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Review: Miss Grape Road bikepacking bags – lightweight and compact


Earlier this summer, Italian bag maker Miss Grape introduced a new collection of smaller and lighter bikepacking bags called Road. These bags are designed for fast adventures on and off-road, and we had the opportunity to Review out the Cluster 7, Internode 2, and Node Road packs on our weekend trips and overnight adventures.

Miss Grape Road: Lightweight Italian Bikepacking Bags for Fast Adventures

The new Road collection from Miss Grape is not limited to smooth tarmac rides. Instead, it allows the brand to categorize their offerings into three distinct categories: Adventure for multi-day trips, Road for same-day adventures, and Commuter for everyday essentials. This division makes it easier for cyclists to find the bags they need, while still offering the flexibility to personalize their bikepacking setup.

Review: Lightweight Italian Bikepacking Bags for Faster Adventure Rides

The Road collection mainly consists of smaller volume bags, including a saddle pack, partial frame bags, small top tube bags, and a bar bag. The Cluster 7 is a waterproof saddle pack with 7L of storage, priced at 145€. The Internode 2 and Internode 3 are waterproof frame bags available in 2L and 3L sizes, priced at 99€ and 105€ respectively. The Node Road and Node 2H Road are water-resistant top tube bags priced at 65€, offering 0.7L of space. Additionally, there is the Tendril 4.10 handlebar pack, a double-ended waterproof drybag adjustable from 4-10L, priced at 115€.

Miss Grape Road Review: Lightweight Cluster, Internode & Node Road

Miss Grape introduced their Road collection with the help of ultra-distance adventure racer Sofiane Sehili, who served as a brand ambassador and provided input for the lightweight lineup. These bags are known for their simplicity and durability, and while they are relatively lightweight, their focus is on being indestructible rather than the lightest on the market.

Tech Details, Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant & Actual Weights

All the bags in the Road collection share the same tough materials and reinforced construction. The core fabric is a mix of black 300D polyester and finer 420D nylon, both coated with polyurethane resin for waterproofing. The waterproof bags have a flexible liner heat-bonded inside, ensuring complete water resistance. The bags feature heavy-duty rubberized coatings and strategically placed straps for secure attachment to the bike. The actual weights of the bags are slightly lighter than advertised, and they come with Miss Grape’s lifetime guarantee.

Miss Grape Road on Gravel…

These bags may look familiar to some, as they were recently featured in Campagnolo’s gravel softgoods lineup. Campagnolo rebranded the bags with Ekar logos and slightly higher price tags, but they are still made in Italy by Miss Grape and backed by their lifetime warranty. These bags are a great match for Campagnolo’s Ekar gravel bike.

Final Thoughts on Miss Grape Road Bags

In conclusion, Miss Grape’s Road collection offers lightweight and durable bikepacking bags for fast adventures. With a range of sizes and styles available, cyclists can easily find the perfect bags for their needs. The bags are well-designed, with thoughtful features that prioritize functionality and reliability. We highly recommend considering Miss Grape Road bags for your next bikepacking adventure. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!



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