sun came out, the socks went away immediately after the ride and I could tighten the straps down for a more secure fit making the sandals suitable for something that leaned more towards light hiking.

And now with the rear strap pivoted up (like in the Tech video above), I can wear them as slides, too.

Quoc x Restrap Sandals, adventure gravel bikepacking post-ride shoes, sole

The sole felt thin at first when I put them on, mostly because they really just feel a lot lighter than other sandals that I regularly wear. But I quickly settled into them and now appreciate the textured (but generally flat) footbed, a little bit of shock absorption walking over rough surfaces, and the simple but grippy outer tread.

Quoc x Restrap Sandals, adventure gravel bikepacking post-ride shoes, quick release buckle detail

The only real bikepacking-specific feature is the clip-on mid-foot strap, which is certainly nice, but a bit tricky to use. With two hands you can pop open the buckle, then clip the two sandals together, and if you adjust the velcro you can wrap the linked shoes around your saddle pack.

Quoc x Restrap Sandals, adventure gravel bikepacking post-ride shoes, clipped together

As for myself, the sandals are light enough that I will probably just put them on top of the pack most of the time, with the pack bungee cord looped through the sandal straps for security, then I can keep the velcro set where I like it.

All-in-all, I’m happy with the comfort, lightweight & versatility of the Quoc x Restrap bikepacking sandals, and I’m regularly wearing them not just around bikes. Now, I just have to wait for Quoc & Restrap to collab on a clipless version to ride in…

Quoc x Restrap Sandals – Pricing, Options & Availability

Quoc x Restrap Sandals, adventure gravel bikepacking post-ride shoes, colors black or sand

The new Quoc x Restrap bikepacker’s Sandals sell fog $130 / 100€ in whole EU sizes from 38-47. The come in all black, or the sand color that I’ve been testing with a black footbed & straps.

Quoc x Restrap Sandals, adventure gravel bikepacking post-ride shoes, bikepackersbikepacking c. Restrap, photo by James Starkey

You can buy them now direct from either Quoc or Restrap’s webshops, or through either of their select retailers around the globe.

Quoc.cc & Restrap.com



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    • Biking barefoot might work for you, but not everyone wants to risk foot injuries and burns from hot pavement. Sandals provide protection and comfort, making them a practical choice for bikepacking. Dont dismiss them so easily. #sandalshmandals

    • Bike shoes are essential for performance, efficiency, and safety. Sandals may look stylish, but they lack the necessary support and protection. Dont compromise on functionality just for the sake of fashion. Invest in proper gear for a better biking experience.

    • I hate to burst your bubble, but those sandals look like they belong on a fashion runway, not a bikepacking trip. Ill stick to my reliable hiking boots, thank you very much.

    • Regular shoes provide better protection and support for your feet, especially on rugged terrains. These bikepacking sandals might be trendy, but they cant beat the functionality and reliability of proper footwear. Dont sacrifice comfort for style when it comes to outdoor adventures.

    • Are you serious? Riding barefoot is just asking for trouble. One wrong move and youll be dealing with injuries and infections. Bikepacking sandals provide the necessary protection and comfort. Dont be foolish, prioritize safety over some misguided sense of freedom.

    • I couldnt disagree more. Proper cycling shoes provide the necessary support and power transfer for optimal performance on long bikepacking trips. Sandals might be comfortable for short rides, but theyre no match for the efficiency and stability of cycling shoes. #StickToWhatWorks

    • Genius or madness? Definitely madness! Sandals for bikepacking? Unless you enjoy stubbed toes and slippery pedals, stick to your cycling shoes. Dont compromise safety and performance for some questionable fashion statement. Ride smart, my friend!

  1. These sandals are a game-changer for bikepacking! Who needs regular shoes when you can have comfy sandals? #BikepackingRevolution

    • Socks and Crocs for bikepacking? Seriously? Thats like wearing a tuxedo to a mud wrestling match. Stick to the gear thats designed for the job and save the fashion experiments for another time. #commonsenseprevails

    • Socks serve a purpose, my friend. They keep your feet warm, protect them from blisters, and prevent your sandals from smelling like a dumpster. Unless you enjoy freezing toes and stinky feet, socks are a necessity.

    • Bike shoes offer better support, power transfer, and protection. Sandals may work for short rides, but for serious cycling, its worth investing in proper gear. Quoc x Restrap sandals might be comfortable, but they cant match the performance of dedicated cycling shoes.

    • I hate to burst your bubble, but those bikepacking sandals might not be as perfect as you think. Off-road adventures require proper footwear for safety and support. Dont compromise on your gear, mate.

    • Barefoot riding may be adventurous, but bikepacking sandals offer protection, comfort, and versatility. They are designed for rugged terrains, preventing injuries and enhancing performance. Dont underestimate the importance of proper gear in your adventure. Stay safe and enjoy the ride!

    • I couldnt disagree more. Socks are essential for comfort and hygiene. Bikepacking sandals might be suitable for some, but they cant replace the practicality of socks. Lets not forget about blisters and sweaty feet. Socks all the way!

    • Are you seriously considering wearing sandals on a muddy mountain trail? Dude, youre just asking for trouble. Invest in some proper hiking boots and save yourself from a world of pain and regret. #common sense #priorities

    • Are you kidding me? Socks with cycling shoes? Thats a fashion disaster waiting to happen. Get yourself some proper bikepacking sandals, my friend. Your feet will thank you, and you wont be the laughingstock of the cycling community. #fashionfail

    • Barefoot riding might sound adventurous, but its not the most practical or safe choice. Bikepacking sandals provide protection, comfort, and support during long rides. Dont compromise on your safety for the sake of saving a few bucks. #ChooseWisely

    • Personally, I think wearing sandals for bikepacking is just plain goofy. Your feet need proper support and protection during long rides. Invest in a good pair of cycling shoes instead. Safety should always come first, folks!

  2. These sandals are a game-changer for bikepacking! Who needs shoes when you can have sandals that support your adventures?

    • Are you serious? Socks with sandals is a fashion nightmare. If you want to make a statement, invest in some proper bikepacking sandals that offer comfort and support. Dont embarrass yourself with that sock-sandal combo. #FashionFail

    • Those bikepacking sandals may be a game changer for you, but for many of us, shoes serve a purpose beyond just cycling. Different strokes for different folks, I suppose.


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