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Rene Herse X OPEN push it U.P.P.E.R. with a Modern Throw-back!

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On Halloween ’22, Rene Herse Cycles announced their collaboration with OPEN Cycles, launching the new limited edition Rene Herse X OPEN U.P.P.E.R.

Rene Herse Cycles is probably best known for their many offerings of high-performance tires (originally Compass Tires), handlebars, and components for all-road, road, and gravel bikes. The company is run by a gentleman by the name of Jan Heine.

Jan, the Editor in Chief for, what might be considered the OG Alt-Cycling publication Bicycle Quarterly, is also a published author of two books, 2008’s The Competition Bicycle: The Craftmanship of Speed, and 2005’s The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles: Craftmanship, Elegance, and Function.

Straight from the Rene Herse Website: “When we proposed the “all-road bike” as a new type of bike, way back in 2006, we envisioned modern carbon racing bikes with ultra-wide tires. In fact, bikes like the OPEN U.P.P.E.R. Of all the bikes WWE tested for Bicycle Quarterly, the one I really wanted to keep was the U.P.P.E.R. It had just the right amount of flex to climb like a mountain goat. It felt Stiff (in a good way) when I was pushing the pedals on the flats. Its acceleration could be described as ferocious. The fork was one of the most compliant carbon forks I’ve ridden. This was a bike that was equally at home on gravel and on pavement – the epitome of the al-road bike we’d been looking for.”

Rene Hearse X Open UPPER frameset backside

After musing with OPEN Cycles Founders, Andy Kessler and Gerard Vroomen, they decided to collaborate on a limited edition of framesets. OPEN has been known to do these once in a while, and Rene Herse says that they had some strict rules on where logos from the outside collaborating company can go.

But, one of Bicycle Quarterly’s authors, Natsuko, wanted to create a modern interpretation of the classic mid-century Rene Herses, which they claim to be one of the “original all-road” bikes. They worked with the award-winning design studio from Tokyo, There There. And under the “OK” of OPEN Founders, while granting Rene Herse complete freedom to fully realize their vision for this project, There There got busy.

Rene Herse Bicycles 1

Rene Hearse 80th Anniversary Rando

80 year Anniversary Rene Herse Bicycle

There There asked a lot of questions. From, “what does a mid-century Rene Herse look like”? And, “what is OPEN’s philosophy”? To, “how will this bike get ridden”? and “how big are the water bottles that might obscure the logos”?

Rene Hearse X Open UPPER complete side Photo C. Rene Hearse

Jan says it was a “wonderful process of distilling the essence of what we wanted this bike to be” And this is the result. The prototype is said to be Jan’s personal bike. He says the color is inspired by the classic “Bleu Herse” now in a matte finish to reflect the different properties of the carbon frame.

The insides of the rear triangle and fork are painted midnight blue… giving it a “slim and fast” look. It still carries OPEN’s signature multi-colored rings on the headtube. The OPEN logo on the seat tube matches the classic Rene Herse logo on the down tube.

Rene Hearse X Open UPPER Jan ripping

This special edition U.P.P.E.R. has room for 650bx50mm or 700cx40mm tires. Jan has built his prototype with SRAM Force XPLR.

Rene Hearse X Open UPPER frameset

The U.P.P.E.R. is the ultra-light version of OPEN’s U.P. The U.P.P.E.R. weighs in at a claimed 880g for a frame in the medium size. The fork comes in at 370g.

Jan says that it’s “been a fun project, and we’re excited to share it with our customers.” The OPEN X Rene Herse U.P.P.E.R. will be offered as a limited-edition frame set.

The retail price will be the same as the regular OPEN U.P.P.E.R. at $4500. They are taking orders until November 14th, 2022. The expected delivery date is January 2023 directly from OPEN.





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  1. Wow, the Rene Herse X OPEN collaboration is like a fusion of retro and futuristic vibes! Love it or hate it, its definitely turning heads!

    • Hey, to each their own! While a rusty old cruiser might have its charm, some of us appreciate the sleekness and performance of a fancy bike. Different strokes for different folks, right? Ride on!

    • Sure, the Rene Herse X OPEN collaboration may be impressive, but lets not get carried away. Comparing it to a car is a stretch. Different modes of transportation serve different purposes, and cars still have their own advantages. Lets keep things in perspective.

  2. I couldnt disagree more. This collab feels more like a marketing gimmick than a true innovation. Ive seen plenty of other bike collaborations that offer much more value. Im not holding my breath for anything groundbreaking from this one.

  3. Wow, the Rene Herse X OPEN collab is like a time machine on wheels! Love that vintage vibe with modern performance. Whos in?

    • Sorry, but I just cant get on board with the whole retro trend. Give me a sleek, futuristic design any day. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

    • Sorry, but I think you might be exaggerating a bit there. While the bike may be impressive, lets not get carried away. Im sure there are other factors to consider before declaring it a lovechild of a time machine and a rocket.

    • Seriously? The Rene Herse X OPEN push it U.P.P.E.R is all hype. Looks like just another overpriced bike to me. Rather spend my money on something with real performance. But hey, to each their own.

  4. Wow, the Rene Herse X OPEN push it U.P.P.E.R. is seriously pushing the boundaries of modern throwbacks! Cant wait to test ride one!

    • Seriously? Riding a rusty old cruiser might give you some vintage vibes, but it wont give you the smooth ride, durability, and advanced features of a fancy bike. Embrace progress and leave the ancient relics in the past. #modernadvantages

    • Gears arent just about style, theyre about practicality and efficiency. Riding a bike without gears might seem cool, but good luck conquering those steep hills or maintaining a consistent speed. Gears give you control and make your ride smoother. Style alone wont get you far.

    • Vintage bikes may have nostalgia, but modern throw-backs offer the best of both worlds – classic aesthetics with improved performance and technology. Embrace innovation and let the past inspire the future. #embracingthepresent

  5. Sorry, but I just dont see the appeal. The Rene Herse X OPEN bike seems like a hodgepodge of styles that doesnt quite hit the mark. I prefer bikes that have a clear aesthetic vision, not ones that try to be nostalgic and modern at the same time.

    • Seriously? Riding a rusty old clunker might give you some hipster street cred, but it wont get you far. Embrace progress and get yourself a fancy bike thatll actually take you places. Vintage might be cool, but reliability and efficiency are even cooler.

  6. Wow, the Rene Herse X OPEN collaboration is like a match made in bike heaven! Cant wait to see how this modern throw-back performs!


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