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Review: Islabikes Greim Pro tubeless cyclocross tire performance

Islabikes Gréim Pro: Lightweight, Supple Tubeless Cyclocross Tires for Kids and Adults

Islabikes, known for their high-quality children’s bikes, has developed the Gréim, a tubeless cyclocross tire for their little bikes. However, they realized that these tires could also be used by adults. The Gréim Pro is a tubeless-ready cyclocross clincher tire designed for both kids and adults.

Testing the Gréim Pro Tires

When discussing kids bikes with Islabikes, they offered to let me try out their Greim Pro cross tires. As someone who does a lot of trail riding on cross bikes and amateur cyclocross racing, I was excited to give them a try. I have had mixed results with tubeless cross tires in the past, so I was curious to see how the Gréim Pros would perform.

The open blocky design of the Greim looked promising, and the claimed weight of 325g for the 32mm tires was appealing. I decided to start out with latex tubes for some tame singletrack and gravel riding.

Riding Impressions

Over the course of almost half a year, I put the 700c Greim Pro tires to the Review. I rode on gravel roads, hardpack singletrack, and even soft, loamy fresh-cut trails. I used them on both steel and full carbon cross and gravel bikes, with both tubes and tubeless setups. While I didn’t race them, I did take them to a couple of local cross courses for training.

Tech Details

The Greim Pro tires had a weight difference of 37g, which is unusual for two identical-looking tires. This may be due to the fact that Islabike has them contract manufactured by a third-party. The tires have a 185tpi casing and are rated for tubeless-ready setups. The tread design features three different block zones with angled L-shaped knobs for optimal performance in various conditions.

Riding Performance

I was pleasantly surprised by how well the Greim Pro tires handled a wide range of riding conditions. The tread design performed well in soft conditions, digging deep into the ground and shedding mud effectively. The tire rolled quickly on hard surfaces, thanks to the central blocks. I was able to maintain traction in deep mud, although they did get clogged up in extremely soft, wet grassy riding.

Setting up the tires tubeless was a breeze, and they stayed tubeless without any issues. The 185tpi vulcanized construction provided a good balance of durability and flexibility. I rode them between 28-32psi tubeless and had no problems with burping or flats. The rubber compound offered trustworthy grip and the tread didn’t wear away substantially after a season of trail riding.


The Greim Pro tires may not be the fastest or grippiest cross tires on the market, but they are reliable and versatile. They are my go-to tires for after-work or weekend morning rides. While I have better tires for specific conditions, the Greim Pro has become a favorite that I don’t have to worry about. For both kids and adults, these lightweight, supple tubeless cyclocross tires offer a great riding experience.



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