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Review: Lauf True Grit Gravel Bike – A Powerful Whole

The Unique Story of the Lauf True Grit Gravel Bike

The Lauf True Grit is not your typical gravel bike. This article explores the development story behind this unique bike, highlighting its features and performance.

Introduction to Lauf

Lauf is a brand known for its carbon leaf spring forks, initially designed for mountain bikes and later adapted for gravel and fat bikes. Over time, Lauf has made significant improvements to their forks, including the Grit model, which offers better performance and aesthetics.

Designing the True Grit

Instead of choosing a fork for their frames, Lauf decided to create a frame specifically tailored for their forks. This led to the creation of the True Grit, a carbon gravel bike designed to complement the Grit SL suspension fork. Lauf’s expertise in carbon manufacturing is evident in the quality of the bike’s build.

Impressive Build and Performance

Upon receiving the True Grit for review, the reviewer was impressed with the bike’s initial build out of the box. The bike was easy to assemble, and the attention to detail was commendable. The True Grit’s performance during a 120-mile ride on various terrains was also remarkable. The combination of big tires and a suspension fork provided a smooth ride, without the usual fatigue associated with rough roads.

The Grit SL Suspension Fork

The Grit SL fork has undergone significant improvements, resulting in a lighter, stiffer, and visually sleeker design. The reviewer noted that the fork’s suspension capabilities were so seamless that they became unnoticeable during rides. This highlights the fork’s effectiveness in enhancing the overall ride quality.

Bikepacking Considerations

While the True Grit is not specifically designed for long-distance bikepacking, it performed well during occasional bikepacking trips. The reviewer mentioned some handling issues when the handlebars were loaded with gear, but this could be resolved with better packing. The fork lacks the ability to carry extra gear, which may result in higher weight placement. However, the bike’s compatibility with Salsa EXP bikepacking accessories allowed for a manageable setup.

Frame Details and Tire Clearance

The True Grit features a tapered head tube, internal cable routing, and thru axles for added stability. The threaded BSA 68mm bottom bracket is a standout feature for many riders. The bike offers generous tire clearance, accommodating up to 700c x 45mm tires. However, fitting wider 650b tires may be a challenge.

Overall, the Lauf True Grit is a unique gravel bike that showcases Lauf’s expertise in carbon manufacturing. Its compatibility with the Grit SL fork and bikepacking accessories makes it a versatile option for gravel enthusiasts.



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