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Review: new 3D-printed Specialized Power Pro with Mirror saddle is more affordable & partially recycled

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The new Power Pro with Mirror is nearly the same as the S-Works but swaps out carbon rails for titanium ones, adding a few grams but keeping all the comfort. The Specialized Power Mirror saddle is now available with hollow titanium rails and is $125.00 cheaper than its S-Works brethren.

For those unfamiliar with the Specialized Mirror saddles — let me catch you up. The base of the saddle is the sturdy and well-respected Specialized Power shell and uses the same overall shape. The top pad is 3D printed using a liquid polymer to create an infinitely tunable honeycomb structure; it conforms to and supports all the bits while you sit. Hows does it work? A patent-pending matrix of 14,000 struts and 7,799 nodes can be tuned individually to deliver unprecedented sit bone comfort — very plush.

Specialized Power Pro with Mirror full saddle

Specialized Reclaimed Carbon

For all intents and purposes — the Specialized Power Pro with Mirror is the S-Works version with rails that can take more abuse and a carbon shell that utilizes a new sustainable 15% reclaimed carbon fiber.

Specialized Power Pro with Mirror full side

The saddle’s carbon base is built with an all-new reclaimed carbon process. The method uses carbon scraps from factory production, combined with injected nylon, building a more sustainable carbon base. This process is the first step on the road to closed-loop production for Specialized — creating less waste while maintaining product integrity. We’re optimistic that Specialized will eventually use this new process and shell for most of its saddles.

Specialized Power Pro with Mirror rails

Hollow titanium rails?

Like most all of the Pro models in the Specialized saddle ecosystem, the new Power Pro with Mirror arrives with Titanium rails. The round titanium rails offer more options for seat post compatibility and added resilience to damage. The swap adds roughly 61g to the overall weight of the saddle, coming in at 235g for our 144mm version. *The S-Works model weighs in at 192g in the same width.

Specialized Power Pro with Mirror wings hole

Specialized Power Pro with Mirror Key Features

  • Patented Body Geometry design is lab-tested to ensure blood flow to sensitive arteries.
  • Mirror technology utilizes 3D printing from liquid polymer to create a one-of-a-kind honeycomb structure that offers superior sit-bone support and comfort.
  • Reclaimed carbon fiber and nylon-injected base with 15% reclaimed carbon fiber.
  • Hollow Titanium rails fit many different seatpost and droppers
  • SWAT-compatible mounts molded into the saddle base allow for a sleek and integrated storage solution
  • Sizes: 143mm, 155mm
  • Weight: 253g (143mm width)
  • Available: Now
  • Price: $325

Specialized Power Pro with Mirror full saddle

Ride impressions — Specialized Power Pro with Mirror saddle

This review was my first time riding any Specialized Power saddle with Mirror. I’ve ridden other 3D printed saddles, but this was the first for a saddle that I ride daily — the S-Works Power is my preferred saddle.

Specialized Power Pro with Mirror weight

As for fit, I set the new saddle up with the exact fit measurements as the S-Works Power it replaced on my cross country bike, same tilt, and same height. The padding on the nose and the pad, in general, is much more responsive than the S-Works Power with traditional foam.

Specialized Power Pro with Mirror nose

The most notable difference is the response and suppleness of the pad. Think of the traditional Power as a traditional casing clincher and the Power Pro with Mirror as a super supple tubular. My changes to the saddle placement were minor. I adjusted the tilt-up slightly (I usually ride the Power at a – 3°), the padding is very responsive, and I felt like I was sinking in a bit more than usual.

Specialized Power Pro with Mirror wings

Another thing that took some getting used to was the feel of the liquid polymer outer used for the 3D honeycomb printing process. The traditional Power saddle has a smooth surface, one that’s easy to adjust your posterior on and migrate to other sections of the saddle. The Power Pro with Mirror has a tacky feel, not sticky but more like a “locked and loaded” feel. Depending on your choice of shorts, sensations could be a bit different. It took some time but I ultimately adjusted to the new sensation and now prefer it to my traditional Power saddle.

Specialized Power Pro with Mirror nose close

The new Power Pro with Mirror made its way from bike to bike, gravel to the road, and back again for review. The impressions were the same with different bike disciplines; the is a very comfortable saddle, and the titanium rails keep it simple, so you don’t have to swap out the seatpost ears or the post altogether.

Specialized Power Pro with Mirror side

I enjoy plenty about this saddle, but there are some shortcomings. The mega-complex structure of the 3D-printed honeycomb can act as a mud trap and clog up on wet rides. The 3D printing could create a slight problem for anyone that frequently rolls around in the mud or gross wet gravel. I’m confident that Specialized didn’t intend this to be their new cyclocross saddle, but the sky can open at different points, and a dry XC course can become peanut butter, just like the US Pro Cup Fayetteville last weekend. The mud (and pebbles) will eventually disappear, but it can take some thoughtful washing and more high-pressure spraying than is customary.

Specialized Power Pro with Mirror close up

Final thoughts

After spending lots of time on the Power Pro with Mirror, I can undoubtedly say it’s one of the most comfortable saddles I’ve ridden. The fit and comfort are hard to match; the price tag is still more than most saddles on the market, but can you put a price on comfort? Having ridden this saddle on all manner of disciplines and intensities, I can say it’s now my go-to saddle. I’ll go back to the traditional Power for ‘cross season, but until then, the Power Pro with Mirror is the perch for me.

Specialized Power Pro with Mirror logo

If you’re looking for a new saddle and like the feel on a short nose or are a current Power saddle user, I recommend trying the Specialized Power Pro with Mirror. It might mean a longer ride or less posterior pain in the long run.

For more information check out: Specialized.com



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    • Hey there, I get your skepticism, but lets not knock innovation just yet. 3D-printing has revolutionized various industries, so a 3D-printed saddle isnt as crazy as it sounds. Who knows, maybe 3D-printing a bike isnt far off either. #embracethefuture

  1. Wow, 3D-printed saddle? Thats some innovative tech! Excited to see more eco-friendly cycling gear like Specialized Reclaimed Carbon.

    • Sorry, but I dont think 3D-printed saddles are all that great. I prefer traditional craftsmanship and materials. Plus, Id rather see more emphasis on safety and comfort in cycling gear, rather than just being eco-friendly.


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