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Rapha Pro Team Insulated Gore-Tex Jacket: Stay Dry & Warm in Cold & Wet Weather!

Last week’s tech-heavy jackets from Rapha

Rapha recently introduced three new Gore-Tex jackets designed specifically for different types of road riding in wet weather. Rapha is known for creating premium cycling gear tailored to specific riding conditions. While the number of cyclists who ride in extremely wet and near-freezing conditions may be small, those riders will find great comfort and performance in the new Pro Team Insulated Gore-Tex jacket.

Rapha Pro Team Insulated Gore-Tex Shakedry, Polartec Alpha jacket

The most technologically advanced jacket in Rapha’s collaboration with Gore-Tex is the Insulated Gore-Tex jacket. It features unique details like a wetsuit-like hood and bright pink insulation. It also includes the new Gore-Tex Stretch fabric, which is a new addition. Comfort in rainy weather comes down to maintaining breathability and avoiding overheating when it’s warm outside, as well as staying dry and retaining body heat in cold temperatures. Getting wet from sweat is just as bad as getting wet from the rain. It’s more complicated than simply keeping rainwater out.

Rapha + Gore-Tex + Polartec details

Rapha starts with seam-sealed, single-layer Gore-Tex Shakedry fabric, which is highly breathable and waterproof. The jacket primarily consists of this fabric, with reflective printing for added visibility. The jacket also features pink Polartec Alpha Direct insulation, which keeps the rider warm. The insulation is hydrophobic, meaning it repels moisture and remains breathable. The jacket also includes the new Gore-Tex Stretch fabric, which allows for freedom of movement and fits comfortably over jersey pockets. The hood is a combination of Shakedry, Gore-Tex Stretch, and microfiber panels for added comfort.

Review: Riding in the rain & the river

The Pro Team Insulated Gore-Tex jacket is not cheap, but considering its advanced technology and design, the price is reasonable. The jacket performs well in heavy rain and keeps the rider dry and comfortable. The Gore-Tex Stretch and Shakedry fabrics are windproof and breathable, while the insulation provides warmth. The jacket is not meant to be worn on its own and does not have its own pockets, which may be a downside for some. However, it works well with various baselayers and jerseys. It is not highly packable, but it is lightweight and can be compressed into a jersey pocket if needed.

Lasting thoughts on the Pro Team Insulated Gore-Tex jacket

In conclusion, the Pro Team Insulated Gore-Tex jacket is a high-quality, technologically advanced jacket designed for specific weather conditions. While it may not be necessary for every cyclist, those who frequently ride in wet and cold conditions will appreciate its performance and comfort.



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